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Stock Content Call: Vectors & llustrations

Adobe Stock customers are looking for fresh vectors and illustrations. If you have work that addresses one of our content gaps, submit them through our Contributor Portal today and market your work to millions of creative buyers!

Mock Ups and Placeholders

  • Seasonal product displays for fall and winter
  • Shopping bags, posters, and promotional items for retail
  • Stationary sets

Image source: anberization / Adobe Stock

3D Renderings

  • Medical and biological concepts such as cells, plants, procedures, and body parts
  • Stylized landscapes
  • Seasonal objects and abstract forms for fall and winter
  • 3D characters in seasonal lifestyle and business situations
  • Natural objects such as plants, animals and fruits

Image source: Kateryna_Kon / Adobe Stock (left), Warat / Adobe Stock (right)


  • Representations of new technology such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence


  • Fall and winter holidays such as Diwali, Dia de Muertos, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more
  • Seasonal scenes and activities like fall foliage, harvest, autumn picnics, and more
  • Seasonal foods including pies, apples, pumpkins and other gourds, and hot drinks 

Image source: anberization / Adobe Stock

Submission Tips:  

  • Your vector submission should be Free of locked or hidden layers, and free of embedded JPEG files.
  • You can upload vector files as stand-alone .AI, .SVG or .EPS file, or as a zip folder that includes both the AI or EPS file and a JPEG for the thumbnail. When saving your vector, make sure “ Create PDF Compatible File” is checked.
  • The maximum file size file for vectors and Illustrations is 45MB. Check all the technical requirements here.

Image source: Naeblys / Adobe Stock

Keywording Tips:

  • List your keywords in order of importance.
  • The minimum keyword amount is 5, the maximum is 50. The sweet spot is generally between 15-25. It’s more important to be accurate and relevant than to fill up all 50 slots.
  • Titles are not searchable in Adobe Stock. If a word is important enough to add to your title, add it as a keyword as well.
  • Use singular nouns, plural variations will automatically be applicable.
  • Describe the actions in the infinitive form (ex. run, jump, sing, smile)
  • After describing the basic elements and actions, add conceptual keywords that describe the feelings, mood, or trends (ex. solitude, childhood, milestones, celebration)

Image source: Hurca! / Adobe Stock

Need a little inspiration? Check out our vector and illustration gallery.

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