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Out-Of-Office: how to stay creative during your holiday

Even for the most creative person on earth there comes a time to take a distance from your work environment and go on holiday. So now you are Out-Of-Office. Make sure to stay creative during your holiday.

It is an excellent idea to completely shut your eyes from your working environment when you are on holiday. You will find your peace and quiet and you can fully charge your battery. But never shut your eyes for the beauty you may find in a completely different environment in a land far, far away from your desk or home. This will give you so much inspiration and will keep your creativity flowing while you relax at the same time. Here are five tips to keep your creativity going:

Tickle your brain
Take a time-out with an inspiring book or magazine. This can be a novel or a book full of pictures, an e-book or a paper book. It does not matter, as long as you sit back and relax. There can be only one answer after this period of brain tickling, it is boring, let’s create something.


Seek for the unexpected
Go out and do something you have never done before. Go to a restaurant you have never been before, and order a dish you have never tasted before. Listen to new music or listen to a random playlist on Spotify. Or somewhat more drastically: go bungee jumping, shark-diving or hiking the Himalayas bear feet. This will open your mind for new ideas.


Join the kids
Irritated by some loud kids at your holiday address? Don’t get agitated, join them! Find your inner child and scream, sing, dance and make castles in the sand. Let it all go, we’re certain you will make-use of your inner child in new projects again.


Back to nature
Nature is a huge source of inspiration. So put on your hiking gear and visit lovely mother nature. Get inspired by the colours, shapes, scents and sounds. And don’t forget to bring your camera or notebook to capture it all for future use.


Get moving and pick your sport. Search for a team to play dodgeball, jump on your bike or play a relaxing game of boules. The most competitive ideas will rise to the occasion after a decent amount of sweat.

The image with the three lamas with traditional ear tags riding in a truck in Peru ended up in this blogpost after some seeking for the unexpected by Kseniya Ragozina and is available in Adobe Stock.

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