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August 2017

XD Career
August 31, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Three Challenges That Come With Transitioning from Graphic to UX Design, and Tips to Overcome Them

Career transitions are not a walk in the park, and although graphic design and UX have many overlapping or transferrable skills, designers will face challenges along the course of this transition.

How to Create Engaging Newsletters: Today’s Email Stars Share Their Secrets

Newsletters used to arrive in your (snail) mailbox once a month. Today, they arrive in email inboxes as key components of business communications strategies. The creators of today’s top email newsletters share their tips for effective newsletter design.

Pulling the Real World Into 3D: The True Stories Behind Models and Materials

We talked to the people designing assets for Project Felix about what they’ve created, what inspired them, and the most interesting and challenging aspects of creating 3D assets.

XD Career
August 30, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Boot Camp or On Campus: Where to Study UX

Thinking about a career as a user experience designer? We look at the differences between college, university and boot camp programs to help you choose the type of education that’s right for you.

Design Segment

Recolor Summer Posters In A Jiffy!

Before the summer is over, throw your last summer block party. Learn how to create an event flyer in Illustrator in less than a minute.

XD Design Interviews
August 29, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Meet the UX Designers: Dash Ponce de Leon and the UI8 Team

We chatted with Ponce de Leon about problem solving, evading discouragement, and 90s music, and his eight-person team–spread out across the world–piped in with some thoughts of their own.