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Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop with Creative Cloud Connected Apps

Creative inspiration can strike anywhere and at anytime – the colors of nature in autumn or the shape of a bike leaning against a graffitied wall. Now, with the sophisticated hardware in our mobile devices and the power of the Creative Cloud, we’re no longer tethered to our desktops – and that inspiration can be captured and incorporated into our work at any point. This new dimension to the creative process is powerful and with our suite of mobile apps and CreativeSync, we’ve made it even easier for creatives to do their best work across devices. Take a look at how designer Irmak Akçadoğan uses mobile in her creative workflow here.

The Creative SDK opens up Adobe technology to developers so they can build powerful, connected creative applications that break down the barriers between devices and increasing productivity. Here are a few of the apps in the Creative Cloud ecosystem that are giving their users the ability to access their creative content anywhere they go, enhance their creations with top notch creative tools and create seamlessly across devices and teams.


Infltr is a camera app that gives users access to an infinite variety of filters with touch. Infltr’s latest release, version 2.0, includes an integration with the Creative SDK that brings even more creative freedom to the mobile photographer. Now, infltr users can import images from and upload edited photos to their Lightroom collections or Creative Cloud libraries. Users can also send images from infltr directly into Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC on the desktop. The addition of the Creative SDK enables infltr users to easily and seamlessly work on their creations from mobile to desktop without leaving the app.


Bazaart simplifies the complexity of professional photo-editing by completely re-imagining the user experience on mobile. Using Bazaart’s powerful yet simple editing tools, users can create professional compositions anytime, anywhere. Bazaart’s integration of the Creative SDK provides users with a number of new capabilities, such as importing and exporting assets (including Photoshop .PSDs from and to the Creative Cloud and working with Adobe Photoshop .PSD files. New features include Photoshop .PSD creation, importing and exporting .PSD files, extracting layers and sending files directly to Photoshop on the desktop, all of which provide Photoshop compatibility and an easy way to ensure that the creative process isn’t disrupted.


ArtRage for iPad is a realistic painting program that lets you mix up oils, dab around with watercolors, and sketch in pencil and ink. With the Creative SDK integration, ArtRage now has full support for file sharing through Adobe Creative Cloud, letting users access their creative files easily while they paint in the app. Users can import images as new paintings, pinned references and tracing images, as well as export their finished works (or just individual layers) back to the Creative Cloud.

This means that users can now quickly grab an important reference to sketch from, or transfer their drawings easily from ArtRage to any other app that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem, enhancing the creative flexibility within ArtRage and making it compatible with existing Creative Cloud workflows.

Vintage Design

Vintage Design is an app that helps you create professional looking logos, flyers, labels, invitation cards, etc. in a vintage style. Now with the Creative SDK, Vintage Design users can continue to edit their creations on the desktop by exporting their designs as Photoshop .PSD files, preserving the individual layers. This powerful new feature allows Vintage Design users to edit their designs between desktop and mobile with ease. Users can also import and export their content and images directly to and from their Creative Cloud account giving them the ability to access their content anywhere and in any Creative Cloud connected app!


Pixure is one of the most advanced pixel art apps in the world with all the features that you would expect and need to make and share great art. Their integration of the Creative SDK enables a seamless connection with Creative Cloud by giving its users import and export functionality so that they can continue work on Creative Cloud assets within Pixure – or put the final touches on a Pixure creation in one of the other apps in the Creative Cloud ecosystem on mobile or desktop.

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