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Lightroom Mobile July, 2017 updates: Brush and Details for iOS, New Interface for Android

Today, we’ve got lots of great updates for Lightroom for iOS and Android. Read about the new updates here…

The Go List: 8 Photographable Destinations

Emily Nathan, photographer and founder of travel-lust journal Tiny Atlas Quarterly certainly knows a thing or two about incredible locations, and she gives us her picks on the best places to go to score stunning imagery.

Postcards from Tahiti – With Adobe Stock and Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Adobe Stock recently partnered with Tiny Atlas Quarterly to travel to Tahiti to shoot for the Premium collection. In addition to Emily Nathan, the founder of TAQ, we were joined by an incredibly talented and diverse group of photographers. Read about their journey here…

April Visual Trend Exploration: Remote Travel

Millennials and ecotourists are travelling to more remote places than ever and taking their cameras along. We followed young photographers to Tahiti as they captured beautiful images and grappled with environmental issues.

The Plug Me In project: creative storytelling on a whole other level

Since March 15 of this year, Wiebe Wakker is traveling from the Netherlands to Australia by electric car. During the journey, he completely relies on the energy that is being offered to him on his website Wiebe enthusiastically told his story so far to Creative Connection.

Around the World with Adobe Stock by Eunsan Huh

In Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days, gentleman protagonist Phileas Fogg takes on a whopping £20,000 wager from his Reform Club buddies to prove that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. We follow Fogg and his valet Jean Passepartout’s whirlwind journey around the world with Adobe Stock.