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June 2016

Social Media Day: How Social-First Artists Bring Creativity to Today’s Hottest Social Media Platforms

Social-first artists are changing platforms like Instagram and Tumbler from simple social networks into a creative canvas. The team behind Art404 share their thoughts on the evolution and future trends of the social-first art movement.

XD Best Practices
June 30, 2016 / UX/UI Design

The Art of Lean UX and the Death of Ego With Austin Knight

Why designers need to remove themselves from the design process in order to create their most meaningful and genius work.

June 30, 2016

Stay Focused: 5 Types of Content Specific Landing Pages that Convert

Content specific landing pages should be just that – web pages that focus on delivering specific messages to your audience to accomplish specific goals and grow conversions through calls to action. The specific functions of landing pages can cover everything from sales (lead generation) to informational newsrooms and beyond.

Adobe Stock’s Best of June Gallery

Construction, craft and athleticism. Check out the Adobe Stock ‘Best of June’ gallery, hand-selected by the Adobe Stock Content Team.

Christine Steele Contributes to “Take Me Home Huey” Project

As the founder of her own studio, Steele Pictures, Director and Lead Editor Christine Steele often collaborates with other directors, producers, and editors to create broadcast television content, feature films for theatrical release, and web content. Documentary work is one of her main passions, and luckily it is also the bread and butter of much of her professional work.

June 29, 2016 / Gaming

Part 1: Building a HTML5 Flappy Bird Game Clone with Adobe Animate CC

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