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December 12, 2017 /Adobe Stock /

Spread holiday cheer with Motion Graphics templates

Want to create a dynamic holiday greeting but don’t have time to figure out how to get the exact effect you want? Motion Graphics templates make it easy to add beautiful animations to your videos without having to teach yourself Adobe After Effects.

As our gift to you, we’ve selected a Motion Graphics template from Adobe Stock that can be quickly adapted for holiday greetings so you can spread some cheer in your videos this year. You can quickly change the template to fit your style, whether you’re making a professional video, a year in review video, or a highlight reel of your cat ringing in the New Year.

It’s easy to add a Motion Graphics template to your video and customise it to fit the look and feel of your holiday greeting­—we’ll show you how!

Motion Graphics templates can be opened directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro. To get started in Premiere Pro, download this free template from Adobe Stock and save it to your CC Libraries or desktop.


  1. Download your free Motion Graphics template from the link above. For fast reuse, save it to your Creative Cloud Libraries.

Try Adobe Premiere Pro CC for free:

  1. Open the Essential Graphics panel.
  • If you saved the Motion Graphics template to your Creative Cloud Libraries: Click on the dropdown menu that says “Essential Graphics” and choose “Libraries”. Use the second dropdown menu to navigate to the CC Library where you saved the Motion Graphics template.



  • If you saved the Motion Graphics template to your computer: Click on the icon that looks like a folder with an arrow pointing to it (next to the menu that says “Essential Graphics”). Locate the Motion Graphics template you downloaded and click “Open”.

  1. Drag the Motion Graphics template into your timeline wherever you would like it to appear in your video. You can place it on top of other content to create a transition effect.


To edit, select the .mogrt on your timeline and the Essential Graphics panel will switch focus to the “Edit” tab where you can access and edit the parameters to customise your graphic. We chose a palette of light blues and whites to create a Frozen-worthy greeting.

  1. Now that you’ve customised your graphic, whenever you’re done with the edit, export the file in your favourite format and you’re ready to share your video. (Ps: Did you know that Premiere Pro now supports exporting to Animated GIFs?!)


Looking for more Motion Graphics templates? Browse the Essential Graphics panel to see the sample .mogrts included with Premiere Pro, or explore our collections of Motion Graphics available in Adobe Stock. You can also access Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock from directly within Premiere Pro —learn more at:

Adobe Stock

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