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Say goodbye to traditional stock images

You don’t have to go far to find new inspiration for your business. Freelance artist Birgit Palma and small business owners from different fields are already using Adobe Stock to ensure they have unique trendy images for their work and communications. Explore Adobe Stock’s fresh content and find a wide selection of stylish resources that can take your business content from what it is now to something with more Wow.

“…the content pool is updated daily, which means there is always something new for me.” – Birgit Palma

Staying up-to-date with market trends isn’t a top priority for most business owners. But think how empowering the right image can be for your customers? Adobe Stock had this thought in mind when we made it easier than ever to find fresh content.

Birgit Palma is a freelance illustrator and lettering artist who has found success with a variety of clients big and small, and by always exploring new projects and playful new styles. Unique content is key to Birgit’s work, which cleverly uses both photos and textures as part of her bold colourful designs. Using Adobe Stock’s Smart Search tool, she can now search more quickly and easily than she did on Fotolia and finds results that better fit with her work. And thanks to her clients different needs as well as her own, Birgit can rely on Adobe Stock to bring her the latest visual trends. There she can find a wide variety of styles that meet all her needs, offer fresh inspiration, and introduce her to new perspectives.


Powerful Communication

If an image can speak a thousand words, then what is your business really saying? On Adobe Stock, you find exactly what you want to say in a more original way. Simply use the Smart Search tool to get specific results based on your business’s focus, all while seeing the latest uploaded content with each new search. Moreover, the collections introduce you to the latest visual trends. The end result is unique stylish content that delivers a memorable message.

More Relevance

While staying on trend may not seem important for many businesses, staying relevant is. Polished, eye-catching content not only grabs your customers attention but shows them who you are. And this makes them all the more likely to remember you the next time they are searching for your market´s services.

Ready to make the move to Adobe Stock? It’s never been easier. Take the step now.

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