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June 18, 2014 /

2014 release of Adobe SpeedGrade CC now available

2014 release of Adobe SpeedGrade CC now available

At last we’re delighted to announce that the 2014 release of SpeedGrade CC is now available. The new version offers a more flexible Direct Link workflow with Premiere Pro, Master Clip effect, broadcast standard scopes, including a brand new YUV Vectorscope (much requested), an improved Look Manager, and more.

You can read more about the new features in our earlier blog post from NAB 2014. This SpeedGrade CC release is part of a much larger Adobe Creative Cloud release, including new 2014 versions of all of the desktop apps, new mobile apps, expanded integration, and more. Read more about the Creative Cloud release here.


Creative Cloud members can install the new 2014 release of SpeedGrade through Creative Cloud for desktop. You can also log in to your Creative Cloud account and download SpeedGrade CC from there.

Not yet a Creative Cloud member? You can still test drive the 2014 release of SpeedGrade CC with a free Creative Cloud membership. For information about Creative Cloud memberships, visit this page.

SpeedGrade CC Release Notes (2014.0)

1. New features                                                                 

Track Visibility
Toggle visibility for individual video tracks in Direct Link mode

MasterClip Effect
Use Master Clip effect to apply grading to all of the sub-clips in a master clip in one action

Canon C500 RAW
Canon C500 RAW support added both for Direct Link mode (pproj) and “native SpeedGrade” mode (ircp).

YUV Vectorscope
New broadcast-standard YUV Vectorscope added

Enable Lumetri Effect In Direct Link
Toggle Lumetri Effect (color grading) on/off in Direct Link mode. Lumetri Effect status (on or off) maintained when sending projects back to Premiere Pro.

New SpeedLooks Presets
Added new Gold Sport SL3561 SpeedLook, as well as three new Camera Patches: BMC RAW 3200K, BMC RAW 5600K, and rec709 Straight profile. Three existing Camera Patches updated: BMC DNxHD, BMC ProRes, BMC RAW profile.

Added new Arri LUTs for footage from ALEXA and Amira cameras

Canon 5D mk III CinemaDNG sample from 14-bit RAW
Added support for cDNG footage from Canon 5D MarkIII with Magic Lantern

Master Clip Effect with Tangent panels
Added ability to access the Master Clip effect directly from Tangent Panels

2. Enhancements to existing features

New luma sliders (“Easy Primaries”)
Vertical slider for luma adjustments added to all color wheels. Tablet users will like this feature.

Changed navigation shortcuts
Arrow keys now work the same was as Premiere when navigating in Timeline

Look Presets Embedded
Pre-installed Look Presets (SpeedLooks, Film stock emulations, Cine Looks etc.) are now locked in place so that the user cannot accidentally close these tabs.

Dynamic keyframing
When new keyframes are added, transitions are automatically applied, Click twice to create a single static keyframe

CDL with saturation
Added a Saturation slider to the ASC-Combine effect (required for ARRI Amira).

Disable grading tools
When Lumetri Effect or grading layer (aka “effect layer”) is off, that status is indicated and grading, mask, and effect tools are greyed-out (disabled). Toggle Lumetri Effect back on to reactiveate grading tools.

Clamp Signal Checkbox
Added a Clamp Signal Checkbox for image analysis tools (scopes). This provides familiar broadcast-standard behaviour and parity with Premiere Pro scopes.

Luma Graticule
Luma Waveform range re-scaled to include super-whites.

Shrink Look Preset tabs
Size of Look Preset tabs reduced to provide more screen real estate.

In /Out Logic
Improved the in/out logic when using shortcuts.

Russian and Portuguese
SpeedGrade now supports Russian and Portuguese.

3. Fixes

Histogram now provides more accurate reading of the image

Some effects did not work correctly in Direct Link mode. That has been fixed

Improved Shot Matcher, including more consistent behaviour when apply colorimetry from reference image to new footage.

Fixed occasional issues when exporting QuickTimes.

Fixed a relatively obscure bug when installing SG in a folder with a double bytes character name (Chinese, Japanese…)

Improved scope refresh performance

Fixed: SpeedGrade would not fade to black, when a transition was placed at the end of a clip.

Fixed a bug causing SG was crashing in some circumstances when loading a 23.97 fps project

Fixed issue where SpeedGrade would crash when the Shift+Alt+Del shortcut was used.

Second monitor window now opens (as it should) when a second playhead is added in Direct Link mode.

Scene Detection function (native SpeedGrade mode) no longer causes crashes on Mac OS.

SpeedGrade now launches if installed in a localized folder.

Fixed: issue with empty projects when attempting to load a PR project edited by a newer version. User now receives warning so they can avoid version conflicts.

Better language support in UI: Look Presets, some custom color presets LUT tabs in Setting panel, and some tool tips translated (some parts of UI had not been correctly localized for some supported languages)

Fixed: Crash that occurred when rendering a file (or part of a file) that is out of range (Stereo 3D)