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August 2017

August 28, 2017

Creating Motion Graphics templates in Adobe After Effects

As a follow up to What the Heck is a .mogrt?!, we’ve written a short how-to to get you started on creating Motion Graphics templates (.mogrt files) from your After Effects compositions for flexible use in Premiere Pro.

XD Trends
August 28, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Where Did the Term “User Experience” Come From?

User experience is everywhere. However, the term “user experience” as we know it is typically associated with the digital design discipline. User experience design is the practice of intentionally designing a website, application or interaction so that the user has a positive experience and achieves the desired outcome with ease. It is a combination of psychology, engineering, and classic design and web design principles alike. 

Design Segment

Adding Life to Your Brand with Cinemagraphs and GIFs

Cinemagraphs and GIFs are perfect for adding life and movement to your brand or website. Co-inventor of the cinemagraph Kevin Burg and GIF designer Hayden Davis share their tips and tricks.

August 25, 2017 / audio / Audition

Carolla Digital Reaches Millions of Listeners with Record-Setting Audio Podcasts

When many people think of talk radio and podcasts, one of the first names that comes to mind is Adam Carolla. For more than two decades, Carolla has been a prolific radio personality and podcaster

XD Best Practices
August 25, 2017 / UX/UI Design

What Does a UX Designer Actually Do?

While UX design is a field that feels essential to product development, its function still remains a mystery to many because of its relative newness. This article is dedicated to those who are genuinely still unsure what a UX designer does.

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Brighten Up Your Work for Summer with Gradients

Knowing how to manipulate gradients is an advantageous skill for any designer, because with a few short steps, you can create a dazzling image that looks like it took you hours to create.