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Creative Spotlight on Creative Cloud Logo Redesign Artists Dvein

As we take some time to focus on video production, we wanted to spotlight individuals who are masters of all things animation, our Creative Cloud logo redesign artists Dvein.


Based out of Barcelona, Dvein is not your run of the mill production and design firm. They are a collective of three directors who love animation, design, and all things creative. Fernando Dominquez, Creative Director for Dvein, defined it best when he said, “It’s a factory of all the things that you can imagine.”

Creative Cloud assists the creative minds at Dvein in each and every step in their creative process. Beginning with initial sketches, they utilize Photoshop to take their ideas to a whole new level. Then, they use the power of Premier Pro or After Effects when they are ready to turn creations into animations.

The icing on the cake; Behance integration in Creative Cloud enables Dvein to better expose themselves to the design community and connect with international clients.

Get to know the FX pros that make up Dvein by checking out the videos below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more video production news, tutorials, inspirational work and more.


Dvein:The Vein ‘Magma’

Dvein on the web:





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Kuler updates: iPhone App & Website Redesign

Earlier this month we showed you a preview of Kuler for the iPhone, the new Kuler website and how you can access your Kuler themes in Illustrator CC. Today, we’re launching the new site and making Kuler available on the App Store.

For those of you who missed Kuler in the MAX keynote, Kuler allows you to create inspiring color themes and explore hundreds of thousands of color themes created by other users. The Kuler iPhone app lets you capture color themes anywhere, using the iPhone camera. All the themes you create with Kuler, on the web or with your iPhone, can be accessed with other Adobe applications such as Illustrator and Ideas.

The full benefits of Kuler are available to Creative Cloud members. The Sync Colors feature lets you use Kuler and Illustrator to quickly incorporate colors you see around you into your vector artwork. Sync your favorite themes with the Kuler website, and they’ll be accessible immediately inside Illustrator CC – only available in Creative Cloud.

If you are an active Kuler user, you may notice a few pages and features missing from the new Kuler website. I’m writing to explain what’s missing, why it’s missing, and what you can expect to see in the coming weeks and months. Here’s an overview of what you won’t find on the new site:

Create a theme from an image: We know many users really like the “Create from an Image” feature. Unfortunately, this feature was not ready for the new site launch. So, rather than launching a buggy or half-baked feature, we decided to take a bit more time to get it right.

We intend to add this feature to the site as soon as it’s ready. Until then, you can use the free iPhone app to create themes from images.

Color space “slider” controls: We talked to a lot of Kuler users about the slider controls. Some users like them and others don’t. The main complaint we heard was that the sliders add unnecessary complexity and take up too much space.

So, we opted to not add the sliders and err on the side of making the creation experience simple. Though, we decided to keep the “brightness” slider control since some colors spaces don’t have a brightness variable. We’d love to know what you think. You can voice your opinion on the Kuler forum.

Change the order of colors: In our research, we found most users did not know you could re-order colors on the old Kuler site. And, it’s actually quite a bit of work to build this feature. So, rather than re-building a feature many users don’t know about or use, we wanted to hear from you first. Please visit the Kuler forum and let us know what you think.

Avatar: Most of the users we talked with about Kuler avatars were indifferent. In fact, they asked us to focus on other features first. So, that’s what we’re doing–we’re focusing on some of the most requested features first.

Community spotlight and Pulse: The Community Spotlight and Pulse were beta features that never really gained any traction. So, we opted to not continue with these features.

API: We’re working to rebuild the Kuler API to offer more robust capabilities. Until then, we’re no longer issuing new API keys. If you already have a key and are using the API, your service will not be interrupted (your key will continue to work).
We’re always looking for feedback and would love to hear what you think about any of these topics—please join the discussion on the Kuler forum.

Kuler iPhone app

Kuler iPhone app

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New Kuler iPhone app and website redesign

Earlier this month, at Adobe MAX, we showed you a preview of Kuler for the iPhone and the new Kuler website. Today, we’re launching the new Kuler site and making the app available on the App Store.


The new Kuler iPhone app allows you to capture inspiring color themes anytime, using the iPhone camera. You can then sync those color themes to the Kuler website, which allows you to create and edit color themes and browse thousands of themes created by other users.

For Creative Cloud users, all the themes you create with Kuler will be accessible in Adobe Illustrator CC and Ideas. In addition, the color themes that Creative Cloud automatically generates for your assets can be opened quickly and easily in Kuler for editing.

If you have any feedback or questions, we want to hear from you. Please join the conversation on the Kuler forum.

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The verdict on Adobe Creative Cloud for teams: FindLaw’s Abraham Bumpus

An American Bar Association survey found that half of Americans would search online to find a lawyer if they needed one. One of their likely destinations is, the world’s most popular destination for consumers looking for legal information or an attorney. Or they may end up at one of the websites designed by FindLaw for attorneys and small law firms. FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business, specializes in designing award-winning websites that help law firms connect with qualified clients. Design manager Abraham Bumpus says his team of 27 designers uses Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to develop both traditional web and mobile solutions. Abe estimates each designer works on at least 100 sites every year using solutions such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, delivering properly layered PSD files without writing code. The team may also produce associated identity materials using Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro.

As design manager, Abe recommended purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to accommodate his diverse and dispersed staff of full-time employees, which include flex-time, in-office, and remote-access designers. So far, Abe says the transition to the Cloud has been great—for him and his staff.

Pictured: FindLaw’s Abraham Bumpus

Pictured: FindLaw’s Abraham Bumpus

Adobe – Tell us about yourself.

Abe – I have a multimedia degree in visual communications from Collins College in Tempe, Arizona. I’ve worked for printers, agencies, and corporations doing design, project management, and operations. I have a freelance business building websites, too.
After I moved to Minnesota, I applied at FindLaw as a design team lead. I saw a lot of opportunity as Thomson Reuters is a huge proponent of technology. I do a lot of management and provide direction for the team. I manage mobile processes and work with the product and marketing teams to bring new products to market. The best part is mentoring employees and working with others to get the right products to FindLaw’s customers.

Adobe  – Why is Adobe Creative Cloud for teams such a good solution for FindLaw?

Abe – First, Creative Cloud is amazing because you get all the software in one seat. Because I do freelance work at home, I got a Creative Cloud membership for myself for $29 a month and have been using it consistently. That’s how I knew Creative Cloud for teams would be a great solution for FindLaw. Employees have access to their day-to-day tools, plus other tools that they may use less frequently. We can experiment with what’s new and learn about different tools and improve the way we do things. That’s why Creative Cloud is sweet.

Adobe – How has the team responded to working in the Cloud?

Abe – The experience has been huge for the design team. It is especially great for employees who work remotely, or split their time between our office and their home office, because they have the same access no matter where they are. They love that they can more easily share files.
We’ve also been able to apply it to initiatives we’re doing here. We’re establishing more of a collaborative, agency-style workflow. The Cloud is awesome because the team can review and approve projects and send them right back—it saves a lot of time.

Adobe – How did your team previously handle approvals?

Abe – It was a bit of an outdated process. We’d send an email with an attachment, which could be very large. Or we’d Skype and share screens. If we put the file on an in-house file server, it could be slow to access, especially when you have to wait to upload a 50 megabyte file and then have to download it on the other end.
With Creative Cloud, this process is eliminated. We can view files in the browser, add notes, and shoot them back to the folder. I think it cuts half an hour to an hour out of review and approval for each project.

Adobe – You’ve been handling administration personally. What has that experience been like?

Abe – It’s really been pretty easy. I simply enter the email address of the person I need to add into Team Management. The employee gets an email and sign’s up. I can also reassign seats easily. I have done that quite a bit. We have contractors that we bring in and I just add them to the team, and reassign the seats when they’re done. We don’t have to buy new software, so it’s a huge benefit from a financial standpoint.

Adobe – What was it like in the past when it came time to upgrade?

Abe – I went through the upgrade to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver CS5. We had to get approval of $30,000 for the whole team, which is a big request. It was a complicated process to get everything approved and to justify the upgrade to management. Then we had to go through installation. Now, I can pay the monthly fee and I don’t have to wait for access codes or someone to install it. We just manage everything through the browser.
Plus, it makes sense financially. I pitched using Creative Cloud to my management and explained how easy and cost-effective it would be to leverage new technology. It’s great to be able to offer a solution that leads to efficiency and cost-savings.

Adobe – Besides the design team members, who else benefits from FindLaw’s Adobe Creative Cloud for teams membership?

Abe – We have our design team of approximately 30 employees plus our support and maintenance teams, which is nearly 40 licenses. We’ve also have a development team of 17 employees that have Adobe Photoshop licenses for the Cloud. All they need is Photoshop, but I encouraged them to use Creative Cloud.

Adobe – What are your favorite tools in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Abe – I love Adobe InDesign. I have since my first job. Right now, I’m just digging in to Adobe Edge Tools & Services. I’m particularly interested in Edge Reflow for responsive design work. I’ve also put a site together in Adobe Muse. I’m looking at all of those solutions right now. I’m always on the lookout for better tools.

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Our Move to Creative Cloud: An Update

We announced a major update to Adobe Creative Cloud at our MAX Creativity Conference on May 6th and as we gear up to ship this release of Creative Cloud in a few weeks, we’d like to update the community on the feedback we’ve been getting.

Our goal with Creative Cloud is to deliver the world’s best creative products and services to customers. On May 6, we announced a new generation of “CC” desktop applications and sophisticated cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities. Creative files can be stored, synced and shared, via Creative Cloud, on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. In addition, Behance, the world’s leading online creative community, is now integrated with Creative Cloud, so customers can showcase work, get feedback on projects and gain global exposure.

We will continue to offer new innovation in apps and services on an ongoing basis, which is one of the top reasons members tell us they are subscribing. We were thrilled with customer adoption leading up to the announcement on May 6th, with over 80% of people purchasing on selecting Creative Cloud. That momentum continues today.

That said, through discussions with the community, we have heard some concerns around our move to Creative Cloud. Three main themes are coming through:

  • File access. Customers want to be sure that, if their membership to Creative Cloud lapses, they will still have access to their files.
  • Photographers, particularly photo-enthusiasts, are looking for a more tailored offering that focuses on their particular needs.
  • Some customers are not convinced that Creative Cloud is right for them and would rather continue to purchase desktop applications as before.

We want to start off by reinforcing that we continue to believe that the move to Creative Cloud will benefit the wider creative community because of the constant stream of innovation that we’re able to deliver. Creative Cloud also allows us to explore new areas in mobile apps, helping you collaborate better and build a meaningful worldwide community to share work and find inspiration. Because of this we have no plans to change our focus on Creative Cloud. We understand this is a big change and for customers who are not yet ready to move, we will continue to offer CS6 products through our reseller partners and

For photographers, we are looking at potential offerings that recognize the photography community – because it is so broad – has some unique needs.

With regards to file access, Adobe completely agrees that customers should have access to their files if they choose to stop their Creative Cloud membership. Our job is to delight our customers with innovation, but there are a number of options open to us here and we expect to have news around this issue shortly.

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback you have given us. We believe that an honest and open dialogue with the community will ensure that, together, we can move the creative process forward.

Thanks again for using Creative Cloud. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in our forums, where we are continuing the conversation.

– The Creative Cloud Team

Update : September, 4, 2013 : We have posted an update with information on a new Creative Cloud Photoshop photography program.

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Ideacodes Team Joins Adobe

We’re thrilled to announce the newest members of the Creative Cloud team at Adobe, Ideacodes. Ideacodes is a leading creative consultancy based in San Francisco, that specializes in the design and user experience of smart applications, digital products and networked communities.

The founders, Emily Chang and Max Kiesler, will be joining the Creative Cloud product team. Their charter, as our design nexus, is to help shape the creative vision and build a core group of creative talent to help the product team deliver on our goals of making Creative Cloud an indispensable part of the creative workflow. We’ll work with them to explore new models for interacting with your content, seek visual consistency across the web, desktop and mobile devices, and evolve and perfect the user experience of the Creative Cloud. And that’s just the beginning!

To learn more – check out today’s press release.

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Creative Spotlight: Artist and Web Designer qubibi

“I work without seeing what I’m creating. Programming is like writing words.”

– Artist and web designer, Kazumasa Teshigawara aka “qubibi

If qubibi’s words rings true for you, you might want to dive a bit deeper into his story. qubibi’s inspiration spurs from his observations around his home city Tokyo, Japan. He uses the city’s energy to craft his designs, emphasizing in animation. When asked how he turns an idea into art, he reveals, “I begin by writing and then I imagine music. After that, I start using digital tools like Photoshop without making any sketches, I just work directly on the computer and see how it evolves… In my case I can’t create art without Creative Cloud.” Check out his recent redesign of the Creative Cloud logo and more background on his work in the video below:

The Creative Cloud provides designers like qubibi with built-in shortcuts for everything from debugging to simple animations so they can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on what makes web design fun, creativity. qubibi uses Creative Cloud to access his work from any computer at any time and benefits from sharing his work with fellow designers on Behance. Find out more about Creative Cloud and the future for web designers like you.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more web design news, tutorials, inspiration and more.


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Update on Creative Cloud Connection and file sync preview

Just about 6 months ago, we released a preview of Creative Cloud Connection, a utility that keeps the work you’ve created in our touch apps or uploaded to the web site in sync with the files on your desktop. In that time, many of you have brought our file sync into your workflow, and we appreciate the help with fine tuning how our service performs.

Next month, we will launch the fully integrated version of our new Creative Cloud desktop application. As part of that transition, we are updating the server APIs and code that manages file sync. We had initially planned to take the preview offline next week for these updates, but some updates this week have caused instability in the service. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Preparing for Release

To facilitate the transition from the preview, we are suspending the file sync desktop preview for the next couple of weeks while we finalize the updates for the initial full release.  This does not affect mobile applications which use file sync.

You can, of course, continue to access and work with your files on your local system as well as via the Creative Cloud website. However, changes to local files will not be automatically synced to the Creative Cloud while the file sync preview is offline. You can continue to manually upload and download files to and from the Creative Cloud website.

As always, you can view the real-time status of Creative Cloud services at:

What’s Coming

We are excited to be launching the new Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application soon. If you would like a preview of all the new capabilities, watch the Adobe MAX keynote from earlier in the month.

Thanks again for using Creative Cloud. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in our forums, where we are continuing the conversation.

Update : June 17th : We are continuing to work on file sync functionality, stability and performance in preparation for its release, which we anticipate in the coming weeks. Once File Sync is released, it will be made available via the new Creative Cloud desktop app, which was released today, and can be downloaded and installed from your Creative Cloud account at

The Creative Cloud Team

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Adobe Illustrator Sweepstakes Winners

Last week Adobe Illustrator’s sweepstakes on Facebook ended and now we finally have all 1,000 winners of the limited edition Dylan Roscover Venus poster. See below if your name is listed and if it is, you should be getting an email from Adobe asking for your address so we can ship your poster. Thanks to all of you who participated!


Aaron Tamayo Eric Segeren Mark Zaleppa
Aaron Webb Eric Wade Markus Görlich
Abbou Yahia Eric Wyatt Marshall Diveley
Abdelkader El-Founti Erica Klintworth Marta Riboni
Abdul Rony Erica Purnell Martin Hatfield
Aberekor Vokejeff Erick Puentes Martin Ohse
Abhishek Aggarwal Erind Mati Marvin Meyer
Abu Naser Erwin Fung Mary Addair
Achiles Zarek Esther Martinez Mary Ann Kiger
Adam Bedard Etienne Levesque Guitard Mathieu Zins
Adam Bucci Eva Banegas Matt Ciaglia
Adiel Hanif Evan Boyd Matt Rudowski
Adrian de Ausen Evelyn Maddox Matteo Discardi
Adrian Kondrat Ezekiel Brown Matthew Beningof
Adriana Mesén Fabian Ortiz Matthew Ivan
Afif Harb Fabian Zelaya Matthew Savant
Agnieszka Dudkowska Felipe Santos Matthew thaow
Ahmad Almsaeed Fernando Cruz Mauricio Dosman
Ahmad Hadi Fernando Paez Vergel Maximilian Grimmeiss
AIDA LUCIA Rodriguez Fernando Perez Christensen Maya Georgieva
Aimee Lyons Fernando Rodriguez Mehak Gulzar
Aimee Sims Filipe Santos Melanie Glinksi
Ajit Murkar Fiona McBean Melissa Hartog
Akash Dhurbarry Fran Brennan Melita Cleveland
Al Tucker Francesco Lauciello Merav Shamli
Alan Shutko Francis Gaskill Meredith Byrum
alejandro Gozalves Francisco agrela Mervi Jankko
Alejandro Herrera Francisco campos Micah Burke
Alejandta Jimenez Frank Lopez Micah Kenfield
Aleksandar Todorov Markovic Gabriela Contreras Michael Anderson
aleksandra Swatek Gabriela Esquinca Michael Berger
Alessio Betteni Garron Ballard Michael Davis
Alex Brito Gary friedman Michael Fielitz
Alex Jolley Gary Meehan Michael Fordice
Alex Shepler Geni Poole Michael Glass
Alexander Massey Gentry Li Michael Murdock
Alexander Rey George Pawley Michael O’Connell
Alexandra Brietzke Georgia Higgins Michael Stephens
Alexandre pereira costa Georgia Mckenzie Michael Torres
Alexandre van Meerbeke Gerardo Moreno Michał Maciejewski
Ali Abdulla Gilberto Balderas Michel Mirandola
Ali Noorani Gina Arena Michelle Corbett
Alican Özcan Gina Ruiz Michelle Iglesias
Alice Thorton Gino Edgardo Becerra Flores Michelle Johnson
Alicia Mason Glor Sola Michelle Tsivgadellis
Alison Gail Goce Spiroski Miguel Angel Plaza
Aliyah Bajrie Gökhan Kul Miguel Uriel sanchez lara
Allan Del Barrio Goldy Bhutt MIHI Han
Allison Oliphant Goli Monazahian Mike Brisk
Allison Raber Gonca Cicek Mike schwabauner
Amanda Aliperti Göran Karlsson Mike Tyler
Amanda Parry Goran Raukar Milan Vojicic
Amber Creed Grail Beltran Milka Sanchez
Ammar Midani Grant Levarre-Waters Miriam Kelly
Amr Fawzy Greg Agee Mitchell Fleitz
Amy Frazier Greg Ceminski Moataz El-Zeidy
Amy Giltner Gregory Camacho Mohamed Gallah
Amy Taylor Gregory kirstein Mohamed Sabreen
Amy Zhong Gregory Shultz Mohammad Zeeshan Ai Khan
Ana Inkote Guilherme May Mohammed Ali
Anas Bakhit Gurol Sahin Mônica Ishizaka
Andi Schwartz Ha Pham Monika Gause
Andrea Gambardella Hakan Karakaş Morgan Oneka
Andrea Prichard Hamza Khalid Muhammed Sameer
Andrea-Rose Hutton Haruna Yahaya Muna Sudqui Thbakhi
Andreas Bacher Hashim Suheem Muneer flayyih
Andreas Kalahanis Hayley elvin Mustafa Mohamed
Andreas Mak Hee-soo lee Muzaffer Akyayla
Andreas Mehlsen Heinz Schneider Myer Bornstein
Andreas Meyer Heldrik Lynch Myrna Vick
Andreas Terbeck Helena Lau Nader Botros
Andrei Constantin Henrik Hakansson Natalie Schmidt
Andrés Ramirez Henrik Holgersson Nathalie Piche
Andrew Fogarty Henry Lim Nathaniel Gregg
Andrew Hollis Henry Moreno Nathifa Swan
Andrew Silk Henry Silentman Nellie Tay
Andrew Williamson Henry tanjung Neng Ly
Angela DeAngelo Hiba Benamira Nereida Hagenbeek
Angela Fields Holly Hartner Nicholas Orlando
Angela Ivanesi Hui Yun chew Nicolas Dion-Bouchard
Angela Onken Ian Crowne Nicole Winn
Angelica Marquez Iga Kotra Nikki Lussier
Angelika Fijalkowska Igor Mesaric Nina Attia
Animesh Ekka Imran Ali Nirvesh Jaggat
Anna M Krajewska Irina Silayeva Noë Baeten
Anna Pospieszynska Isaac Sunkes Noel Gardner
Anne Aavitsland Isaiah Sheppard Noel Li
Annie Joeseph Islam Salem Noora Savolaine
Anthony MacDonald Israel Cazares Núria Nadal
Antonio Deviva Ivi Shano Oliver Prentice
Antonio Guidino J E Thompson Olivia Gill
Antonio Prigiobbo Jack Clabough Olivier Strobbe
Antonio Ramos Jacob Arnseth Olly Banham
Anwar Suseno Jacob Burke Omar Sanchez Jimenez
Ara Sargsyan Jag Sasuri Omi Dreamer
Areeb Ahmad Jaguara LaDay Omota Paul
Arfan Sohaib Jaime Ortega Omri Fuhrer
Ari Arsyadi Jairo Eli DeLe Ondřej Pisa
Arivalagan Raja Manickam Jairo Torres Ondřej Pomykal
Arley Cornell Jake Bloss Orlando Robinson
Aron Osal Jakub Kowalczyk Orlando Santaella
Arta khanalizadeh James Atienza Oscar Alvaro Chuquillanqui Olarte
Arturo Gonzalez James Conlin Oscar mendez
Ashley barry James English Oswaldo de la Rosa Anaya
Ashley Mendelbau Jamie Subol Othmane Tajani
Ashley Moore Jan Kalina Ouahmed Smail
Ashley Seto Jane Mahoney Pamela Lewis
Augusto Batista Jane Shank Paramita Chakrabarty
Augusto Mozzetti Jane Walker-Scott Paraskevi Fotiou
Autumn Schabert Jang Hoon Jung Pascal Schmezer
Avyshek Sobhee Jani Korkiakangas Patcharee Wilkins
Ayesha Mira Janine Uhlke Pathompong Mongkolpornpiroj
Aysha Linkiewich Jasmin Torres-Karys Patricia Fernandez
Aziz Asuncion Jasmine clemencio Patricia Malek
Barbara Wiebking Jason Joseph Pattie Anderson
Barbi Defazio Jason Mozdy Patty Kalvelage
Bart koelewijn Jasur Rakhimov Paul Costley
Bartley Harper Javier Guadarrama Paul Fletcher
Beatriz Corona Javier Kutsher Paul Puaux
Belinda Caldwell Jay Banbury Paulo Autunes
Belliard samuel Jay Pickford Pedro Pires
Ben McEntire Jean Moore Perry Patrick
Ben stallman Jeanette Klitz Petar Pavlov
Benjamin Rossi Jeco Bolo Peter Dong
Benny Thaibert Jeff Brousseau Peter Polz
Bernard Bodo Jemal Diamon Peter Steeper
Beth Crankshaw Jenel Looney Peter-Pau van den Hurk
Bethania Pulido Jenn DePersis Petr Hrncir
Betty Neale Jennifer Chiu Phil Wiener
Bill Froom Jennifer Granado Philip Norris
Björn kautenburger Jennifer Hochstedler Phill Coooper
Blair Matthews Jennifer Labre Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie
Blake Dennis Jennifer Torres Pragya Deo
Blanca Cortes Jenny Caldwell Pratibha Kankaria
Blanka Roundtree Jeremy Moore Preston Hamamoto
Bobby Jennings Jerry Bernard Priscilla Shinn
Boboye Olayiwola Jesper Andreassen Quentin Lacoste
Bogdan Boiangi Jessica Garett Rachel Efros
Bogdan Oprea Jessica Renyoso Rachel Luijk
Bogdan Staiculescu Jessie Nekut Radu Dobrostomat
Bonnie Szalwinski Jesus Pablo Rafael Reyes
Boyd Wiebe Jim Robertson Rajagopalan Nabiar
Brad Bartell Jiri Vlasak Randy Adams
Bradley Diesing Joana Saramago Raphael borthouluzzi
Brandon Wooster JoAnn Jordan Raphael Jahndel
Branislav Milic Joanna Hernandez Rashell Busch
Brendan Switzer João Vitor Elias Fernandes Raul Ropan
Breno Morozowski Joaquin Garcia Valera Rebecca Cox
Brent Murray Joce Nunes Rebecca Fuentes
Brett Sayles Joe Grant Reda Ibrahim
Brian Adams Joe Hernandez Renata Lider
Brian Brisendine Joe Moriconi Renea Leathers
Brian collins Joel Matos Rex Peters
Brian Forosisky John Lynord Macalma Ricardo Bruno Fernandes
Brian Price John Quintero Richard Hilliard
Brian Van Skiver John Simoneau Richard Nguyen
Brigitta Patterson John Weiker RICKY D’Andrea
Brigitte Schultz John Whitehead Rigoberto Leiva
Brittney Walton John Wyffels Ritche Tio
Brock Marques jolyon Favreau Ritesh Ranjan
Bryan Clapper Jon Hoffman Ritvesh Boodhoo
Bryanna Herzog Jon Liebold Riyas Hamza
Bunny Chaney Jon Okerstrom Rizia Carneiro
Caleb Godsey Jonathan gonzales Rob Hardman
Caleb Hallahan Jonathan Grant Rob Smith
Caleb royer Jonathan Kavalos Robert Baldridge
Captain Churl Jonathon Montgomery Robert Ciampolilo
Carissa Winter jorge Barringon Robert Deli
Carla Swinke Jorge Caridade Robert Durn
Carlie Van Winkle Jorge Carrillo Robert Gassiot
Carlo Ceruti Jorge Dominguez Robert Simpson
Carlos francischetti Jorge Galvez Roberto Sanchez Pena
Carlos Francisco Padilla Cortes Jorge Willian dornelles Robin Perlah
carlos mario sierra torres Joschka Vogt Robyn Quinter
carlos ortega Jose Antonio Rivera Caceres Rodel Lescano
Carlos Rodriguez Jose Bazo Roel Mollen
Carlos Vila Jose Eduardo Murcia Quevedo Roger Coke Guiterrez
Carmen Cavallo Jose Guadalupe Ortiz Roger Eriksen
Carmen Pat Jose Torres Romain Labrande
Carol Bourns Josee Bourdon Ron Rowland
Carol Haggerty Joseph Chamberlain Rory McNicholas
Caroline Galipeau Josh Calvertt Rosalio Mendoza
Casey Chafouleas Josh Duncan Roxann Grover
Cassandra MacDonald Josh Peterson Ruben Dario Cruz Ramos
Catherine Willis Jostein Hestdal Rudi Spitzers
Cathy Agoris Josue Alvarado Ryan Doyle
Cathy Paus Josué Galvan Ryan Songco
cathy Scheltien Josue Palma Sakthivel U
Cedric Dufour Joy Chu Salah Al-Din Talhami
Cédric Jack J. Juan Arias Saleheen Azim
Celes Monton Juan Pablo Villafane Murillo Sam Durbin
Cesar Doval Judy McMillian Samantha Nardelli
Cesar Lebron Julia Rodney Samoud Hichem
Cesar Sanchez Julian Alliu Sanchai Powjun
Chaitanya Gudapati Julian Rupp Sandra Mendelsohn
Chase Gobble Julie Tork Sara Fox
Chelsea Cochran Julie Vega Sara McDonald
Cheri Swan Julio Vasquez Sarah Jancich
Chomchon Tummanon Jungsuck Choi Sarah Mulrooney
Chris dickman Juraj Mihalik Sarah O’Donnovan-Byrne
Chris Drain Justin Martin Scott Barber
Chris Durietz Justin Vicory Scott Fultz
Chris Garcia Kajorn Bhirakit Scott Netizke
Chris Meyers Kallen Lunt Sean Aikins
Chris Sawyers Kamalakar Venigalla Sean Kimber
Christian Belanger Kang Hyungshin Sean Malthouse
Christian Flores Karen Four Sean Murray
Christian Jacobsen Kari Ardalan Sean Olsen
Christian Kirchmann Kari Christi Shahbaz Shaikh
Christina Lockhart Karin Caro Shahid Mirza
Christine Gauthier Karl Wittman Shamnaf Abdul Rasheed
Christoffer Havrell Uddgren Kate Moon Shanna O’Shea
Christopher Chavers Kate Wilentz Shannon Cary
Cid Cadigal Katherine Tear Shannon Wieloch
Cindi Farrell Kathern Bly Shaw Gu
Claudia Nau Kathryn Trumbly Shawn Johnston
Claudia Rico Kathy Fisher Shelby Bass
Cody Strahan Katie Labatiuk SheriLynn meyer
Colin Dekker Katie Mall Sherry Berghefer
Courtney Canova Katinka Körting Shravan Shetty
Cristian Vega Keenda Abdel Karim Shubhankar Mazumdar
Cristiano Cameroni Keith Coats Sidney Henderson
Crystal Caldona Keith Dyckes Simen Brurberg
Crystal Collins Keith McKenzie Simon Adriaensen
Curtis Wise Keith Messina Simon Doyle
Cyndi Harris Keith Mountifield Simon Merineau
Dagan Zemach Kelly Raver Sirkku Pohja
Damian Maring Kelly van Dellen Siva Kumar
Damianos Hadjinicolaou Kemal Wahju Sivanathan Anbuselvam
Damien Faivre Ken Lawson Skip Lande
Dan Fear Kenneth Crosby Song Yujin
Dan Lifshitz Kesavan VBK Spencer Dahl
Dan Pieper Kevin Banks Spencer Sturr
Dan Stevenson Kevin Hol Stacey Jones
Dana Hayward Kevin M Hussey Stacy Cannon
Danie Salles Kevin Murray Stalin Davila Estevez
Daniel Broughton Kevin Tsai Stephanie Mee
Daniel Collante Kevin Wegner Stephen Rickett
Daniel Feliciano Kien Nguyen Stephen Walker
Daniel Forestiere Kieran Sheehan Steve ashley
Daniel Kacvinski Kim brown Steve Veloff
Daniel Mendoza Kim Egner Stevee Beatz
Daniel Torres Kim Hanen Steven Jackson
Daniela Loyola Kim Jansen Stian Kristoffer Jamessen
Danielle Capichano kim Juhye Stijn van Drunen
Danielle Light Krista Menzel Sukanta Biswas
Danilo Fonseca Kristen Martin Sulav Poudel
Danny Zrihen Kristian Gamble Sungsun Kim
Dario Estupinan Krzysztof Szopinski Susan Garza
Darius Zukas Kyunghoon Oh Susanna Kuiper
Darran Gange Larry Friedberg Suzanne Marshall-Jones
Darrin Waterbury Laszlo Ambrus Sydnee Turner
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#AdobeMAX Day Two – Community Inspires Creativity & Sneak Peeks

Inspiration is everywhere here at Adobe MAX! Here’s a quick recap of our events from yesterday.

Day Two Keynote: Community Inspires Creativity

David Wadhwahi, our SVP of Digital Media, opened up our day two keynote, then handed it off to creative luminaries to share their stories. We heard about breaking the brief from Paula Scher, were inspired by embracing limitations from Paul Hansen, and experienced the making-of-details from innovative creatives such as Erik Johansson and Rob Legato. Check out the playback available here for the next 24 hours.

Sneak Peeks

There were a number of special guests at the MAX sneaks. First up, Rainn Wilson, actor and co-creator of SoulPancake, who opened up the night to talk about creativity, what it meant to him and how it was the catalyst for how SoulPancake came to be.

Then we got an early look at amazing technologies that might become product features in the future. Host Ben Forta shared the stage with Rainn and celebrity guest, actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub, as we walked through exciting developments from the our engineering teams. Everything from the future of drawing, as inspired by Project Mighty, to experimenting with light in photos and videos, to audio layers to remove unwanted background noise were all shown at MAX. Check out some of the sneak peeks below.

Sneak: Playing with Light

Sneak: Perspective Warp

Sneak: Audio Layers

Stay tuned for more as we wrap up our final day at Adobe MAX 2013!

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