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The vision of the world’s best designers about creativity – part 2

We had the opportunity to have a chat with the world’s best designers. Isn’t that grand? During FITC Amsterdam they told us things like how creativity helps people in time of political rumour or how technology keeps getting more important in your creative life.

Creativity is best captured in some kind of visual loop. Luckily, our friends from Google invented such a thing, press here and you’ll be creative in the blink of an eye.

Maral Pourkazemi
“Creativity is when you have a problem and you try to find a solution for it. The best lesson is the power of the network, you will always find people who believe in the things you believe in.”

Eleanor Harding
“Creativity is about coming up with things that don’t exist yet. We are all vulnerable, if we show our human side. We can inspire each other.”

Bart Van de Wiele
“Creativity is the ability to express yourself in any location with any tool. Collaborate with designers is what keeps me going. There is a high need of collaboration features in this sharing culture.”

David Vogel 
“It is interesting to think about how technology connects to humanity. The tendency is to focus on what should be improved and I think focusing on what is amazing is a great way to keep people inspired.”

Be like the most designers above said, look out for the community! It’s very important for all creative inspiration. We can all inspire each other and we should keep inspiring! 

Don’t miss out on any inspiring features take a peak at YouTube for more creative inspiration, or watch the other creatives here.

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