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October 20, 2016 /Adobe MAX /

The Possibilities of Creative Streaming – Creative Resident Syd Weiler

Sharing your creative process from start to finish is not something everyone is ready to do. There’s concerns of people judging the early stages of your process or personal embarrassment. But getting over those fears and opening up your whole process to anyone online can provide a big improvement for your creativity and personal outlook.

Adobe Creative Resident, Syd Weiler will be talking about this at Adobe MAX in November. She’s been living in a small town in Florida, where there’s a lack of co-working spaces and on the ground creative community. She started streaming to create her own community and continues to be surprised by the greater impact it has on her work. It’s taken her from being an illustrator tucked away in her apartment to a multifaceted creative entrepreneur with an extended international community.

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In her upcoming Adobe MAX session, Syd will share what she has learned about the creative streaming process and her advice for streaming your own work, including:

  • An overview of the creative streaming process determined by medium and platform
  • The importance of an online creative community and how streaming fosters this
  • Ways you can tailor your streaming environment and encourage constructive conversations
  • How streaming your work can help you build your creative reputation

There’s still time to sign up for her session, The Possibilities of Creative Streaming.  We highly recommend you check it out at MAX, or catch her online on the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Stream. 

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