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Los veranos hiperrealistas de Samantha French

Navegando en el amalgama casi infinita de datos que hay en internet, nos hemos encontrado con la refrescante y evocadora obra de Samantha French. Esta artista norteamericana, graduada por el Minneapolis College of Art and Design en el 2005, consigue trasladarnos ipso facto a la relajada época estival a través de sus óleos, adheridos al movimiento hiperrealista.

The 8 most colourful pictures we found on Twitter this month

During March, we challenged you to look at colour differently. From the comfort of your home to the details of your workplace, from making the commute exciting to looking at cities with a new lens, these are the most colourful pictures we got back.

March 24, 2015 / Design / Inspiration / Photography /

This week’s creative colour challenge: Find green in your city

March is almost over, but by all means it’s been a month full of colour. Prepare to look for interesting details in shades of green.

March 17, 2015 / Branding / Design / Inspiration /

This week’s creative colour challenge: Find red in your commute

We’ve explored two primary colours so far – yellow and blue – so all that’s left to complete the circle is red!

March 10, 2015 / Design / Inspiration /

This week’s creative colour challenge: Explore the blues

Last week we challenged you to bring a new lens to your home and find interesting or exciting uses of yellow. This week we’re turning our attention to blue.

March 3, 2015 / Design / Inspiration /

The importance of colour for creatives

As designers, photographers and creative professionals, we all know the importance of visual impact in our work. That impact is, after all, essential to communicate a message in a way that’s exciting but also effective. During the month of March, we want to explore this topic a bit further, with a particular focus on the importance of colour for creatives.