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April 25, 2017 /Inspiration /

The vision of the world’s best designers about creativity

You want to know how some of the best designers in the world find their inspiration? Or what their thoughts are about creativity? We had the chance to ask them during the 10th anniversary of FITC in Amsterdam.

Creativity is best captured in some kind of visual loop. Luckily, our friends from Google invented such a thing, press here and you’ll be creative in the blink of an eye.

“Creativity is about taking all the inspiration from the past and putting your own flavor to it. Inspiration has to be never ending. Nature inspires me, how plants grow inspires me.”

“I’m inspired by Dave Cooper, the painter. Creativity is about focusing on what you like and not trying to match something you’re not. Be yourself.”

Frederik Vanhoutte
“It is the community that is inspiring, we give feedback at each other. I like to inspire in person, to help them further on the path that I was taking.”

These designers take their inspiration out of different moments, like nature and other artists. For every person creativity means something else, with other inspirational sources and other prospects.

Do you want to see what other designers think? Take a look at YouTube and watch out for part two of this series in a blog and get inspired! 


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