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Shoot the Stock Out of It – Tips for a Versatile Photoshoot

When you invest time and money setting up a stock photo shoot, you should make the most of the available opportunity. It’s a good idea to capture content featuring themes, which are always in demand by stock buyers such as lifestyle, fitness and technology.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

But what about the current Visual Trends promoted by Adobe Stock that extend beyond your standard lifestyle imagery? Watch Mat Hayward, Adobe Stock Evangelist and an avid contributor himself, share how to move beyond your comfort zone by allowing you to look over his shoulder on a photoshoot in and around the Adobe Seattle office which incorporates the visual trends Disruptive Expression and Creative Democracy.

If you’re ready to produce content that meets the cutting-edge creative trends that stock buyers are looking, here are our key tips for how to incorporate these into any photoshoot you have planned.

1. Cast Diverse Models

Whether you’re hiring professional models or recruiting family or friends, keep in mind that buyers are looking for images that feel authentic. Whenever you are shooting, aim to capture real people having real interactions.

Decide on themes for the shoot and how many models you need. Consider diversity in terms of age, gender identity, body types and shapes, ethnicities, religious beliefs, as well as a range of physical abilities. Before the shoot, brief your models on the themes and the different outfits to bring. Remind them that their clothes and shoes should be clean of any logos.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

2. Scout the location

Decide on a location that gives you plenty of possibilities. Does your work offer the opportunity for a weekend shoot? Do you know someone who can provide access to a small business, like a coffee shop? Does a friend own an interesting home with plenty of light? Take advantage of the connections you have, while also keeping an eye out for opportunities around you. Public areas like parks and farmer’s markets provide additional locations to maximise your investment.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

3. Make a Shot List

Get inspired by the themes, colours and compositions in the curated galleries for the Visual Trends and think about opportunities in which you can create content that matches these trends. Write down a shot list with a description of the photos you intend to capture and rough timelines. Organise the props that you’ll need. If other opportunities present themselves on the day of the shoot, by all means deviate from the list, but going in with a plan can help keeping you on track throughout the day.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

Additional Tips for the Shoot

  • Direct the models to interact naturally with each other as they would do among friends to avoid images that look posed.
  • Capture scenes from multiple angles. Get low on the ground or up high, use close-ups and long lenses.
  • Make use of the video option many cameras offer and capture videos as well as photos. Stock videos need to be 5 – 60 seconds long without audio.
  • Don’t have all the props quite ready yet – allow models to assemble food, write the signs for a demonstration, or blow up balloons for additional commercially viable content.
  • Give the buyers choices by leaving copy space, and if whiteboards or posters are part of the concept, leave them blank on some images so designers can add their own message.
  • And finally, embrace the moment and have fun exploring new creative concepts.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

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