Adobe Creative Cloud

January 2017

Matching Colors In Photoshop Part 2: Curves Adjustment Layer

In part two of his tutorial, Jesus Ramirez shows us how to use curves to match colors in Photoshop.

Matching Colors In Photoshop Part 1: Blending Modes

Adobe Evangelist Jesus Ramirez shows us how to use Adobe Stock and Photoshop Blending modes to create a

Security Concerns Overcome: Why Cloud-Based Creative Tools May Be Your Best Choice

Cloud-based companies may be the right choice for balancing innovation and security when you’re choosing tools for your design and marketing teams.

January 31, 2017 / Apps & Services / Web Design

Adobe Bridge CC: Support for HTML 5 Based Plug-ins Coming in 2017

In order to leverage the latest technologies and industry standards, future versions of Adobe Bridge CC (starting in Q2 2017) will support HTML 5 plug-ins based on the Adobe Common Extensibility Platform (CEP), and will end support for Flash/ActionScript based plug-ins.

Project Felix
January 31, 2017 / Q & A

“It’s Like an Erector Set for Adults:” Visual Designer Michael Dolan on Creative Play with Project Felix

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XD Product Updates
January 30, 2017 / UX/UI Design

January Update of Adobe XD

Another month, another Adobe XD update! We’ve rolled out additional features for Windows users, improved stability, and more.