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New MacBook Pro Retina Display Support

Adobe’s product teams are keenly aware of a creative professional’s desire to experience the highest quality creation experience. That is why I am delighted to announce our plans to optimize a selection of our products to display your content and creations on HiDPI displays, including the Retina Display available on the new MacBook Pro. Over the next few months, key Adobe products will deliver HiDPI display support to all customers on current releases.

HiDPI displays allow for a dramatic improvement in image fidelity and resolution. Naturally, designers, photographers and creative professionals want to take full advantage of this new technology. Software that is not native to HiDPI display uses interpolation to duplicate pixels to fill the screen, meaning text is not as sharp and images don’t have as much detail. The increased resolution of these displays requires that each product update the interface of the application and ensure that the content or the creation itself is displayed accurately with the appropriate level of fidelity. As an example, to enable HiDPI display support in Photoshop requires the replacement of 2500 icons and cursors and other engineering work which will be complete and ready for customers this Fall. This resolution shift in the new display technology presents unique challenges to teams that support bitmap, vector or video content. Therefore each product team will be releasing support for HiDPI display for Apple’s Retina Display as soon as the development is complete and tested for each individual product.

We expect to update the following products with HiDPI support, free to all CS6 and Creative Cloud customers, over the next few months:


Edge Animate




Photoshop Touch


Adobe Premiere Pro


We are currently evaluating the roadmap for when other products may support HiDPI displays, and we will announce those plans as they are finalized.

At Adobe we work hard to support the latest innovations. We will continue to release security patches, bug fixes and support new hardware changes, like HiDPI display support, to all of our customers outside of our regular development cycles just as we have always done.  Additionally, with Creative Cloud we now have the opportunity to release new features as they are ready, outside of major release cycles. On August 28, Illustrator released several features exclusively to Creative Cloud members. I am excited to announce that beginning this Fall, even more our flagship products, including Photoshop, will begin to release features exclusively to Creative Cloud members. Creative Cloud members will be able to enjoy the latest product enhancements as they are ready without having to wait for major product releases.

This is an exciting time. Stay tuned over the next few months for more exciting developments to come.

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Photoshop Touch: Preloaded on the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Photoshop Touch is a photo editing app that is all about taking your creativity with you. If you’re the owner of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 you will now have the tools you need to create, wherever that may be. With the new S Pen and Photoshop Touch built-in, this tablet truly becomes a digital canvas. See it in action here:

Wondering where to start with Photoshop Touch on a tablet? Check out our handy tutorials over at AdobeTV:

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Exclusive Updates to Illustrator Available Now for Creative Cloud Members

We’re very excited to announce the release of a new set of Adobe Illustrator features available exclusively to Creative Cloud members and customers subscribed to Illustrator. This delivers on our promise that Creative Cloud members will get early VIP access to our latest innovations, including new features in our desktop software.

The 3 new Illustrator features are focused on improving productivity. They will let you automatically package Illustrator projects and their related files for fast and accurate hand-offs, quickly unembed images that have been placed and embedded into Illustrator files, and more efficiently access information in linked files. To get these features, just open Illustrator, go to the main menu, choose Help > Updates or download Illustrator for the first time here.

To learn more, please check out the videos and information below, or visit the Illustrator or Creative Cloud product pages. If you aren’t a Creative Cloud member, or are signed up for the free Creative Cloud membership and want access to these Illustrator features, you can become a paid member here. Current Creative Suite customers can join Creative Cloud and get 40% off their first year of membership, and pay just US$29.99 per month for the first 12 months. See if you qualify.

Package files
Efficiently hand off Illustrator files to production by automatically packaging the necessary fonts, linked graphics, and a package report in a single folder. This is a feature long-requested by our customers and we’re very happy to deliver it. The functionality is very similar to that found in Adobe InDesign.

Unembed images & Links panel enhancements
Quickly “unembed” images that have been placed and embedded into an Illustrator file for quick edits or for use outside of Illustrator. Automatically link them to their extracted PSD or TIFF files. Efficiently track and access complete information on any artwork placed within an Illustrator file, directly from the Links panel.

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Illustrator Updates, Exclusively Available for Creative Cloud Members

Delivering on Adobe’s promise that Creative Cloud members get early VIP access to new product updates, we’re excited to announce new Adobe Illustrator graphic design software feature updates exclusively to full Creative Cloud members and point product subscribers.

Focusing mainly on productivity, new features in this include:

Package Files – a long-requested feature that allows designers to automatically collect all the files used in an Illustrator project, including linked graphics and fonts, into a single folder helping make handoffs and sharing of projects more efficient and error-free.

Unembed Images – a new capability that helps enables production artists to quickly unembed images that have been embedded into an Illustrator file by other designers or customers, eliminating much wasted time in day-to-day production work.

Links Panel Enhancements – a new feature enhancement that allows users to access and track information on any artwork placed in an Illustrator file much quicker. What used to require multiple clicks to ensure all placed graphics meet necessary requirements for output, is now surfaced up front.

To learn more about these features, please check out the videos below or visit the Illustrator Team Blog.

Package files

Unembed images and Links panel enhancements

If you haven’t had the chance to join Creative Cloud, you can subscribe for 40% off if you have a CS3 product or later. To learn more about Creative Cloud, visit:

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Creative Spotlight: Kevin Spear on Adobe Touch Apps and Creative Cloud

Summer is the perfect time to untether yourself from the wired-world and create outside with Adobe Touch Apps, and no one knows this better than digital artist, Kevin Spear (@speartoons). After stumbling on his summer creations, we reached out to see how he utilized the creative combination of Touch Apps, Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud to come up with some “fun in the sun” art work.k.spear_

Find out where Kevin’s summertime spot to create with Touch Apps is (hint – it’s not indoors), why the grouping of Adobe Ideas and Illustrator is a match made in heaven for him, plus much more in the full Q&A below. Also, don’t forget to see his summer-themed art on display on our new Twitter background.

Are you ready to be our next featured artist? Send your Adobe Touch creations our way via Twitter, Facebook, or simply link us in the comments below. 

Adobe: When were you first introduced to Adobe Touch Apps?

Kevin Spear: I got an iPad in the winter of 2011. I was looking for a good drawing program when I came across Adobe Ideas. I was very excited when I discovered it was a vector-based app. I also loved how it allowed me to draw naturally in a way I hadn’t done in Adobe Illustrator.

What was the very first creation you made with Touch Apps?

I drew a profile of my wife. I was excited that I could finally draw a quick sketch with my finger on the iPad, take it into Adobe Illustrator and keep the vectors.

How has the integration from Touch Apps through to the Creative Cloud features changed your creative workflow?

It has made drawing digitally while mobile easy. Before, I’d test things out on the sketchbook, and then hope I could keep the same spontaneity when I made it back to the desktop. Now, I can draw it digitally from the very beginning.


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What’s New in Proto V1.5

I’m excited to show you new features and enhanced features in version 1.5 of Adobe Proto. V1.0 was just porting Android version to iOS native version and this time we could implement new feature sets based on user’s feedback.

Mainly, we focused on easy to share files, copy & paste workflow. Here is the new feature sets.

 Sharing zipped file easily

“Email” interactive wireframe ( as attachment

You can now email your interactive wireframe directly from Proto. Just attach file onto email and send it to your co-worker or client. The attachment is a zipped file and easily uncompressed and ready to use in Dreamweaver or any other HTML/CSS editor.

Share interactive wireframe via Dropbox and other Apps

If you have Dropbox application installed on your iPad, you can share your interactive wireframe zipped file right away.


Copy & Paste improvements

Copy & Paste objects to different pages

We added a clipboard icon in editor. Now you can copy & paste your object form one page to another from the clipboard menu, top navigation or context menu.


Paste and Pin objects across selected pages (i.e. share objects across pages)

Not only can you paste objects to a different page, we added a new function “Paste and Pin.”


Pin across pages

Select object and from context menu, you can set to paste the current object across all the pages.  Once you did this, the object will show up to all the pages and whatever you modify this object will reflect change across all pages.

across-pagesGlobal Menu (By default, Menu bar objects are pinned across all pages)

When you create menu and create multiple pages, the menu will automatically carry over all the pages.  When you edit text inside menu, edit links to pages, the change will reflect across all the pages. There is another improvement for code generation for the global menu. Proto generate common.css that is used for all the pages.

“Bring Forward” “Move Backward” Z-order change via Context Menu

You can manage z-index order for overlapped objects from context menu.


Lock and Unlock object for editing

You can lock & unlock object. This helps you to avoid mistakenly moving object while editing another object closed by.


Show current page name while previewing a project in the App

At preview mode, you can see current page name in title bar right next to project name.

Rename project name in the action bar (title) of the editor

You can rename project name in organizer mode. You can now edit project name while in editor mode. Simply tap project name on top left corner to edit current working project.

Show undo/redo count

As same as Adobe Ideas, you can see the number of undo/redo count when you perform undo/redo

Other Enhancements

Objects should snap to both CSS Column and Design Grid

Now, it’s much easily and precisely snap object onto grid.

Better Code Generation

Code generated is now ordered according to the appearance in the page and so is now more structured hierarchically V1.0 generated divs based on the order of the object modification. V1.5 generates divs based on top to bottom order in the screen.

All pinned objects generate a separate common CSS file (common.css)

Since pinned objects are used in multiple pages, having separate common CSS make you easy to manage code.


We hope those new feature sets and enhancement feature sets will help you boost up your creative workflow.

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Adobe Edge Animate, Preview 7 and Muse Updates Now Available in Creative Cloud

For our Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge users, we have some exciting updates to share – and if you’re a Creative Cloud member, consider it good news times two with the applications available to all Cloud users!
edgeAdobe Edge Animate, Preview 7 

First up, Adobe Edge – a next generation tool for creating content with motion and interactivity for the web, using web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – is now Adobe Edge Animate with the release of Preview 7. We’re thrilled to announce that the latest preview of Adobe Edge is now available in the Creative Cloud.

Edge Animate Preview 7 is a major update, with significant new features like resizable layouts, which can adapt to different screen sizes, rulers and guides, shadow effects, timeline and keyframe improvements, enhanced text features, and much more. Watch Preview 7 in action below, and for more about this release and for a complete list of features, visit the Adobe Edge Blog.

You can also check out Edge Animate in action over at the Edge Showcase.



Adobe Muse Updates 

Today, Adobe Muse announces new features and updates available to Adobe Muse subscribers and Creative Cloud members, including availability in Japanese, and new built-in support for contact forms.

Find out how to easily add, configure, and style contact forms into website designs without having to embed HTML code from third-party online form providers in the video below.

This is just the beginning of a longer-term effort to bring more extensive content management capabilities to Adobe Muse users through tighter integration with the Adobe hosting solution, Adobe Business Catalyst. Get the complete list of other great Adobe Muse features and enhancements, including the ability to add HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge Animate here and in this post, What’s New in Adobe Muse 2.0, by Evangelist Terry White.

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Adobe Muse Updated: Built-In Contact Forms Plus Japanese Support

Adobe Muse is a new tool available to Creative Cloud subscribers which lets graphic designers create websites without writing code. Today, we’re releasing a new version of Muse that includes built-in support for contact forms. In addition, this new version is now available in Japanese.

The new support for built-in contact forms allows you to easily add, configure, and style contact forms within your website designs. By using this new feature, you no longer have to embed HTML code from 3rd-party online form providers. This is just the beginning of work the Muse product team is doing to bring more extensive content management capabilities directly into the product through tighter integration with our site hosting platform, Adobe Business Catalyst. The video below shows how easy it is to work with contact forms.

We’ve also added the ability to add and link to downloadable files of any type including .pdf, .zip, .dmg, & .exe, as well as support for HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge. There’s more, so be sure to read the release notes to find out all the new goodies in this updated version of Muse.

If you already have Muse installed, just open the app and click “Install Now” on the updater screen to get these new features. If you have yet to try it, download it here on Creative Cloud.

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Now available: Adobe Edge preview 7

Those of you familiar with Adobe Edge know it as a great way to create content with motion and interactivity by using web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Today it has received some exciting updates!

First, we’ve renamed the product to better reflect its capabilities – so let me introduce you to Adobe Edge Animate. Additionally, we’ve released our latest update, preview 7, which is now available in the Creative Cloud. This is a significant update which introduces lots of new features, including resizable layouts which lets you adapt your content to different screen sizes as you create for multiple form-factors. Additionally, we’ve added rulers, guides, shadow effects, a timeline, and keyframe improvements as well as enhancing all of our text features. You can check out the complete list of features here.

Check out this video to see Edge Animate Preview 7 in action.

This is the seventh preview of Edge Animate and we’ve come quite a ways since our first preview launched just about a year ago. We hope you’re having fun with Edge Animate; you can download preview 7 here.

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Sneak Peek of New Package File Feature for Illustrator CS6 in the Creative Cloud

Here’s the sneak peek of the new Package Files feature coming soon in Illustrator CS6, exclusively for Creative Cloud members and Illustrator subscribers:

Now is a great time to become a Creative Cloud member as you may qualify for 40% off for your first year! Learn more here:

For more information and to stay up to date on the Creative Cloud please visit the Creative Cloud Team Blog.

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