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Summer Content Needs

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have been waiting patiently for the summer to arrive. Summer brings us new energy and inspiration, and there’s no better time to go out and capture seasonal content.

If you’re going on a beach vacation, or planning to celebrate summer festivals, be sure to have your camera handy to capture content stock buyers are looking for this season, and submit them to Adobe Stock!

Outdoor Activities

Authentic lifestyle images and footage of people enjoying leisure time in parks, beaches, and other public spaces

  • Children on summer break, attending camps and spending time with their families and friends outside of school
  • Scenes from the pool and the beach
  • Action-packed water sports, such as jet skiing, sailing, surfing, diving, kite surfing and more

  • Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities featuring models of diverse backgrounds, age, and body types
  • People using technology (smartphones, tablets, etc.) while boating, camping, picnics
  • Sun protection: seasonal clothing, people applying sunscreen, wearing hats and sunglasses, setting up parasols
  • Working outside in summer with long sleeves, hats, and sunglasses
  • Heat exhaustion and sunburns

Paddle boat in the water by Adobe Stock Contributor Markevych from Adobe Stock Motion

Seasonal Food

Cookouts, barbecues, picnics, and other regional food-centric activities outdoors

  • Light, refreshing beverages and foods including salads, fruits, and desserts

Holidays & Festivities           

Independence celebrations, including outdoor parties and fireworks. Countries with independence days in the summer include the US, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Colombia, Belgium, India, and more.

  • Midsummer festivals and music festivals
  • People of all ages, genders, and cultures celebrating Pride festivities around the world

Summer Travel

  • Realistic snapshots from family vacations featuring multi-generational and multi-cultural families
  • People using their devices to plan trips and stay connected from remote areas

Back to School

  • Children and parents of all backgrounds getting ready for the new school year, purchasing school supplies, packing bags and lunches
  • Parents dropping off and picking up their children from school
  • Children of all ages at school and in the classroom, interacting with each other and the teacher

Shooting Tips

 Casting should reflect positive representations of body, age, race, culture, gender, and physical abilities

  • Capture a mix of documentary environmental portraits and static portrait shots, including shots of people looking at the camera and people not making eye contact
  • Shoot several variations of the same setup, changing up perspectives to provide a variety of options from a single shoot
  • Keep copy space in mind, and leave plenty of room for buyers to crop
  • Shoot an empty version of the scene as well – this is useful for buyers if they need to composite
  • If possible, include props or items that indicate the region, culture or country that content comes from. Also, be sure to include country and cultural metadata in your submissions.

Submissions Tips

  • All recognisable subjects and landmarks need to sign a model release. Print out this template before the shoot, or send one via email directly from the Stock Contributor Portal.
  • Avoid logos or trademarks – that includes clothing, shoes, phones, and other personal items. It’s best to avoid them in the shot, but you can also scrub them out in post-production if you need.
  • Choose keywords accurately to ensure buyers will find your content. List the most important and relevant keywords first.

Grilling in Slow Motion by Adobe Stock Contributor Videorost from Adobe Stock Motion

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