Adobe Creative Cloud

The 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Is Here

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud delivers on our vision of a creative platform that lets you work seamlessly across desktop and mobile.


Adobe Stock: Shaking Up The Stock Content Market

A stock content service that’s directly integrated into your creative tools and workflows.


Say Goodbye to Files: How Adobe CreativeSync Will Save Your Assets

Adobe CreativeSync will change the way you create.


Color Science, Explained (Part 2): The Importance of Color Science for Video

The transition from film to digital video has created a shift in the filmmaker’s relationship to color.

UX Design: Refining A Body of Knowledge

Experiences are being refined and redefined as designers and developers determine how to best serve the users for whom they design.

Investing in Design

There is a tremendous opportunity today for companies to leverage the power of design to build their brands

Sharing with Send Link Enhanced in Creative Cloud 2015

Collaboration is a breeze; in addition to files and folders, share mobile creations, copies of libraries, and the assets inside them.

Color Science, Explained (Part 1)

Color is a complex topic: It’s universally experienced, highly contentious, and has an entire field of science devoted to it. But it can’t be easily explained.

UX Design AMA 2: Better Meetings & Culture by Design with Kevin M. Hoffman

An information architect and design strategist answers questions about meetings, new business and company culture.