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September 21, 2018 /Design /Illustration /

Sneak Preview: Custom Toolbars in Illustrator CC

Last year, Adobe Illustrator CC introduced the properties panel that simplified how you worked in Illustrator. The properties panel showed you the controls you needed when you needed them. On average, it saved time for users because you didn’t have to spend time finding the menus or controls.

There are over 80 tools packed in Illustrator. With all these powerful tools at your fingertips, we wanted to make it easier for you to manage — that’s why later this year we’re excited to bring you another update that will further streamline your Illustrator working experience.

The next major release of Illustrator will feature a customisable toolbar. You can easily see the complete set of Illustrator tools in an easy-to-understand list that groups them by function. Most importantly, with just a simple drag and drop, you can create custom tool groups that are relevant to you. You can even create as many custom toolbars as you need based on the project you’re working on. That way you can always have the right tools on hand when you need them!

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