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Finding Creativity in Mistakes

Mistakes-2Contrary to what we’ve been taught, it is actually OK to make mistakes. In fact, in creative professions, mistakes often lead to terrific breakthroughs.

When we stumble, we encounter new experiences that we may otherwise never have found. In a recent article from The 99 Percent, John Caddell – curator of The Mistake Bank – stated that “mistakes can take us to the margins, to the unknown, the unexplored.” When unexplored territories are found, creative professionals can create work that they had never previously considered – and at times these roads play out brilliantly!

So let’s hear from you! When has a mistake helped to propel your creative work to new levels?

And if you need more convincing that creative (and really all individuals should embrace their mistakes), watch Kathryn Schulz’s terrific TED Talk, ‘On Being Wrong.’ (more…)

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Celebrating a Quarter of a Century – Happy Anniversary Adobe Illustrator!

Print2012 is an important year for Adobe Illustrator, marking 25 years since the software first shipped as version 1.1, March 19, 1987.

It’s hard to even remember the world of professional graphic design in 1987, where technical drawing pens, French curves, X-acto knives, and rubylith masking film were the tools of choice. It was a world where just printing a beautiful, smooth curve from a computer to a black-and-white printer was magic, and being able to use a desktop computer program, Adobe Illustrator 1.1, to actually create those shapes in a fully controlled way was pure freedom. (more…)

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Creative Spotlight: Chelsea Carlson

Chelsea Carlson first grabbed our attention with her Adobe Ideas-created artwork on her blog. We love her cute, whimsical designs featured as our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background. We got in touch with the Scripps College student to ask her some questions about where she draws her inspiration from and how Adobe Touch Apps have impacted her workflow. Check out what she had to say, along with her Adobe Ideas work, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below.

Chelsea-Carlson-1-1024x1024 (more…)

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Creative Spotlight: Mike Harrison

MH-newpageWe first noticed the wonderful digital artwork of London-based designer Mike Harrison popping up on various design blogs. We were immediately intrigued by his mix of photography, graphic design and vivid colors. Mike has worked as a freelancer for a number of high-profile athletics companies, and is a member of the international modern art collective, Depthcore, and the Keystone Design Union.

Check out some of Mike’s work and find out what he has planned for future projects, below. (more…)

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Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peeks: All in One Place

PS-Sneaks-mini-150x150Over the past couple of months, we’ve been giving out occasional sneaks of new features coming Adobe Photoshop CS6, which will soon be included in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership.  Today, we wanted to make it easy for you to find all the sneaks in one convenient place. So whether you caught every single sneak or none at all, have a look below to see what exciting possibilities lie ahead.  (more…)

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Fonts and Video Collide: Kinetic Typography

Rockwell-150x150Fonts, when used well, can be absolutely beautiful. However when many people think of typography, they likely envision some sort of poster or graphic design, or perhaps even web design. That said, there is something that makes fonts especially wonderful in video as the power of kinetic typography brings words and letters to life through movement.

Below are some examples of a few of our favorite fonts given the kinetic typography treatment. If you’d like to learn more about fonts check out Typekit, which will be included in the Creative Cloud membership.

Rockwell by Jordan Clarke

Rockwell from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo. (more…)

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Adobe Joins Pinterest

We’ve been sharing some amazing inspirational community work here on our blog, among other social platforms, but given how much is out there and quickly being shared, we’re excited to launch the presence of our official Adobe Pinterest profile to keep pace!



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David Rojas Moreno

Touch-Apps-Background-3David Rojas Moreno caught our eye with the art work he submitted to our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter channel, creating his pieces with Adobe Ideas on his iPhone. We got in touch with the on-the-go artist to ask him some questions about creating on-the-go and his workflow. Check out what he had to say, along with his Adobe Ideas masterpiece, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below. (more…)

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Adobe Shadow is Here!

shadow_128x128We’re happy to announce Adobe® Shadow, a new inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview process, making it easier to customize websites for mobile devices.


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Adobe at SXSW 2012


Our team will be heading to Austin for SXSW Interactive later this week (Mar. 9-13), but before they take off, check out this preview from Evangelist Paul Trani and get a look at all things web, including news around Adobe Edge Preview, sneak peeks and much more. (more…)

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