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Why do you choose to create with #CCPhotography?

We believe that photography is all about choices. After all, that is the essence of a good photo: that it alone can tell so many stories, depending on how we work with it, craft it, perfect it. One picture is worth a thousand words, they say – it’s up to us to decide what stories we want our pictures to tell.

That is the same principle we apply to everything we do when it comes to our Creative Cloud Photography Plan. It’s not just about having best-in-class software, it’s about making it all work together to give you choices in terms of tools – such as Photoshop CC or Lightroom CC – and even the devices in which you use them – such as your desktop or your smartphone, with apps like Lightroom Mobile.

This has also proven to be a valuable choice for established photographers. We asked David Noton, one of the UK’s leading landscape and travel photographers, about why he chose to create with the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, here’s what he had to say:

The applications available to us in the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan are essential tools that we as a busy photography business simply could not to do without. From the editing and processing of images and video through to preparing submissions and presentations, printing and managing our collection of images and content from 30 years of globe-trotting photography, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC are at the heart of all that we do, whether in the field, on the road or in the office.

Or take, for instance, Eivind Røhne‘s perspective as a Norwegian Professional Photographer and photo expert in ‘Good Morning Norway’ on Norwegian channel TV2:

The vision I’ve got for how the final photo should look like comes true with CC Photography. It makes the whole shooting process so much easier. E.g. Lightroom for iPad is extremely useful to bring with me to show the client how the picture will look like.

According to Peter Forsgård, Visual Content Creator and Photographer, Lightroom and photographers are meant to be:

What I really like about Lightroom is that its designed for photographers. It really speeds up the workflow. The recently introduced Photography Plan also gives access to Photoshop CC. Together with Lightroom CC, it’s a must-have combination for me as a photographer to get the job done.

To celebrate the latest release of our photography plan, we’re also bringing you a choice and a challenge: We’re giving away a free one-year subscription to our Creative Cloud Photography Plan (Terms & Conditions apply). All you have to do is tell us why you choose to create with #CCPhotography on your local Adobe Facebook page:

  • If you’re based in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland, reply here
  • If you’re based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, reply here
  • If you’re based in France, reply here
  • If you’re based in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, reply here


We’ll pick one winner per region based on the originality of the responses. Get involved and #StayOutThere!


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  • By Ralf Heuer - 11:18 AM on April 28, 2015   Reply

    Ich hatte vor Jahren mit PS 7 angefangen und hatte am Anfang große Probleme damit zurecht zu kommen. Danach hatte ich viele andere Programme und bin immer wieder auf PS 7 zurückgekommen. Nachdem ich begriffen hatte wie PS arbeitet (habe alles ohne Fremde Hilfe selber gelehrn ) bin ich bis heute bei PS und LR geblieben. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesen Programmen, obwohl Sie unheimlich viel können – was ich nicht alles brauche. Heute habe ich PS CC und LR CC.

    • By Anja Paetzold - 10:25 AM on May 8, 2015   Reply

      Hallo Ralf,
      danke für Dein Feedback! Wir freuen uns, dass Du mit unseren Produkten zufrieden bist und wünschen Dir weiter viel Spaß damit.
      Viele Grüße

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