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2015 release of SpeedGrade CC available now

The Adobe SpeedGrade CC (2015) update is available as part of your Creative Cloud membership. This update includes a number of new features and enhancements.

As described in our NAB Reveal blog post, the focus in this release was on color workflows, including the new Lumetri Color in Adobe Premiere Pro and our new mobile Look capture app, Adobe Hue CC. With SpeedGrade itself, the priorities for this release were on performance and compatibility with the new Lumetri color tools in Premiere Pro.



New Features


Support for Lumetri Color tools in Premiere Pro

Any adjustments made within Premiere Pro using the new Lumetri Color tools will travel into SpeedGrade when using Direct Link. These are contained in a new Lumetri Color layer in the SpeedGrade grading stack. Add additional grading layers to apply further color adjustments. Adjustments applied in SpeedGrade are visible in the SpeedGrade Custom section of the Lumetri Color panel back in Premiere Pro.


Optimized scopes

The SpeedGrade scopes offer improved performance thanks to new multithreading support. In addition, the SpeedGrade scopes have been ported to Premiere Pro as part of the new Lumetri Color workspace.


New and updated SpeedLooks

All of the camera patches and SpeedLooks have been updated with this release and the following new SpeedLooks have been added:

  • Noir 1965, Noir HDR, Noir LDR
  • Gold Orange, Gold Rush HDR, Gold Rush LDR
  • Blue Cold, Blue Steel (yes, you read that last one right!)
  • Clean Punch HDR, Clean Punch LDR, Clean Punch NDR

The following camera patches have also been added:

  • SLOG2 v4.0, SLOG3 v4.0, UNIVERSAL v4.0 (replaces rec709)

The new UNIVERSAL camera patch is for use with DSLR footage.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Gray-out function corrected for Premiere Pro projects in Direct Link
  • Issue with Clamp signal in the scopes has been corrected
  • Issue with crashes when applying Look presets has been repaired
  • Slider sensitive has been improved for Tangent Wave panel
  • Crash issue with dual display setups on Mac OSX has been corrected
  • YUV Vectorscope now performs correctly with AMD graphics cards (OpenCL)
  • Performance corrected for Premiere projects containing CPU-based effects
  • Color Match stability issues corrected
  • Issue with imported LUTs on Windows has been rectified.


Downloading SpeedGrade CC (2015)

Download SpeedGrade CC (2015) via Creative Cloud on your desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.

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