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RECAP: 24-Hour Creative Session – Adobe MAX Logo


Whew! Our 24-hour live stream of the reinterpretation of the Adobe MAX logo has officially come to a close. Thanks to the amazing (and endurable) creative team lead by Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh, we have a new jaw-dropping Adobe MAX logo – which is as seen above!

From inserting nearly 7,000 pencils into Styrofoam cutouts of the M-A-X letters, to launching paint balloons off of roofs, to jumping off of trampolines into crash pads, the team did not miss a creative beat. During the creation (or play as they call it), we were able to watch every step of the process and allowed viewers to tweet their questions to the Jessica and Stefan using the #AdobeMAX on Twitter. The entire live stream was even being broadcasted on a Times Square billboard in New York City.


Did you miss the event? Not a problem – we have a time-lapse video below that recaps the entire process:

Don’t forget: To hear Jessica speak on the “Importance of Play in Innovation” at Adobe MAX this year, visit  Be sure to use promo code MXSM13 when you register and save $300.

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Behance ProSite is now included in Creative Cloud memberships

You probably heard back in December that Adobe acquired Behance, the leading online social media platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and share their work with millions. We wanted to share some great news for our Creative Cloud complete members.

Starting today, Behance ProSite (normally $100/year) will be available at no additional cost for all paid Creative Cloud complete members. ProSite transforms a public Behance portfolio into a fully customized personal portfolio site with your own URL. You can design an incredible portfolio site that stays in sync with your projects on Behance, increasing your efficiency and helping your work get more exposure from Behance’s 18+ million visitors every month.

If you’re ready to get started building and customizing your Behance ProSite, just a few quick steps:

  1. Login and go to the Apps page on
  2. Find the ProSite icon under “Other Services” and click on the “Get Started” link
  3. You’ll be brought to the ProSite welcome page on Behance, where you can either log in or sign up for Behance to build your portfolio and launch your ProSite when you’re ready.

Not a paid Creative Cloud complete member yet?  Free Creative Cloud members can link their accounts to using the “Get Started” link under the Behance icon.  When you’re ready, move up to a Creative Cloud complete plan or team plan, and you’ll get ProSite too!

If you have any questions, please leave comments here or visit our forum.

UPDATE (May 6, 2013): In addition to all the groundbreaking Creative Cloud announcements today at Adobe MAX, we have great news about Behance ProSite.  We’re now including ProSite with ALL Creative Cloud paid memberships. When you’re ready to build and customize your ProSite, just follow the same simple steps in our original post here.  If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here.

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Creative Spotlight: Geordie Milne on Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud does not just provide creative individuals with tools to take their talents to the next level, but also offers the opportunity to explore other creative areas of interest. Take Geordie Milne (@geordiemilne) for example. The use of Creative Cloud has evolved his creative workflow by enabling him to work with multiple programs on a single project. Not to mention, new updates (some exclusive to Creative Cloud users) gives Geordie the ability to try programs he may have never used before.

Read about his current project, check out some of his impressive work, and learn which tool in Photoshop blows his mind below.

Adobe: Describe a project you are currently working on or have completed with Creative Cloud.

Geordie: I am currently using Creative Cloud for a project for and I am taking photos of the jewelry and sculptures and creating graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop; as well as some time-lapses using Premiere Pro.

What was your inspiration behind the project?

Geordie: My current client’s work has a meditation feel & knowing its positive effect; I find pleasure in modifying it and creating patterns from it.

How has the Creative Cloud changed your creative workflow?

Geordie: It’s amazing to have access to all of Adobe’s programs! I probably would have never dipped into learning as many of them as I am now, and I’m excited to download some more.  I also end up using more than 1 program per piece such a making a time-lapse & then bringing it into Photoshop to apply some of the great new video capabilities, such as ‘Blur’ or ‘Liquify’. Creative Cloud gives me the ability to save and access files from any computer, and be able to share files with my clients and friends. As a visual person, I have found that Adobe Bridge helps me find files and stay organized.

What tools specific to Creative Cloud enable you to work more efficiently?

Geordie: I also work with drones (multicopters), so one essential tool for sure is Premiere Pro’s, ‘Warp Stabilizer.’  Illustrator’s ‘Pattern Options’, makes for quick, exact designs. Photoshop’s ‘Smart Objects’ offers a new, nondestructive workflow and is a great way to add filters.

Describe your style of work in three words

Geordie: Fun, Technicolor and Geometric

Fill in the blank: I couldn’t create without _________.

Geordie: I can’t think of one thing other than just answering, ‘Abode’ but one thing I absolutely LOVE is the ‘Oil Paint Effect’ in Photoshop… it blows my mind.

What advice would you give to an individual who is considering Creative Cloud?

Geordie: Do it, try it, you won’t regret it! I often urge people to sign up for ‘Creative Cloud’. Its monthly costs offer people who want to emerge into the creative industry, a financially strategic, practical step.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Geordie: I love signing into the Creative Cloud and seeing an update here and there. Adobe is pushing the creative technology like no other. I feel that I have also joined access to a like-minded community, have made some great connections and look forward to seeing everyone’s creations! 

Like Geordie, has Creative Cloud inspired you to try products you’ve been intrigued by, but have never tested out? If so, tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.  Care to see more of Geordie’s work? Check out his blog here.

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24-Hour Creative Session: Adobe MAX Logo

Jessica_Stefan1What would you do with Adobe Creative Cloud, an empty studio space, and 24 hours? The possibilities are endless, but Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh have decided to reinterpret our Adobe MAX logo in a 24-hour creative session that will be live streamed, which they’re endearingly calling “play” (sounds like hard-work to us).

The 24-hour creative session will be live streamed on a Times Square billboard in New York City and our Adobe Creative Cloud Create Now Facebook app. Be sure to tune in, the live stream starts Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:45 a.m. ET (6:45 a.m. PT).

To learn more about Jessica prior to the 24-hour live creative session, we had the opportunity to interview her to get the full scoop on how Adobe Creative Cloud helps her workflow, what inspired Sagmeister & Walsh, and more.

For details, read our full Q&A below.

Adobe: You’re reinterpreting Adobe’s MAX logo. What made you decide to video blog the design process of that?

Jessica: The heart of much of our work is discovery through experimentation. Often the best ideas come out of spontaneous play. We liked the idea of dedicating 24 hours straight to play with a few basic tactile tools—pencils, rope, tape and the Adobe Creative Cloud—to create the MAX typography. The final result could be anything from a photographic collage to a giant installation. We often expose the process of our work in the final result; we’re taking it a step further this time and exposing the entire creative process for the world to view via live stream on a Times Square billboard and online on the Adobe website. It will be an intense, but fun, 24 hours.

While we’re on the subject of, well, creation… What inspired the much-publicized Sagmeister & Walsh Adam & Eve-esque studio portrait? When Stefan first launched the studio nineteen years ago he sent out a nude postcard of himself. Our announcement for the partnership played off the original postcard.

Even with prior prep, 24-hours doesn’t seem like it offers much time between inspiration and execution. How did you determine it to be a generous-enough amount of time?

Working for 24-hours-straight confined to a photo studio space is an interesting creative constraint that will produce new and interesting results that we wouldn’t try on a normal workday. I do believe, however, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We will make it work!

 Do you feel like your best ideas come when you’re under-pressure or working with extreme limitations?

Often the best work comes out of having limitations, whether that is time, materials or budget. When a project is too open ended, it’s hard to focus in on the idea. Creativity thrives off constraints.

Does working in the Adobe Creative Cloud help the process along (especially when you’re pushed for time)? Yes! The Adobe tools are extremely powerful and having them in the Adobe Creative Cloud makes it all the more effective and powerful. We would not be able to accomplish all the things we want to in this experiment without it. 

If you could have only one book in your “library,” which book would it be? Le Petit Prince, a French children’s book I read when I was younger. I fell in love with the book and the underlying message—to hold on to the inquisitive and open-minded perspective of a child. Adults can get too bogged down by pragmatic matters like money or power and forget to focus on imagination, beauty, love and emotion.

In the spirit of six-word memoirs, what can you say about the Sagmeister & Walsh partnership in a single (short) sentence?

We want to touch people emotionally.

Will you be sticking around after you speak at Adobe MAX? Aside from speaking, what are you most looking forward to at MAX?

I will be in Los Angeles the weekend of the Adobe MAX conference, and I can’t wait to meet and hear all the other speakers at the event. I really enjoy going to creative conferences where there’s a wide variety of speakers across creative disciplines—it can provide a fresh perspective that can improve your own work.

Design(ers) can change the world. Yes? No? Why?

Yes. Our job is to understand how to communicate with people effectively and many of us (designers) have the skill sets and tools to publish print or digital media that can speak to large audiences. We are in a very powerful position in that regard, and I do believe we can use these skills to help people or touch people in some way.

Stefan Sagmeister’s year-long creative sabbaticals are legendary in the design world. What do you do to keep your head clear and your work fresh?

I play and experiment within my work constantly, so I don’t feel the need for a sabbatical at the moment. I have many personal projects going on as well which are great creative outlets and inspire ideas that feed our client work. When I do really need to clear my head, you’ll find me on a beach for a week with a bunch of books drinking pina coladas. (It’s been over a year since my last break, so perhaps I’ll be booking that beach vacation soon.)

To hear Jessica speak on the “Importance of Play in Innovation” at Adobe MAX this year, visit  Be sure to use promo code MXSM13 when you register and save $300.

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Recap: Creative Cloud for Teams Google Hangout

Missed today’s Google Hangout on Creative Cloud for teams? No problem! You can view the full conversation below and on our YouTube page.

Our panel of experts, including Greg Wilson, Director of Evangelism for Creative Cloud, Paul Trani, Creative Cloud Evangelist and Lori DeFurio, Social Marketing, Digital Media (moderator) discussed the current issues facing creative teams, how Creative Cloud for teams aims to alleviate those problems and make it easier for groups to work more efficiently together. We also had great comments come in from our viewers. Check out the full conversation below.

Have additional questions for our panel? Include them in the comments section or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information on Creative Cloud for teams.

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Google Hangout: Adobe Creative Cloud for teams – March 21 at 8 a.m. PT

Hey, Creatives: want to Hangout?

Join us on Thursday, March 21 at 8 a.m. PT for “Behind the Creative Curtain: Adobe Creative Cloud for teams”, a Google Hangout all about Creative Cloud for teams – our solution that makes working together — and managing licenses — easier than ever.

Whether you’re a designer, creative director or IT director – all can agree on one thing: creative work requires creative tools. Remaining competitive requires a lot of time and money, especially when keeping up with the pace of technology and high customer demand.

It’s these issues and more that Greg Wilson, Director of Evangelism, Creative Cloud and Paul Trani, Creative Cloud Evangelist will be discussing on Thursday.

Tune in at 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, March 21As always, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud.

What? Google Hangout: Adobe Creative Cloud for teams

Where? Google+

When? 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, March 21


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Girl Gamers are on the Rise! All Female Team of Developers from Arizona State University Follow their Dreams and Create Maia

Under guidance from Graphic Information Technology (GIT) professor Arnaud Ehgner, a team of female students from Arizona State University (ASU) has been working tirelessly on a school project to develop a one-level game on par with those created by industry professionals.

Maia, a 2D side-scroll action game for portable devices, is a magical jungle adventure that leads the player through a series of mysterious temples and ruins where the priestess—Maia—tries to head off an attack and keep peace in the village of Kuma.

The game is developed using 3D models for a 2D game. While the scenery is 2D, the characters are created first in 3D, and then transplanted into a 2D world. The team chose to develop the game using Adobe solutions including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash Professional because of the compatibility across platforms. Illustrator is used for the game’s concept art; Photoshop to finalize artwork with shading, touch-ups, and closing up texture seams; and Flash Professional for creating an engaging game with consistency across platforms.

“Adobe Photoshop also helps us play with the different perspectives by easily letting us translate and rotate the 3D models onto a 2D plane,” said team leader Rachel Ramsey.

The game targets female players with a strong leading female character. “I am so excited to be a part of Maia, as it has been one of my childhood dreams to create a video game with a strong female protagonist,” notes team member Jennifer Davidson.

Maia, now being expanded to three levels, will officially launch at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 for the Independent Gaming Competition and be available as a free demo for a limited time on iOS and Android tablet and mobile devices.


Comprised of six women, team ‘Femme Fatale’ as shown in photo left to right: Liza Gutierrez, Jennifer Davidson, Samantha Hannis, Marcella Martinez, Skylar Mowery (Rachel Ramsey not pictured.) Photo by GIT major, Tessa Menken

Find out more information: Maia on FacebookMaia on TwitterMaia on Tumblr

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A Vibrant Web Development Community: Pushing the Edges of the Web

It is really amazing to see the level of energy and enthusiasm around Web technology and how the envelop get constantly pushed by developers. This becomes really visible in the conferences that happen around the world on the topic. In our teams, we attend and participate to a lot of events as a way to present new advances on the Web but also as a way to learn and be aware of developer pain points.

In the last week alone, for example, we have been involved in various events.

First, Adobe hosted W3Conf in San Francisco.


This is a conference organized by the W3C and which addresses Web developers. The agenda was packed with great talks such as Eric Meyer’s presentation on “The Era of Intentional Layout”, Adobe’s CJ Gammon’s inspiring talk about the future of reading (see “Do androids read electric books?” or Adobe’s Alexandru Chiculita’s stories from the mobile web trenches in “The making of CSSFilterLab”. And of course, Joshua Davis’ talk on “Beyond Play: the Art of Creative Coding” showed how web technologies (SVG) can be used in the creative process, even though not necessarily inside a browser.


An example of generative art by Joshua Davis shown at W3Conf



A slide from Christofer Gammon’s W3Conf talk – Pushing the edges of the Web!

Read more about the W3Conf, the Doc Sprint that was held after, and the Processing Workshop by Joshua Davis.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend W3Conf myself, but that was for a good reason: I was speaking at another great conference in Bangalore, India. The conference was called Meta Refresh and gathered a lot of developers and designers. I enjoyed giving a talk about “The Quest for the Graphical Web” and listening to speakers who thought beyond simple responsive layouts to get into content prioritization and interleaving (see Arpan Chinta’s talk “Getting serious about Responsive Web Design”) and questioned our approach to design altogether (with Tulsi Dharmarajan’s talk “High on design”).


Another example of a great conference is Web Visions NewYork where Mihnea-Vlad Ovidenie from our team talked about “Using CSS Regions to Create Magazine-like Layouts for Any Screen” and Kevin Hoyt gave a presentation on “Building Mobile Applications with Web Standards”.


All those events are a testimony of the activity around the Web platform (if proof was needed!) and how creative it is becoming. It is also nice to be in a day and age when, if you miss a conference, or cannot travel to it, you can alway catch up online with videos. See the W3Conf videos and the Meta Refresh videos for example.

We are actively involved in organizing or sponsoring events to make the web better, please join us at!

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Adobe MAX Speaker Challenge Sweepstakes


Interested in winning a full Adobe MAX conference pass, a complimentary annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and VIP seating at our MAX Bash? Here’s your chance! Join our Adobe MAX Speaker Challenge on Twitter and weigh in on which one of these two sessions you’d prefer to attend at MAX this year; Terry White’s session Creating an Engaging Web Design with Adobe Muse or Kevin Hoyt’s session, Animating the Web with HTML – to vote for Terry’s session use #TerryandMuse and to vote or Kevin’s session use #KevinandWeb. For more information on how to enter, check out our full MAX Speaker Challenge Sweepstakes official rules.

For details on our Adobe MAX conference, visit and be sure to use promo code MXSM13 to get a $300 discount when you register.

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Creative Cloud for teams: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Like Marvel’s Avengers, you’ve put together a stellar team. So now what? Creative Cloud for teams not only puts the best tools in the hands of your team, but also enables them to seamlessly share files from any device. Since this offer is still new, we wanted to educate you all on the benefits of joining. We’ve recapped five educational updates about Creative Cloud for teams that we’ve shared on the Creative Cloud Facebook page and Twitter channels. Check them out and embrace the learning.

  • Enables better collaboration

You can share files with colleagues inside and outside of your organization.

  • Low TCO, best way to stay current

 Keep your members up-to-date with the latest software at a low cost

  • Members have 1:1 access  to Adobe product experts

As a member, you have 1:1 access to Adobe product experts to ensure workflow support.

  • Centralized purchasing and license management tools

Creative Cloud for teams makes it easy for your IT department to centrally purchase and manage Creative Cloud

  • Users get 100GB cloud-based storage

Don’t let storage limits keep you up at night. Enjoy 100GB of cloud-based storage per team member

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