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Disruptive Expression: Bold, Fluid, Unapologetic Creativity

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November 4, 2019 / Adobe MAX /

Creativity is Everywhere. Now Photoshop is Too. Begin the Journey of Photoshop Reimagined for the iPad

Today is the beginning of something new. We’re thrilled to debut Photoshop on the iPad and the cloud documents system, a major new release of Photoshop, a new AR app called Adobe Aero; Adobe Fresco on Windows; and a lot more.

November 4, 2019 / Adobe MAX /

Introducing Adobe Aero: Step into a New Reality

oday at Adobe MAX, we’re thrilled to debut Adobe Aero as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Aero is the first tool that allows designers to build and share immersive experiences in AR—without any coding skills. It’s now available as a free mobile iOS app for phones and tablets.

November 4, 2019 / Adobe MAX /

Adobe InDesign 2020: SVG Support, Variable Fonts, and Faster Launch Times 

InDesign’s November release brings key updates that many users have been asking for. This release includes support SVG file formats and improvements have been made to InDesign’s core performance.

Reimagine Shakespeare: The Importance of Creativity in Education

As part of our continued partnership with the RSC and our common goal of bringing creativity into the classroom we teamed up with five incredibly talented UK artists and photographers to reimagine Shakespeare for the 21st century via illustration, photography and comic book artistry, using Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

August 18, 2019 / Adobe / Creative /

Why creativity is the most important soft skill companies look for right now

Creativity is a key skill companies look for and AI can help you unlock it. With this technology, machines are producing more accurate results for businesses than ever before, read on to learn more…