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Artist Spotlight

RooM the Agency on Life in the Stock World and Why Authenticity Sells

RooM the Agency is the brainchild of stock-industry veterans who realised there’s always room in the market for high-quality images.

February 21, 2019 / Adobe Stock / Photography /

Elina Zolotareva’s Wild Bohemian Style

Photographer and Adobe Stock contributor Elina Zolotareva discusses her natural, bohemian images and what it’s like to create for Adobe Stock.

July 17, 2018 / Adobe Stock /

Artist Spotlight: Karol Banach

An interview with Karol Banach, a Poland-based illustrator whose work takes us to bright, whimsical imagined worlds.

Artist Spotlight: Ruslan Khasanov

An interview with Ruslan Khasanov, a Russia-based artist whose typography and illustration celebrates movement, bright colours, and the thought-provoking relationship between art and science.

Artist Spotlight: Slava Semenyuta

Adobe Stock sprach mit Slava Semenyuta, einem in Sotschi lebenden Künstler, dessen kühner Umgang mit Neonfarben Fotografien in unbeschreibliche Visionen verwandelt.

April 12, 2018 / Adobe Stock /

Artist Spotlight: Rik Oostenbroek

This self-taught designer is a fan of Adobe Stock but not a fan of trends. Find out why as we learn more about artists that embody The Fluid Self.