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February 11, 2015 /

5 Things to Do In 2015 to Make You A Better Web Designer

It takes talent, time and innovation to turn someone’s vision into something tangible, to take an idea down from the clouds and translate it into an experience. While practice will certainly make you a better web designer, there are things you can start doing right now that will immediately help you improve your designs.

1. Take out a pen and a pad of paper.

Web designers spend a lot of time building things in applications such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but sometimes the best way to hash out an idea is the good old-fashioned way. Don’t be afraid to write notes and organize information on paper beforehand so you have a better idea of how to approach the design later. Drawing or sketching your ideas can help you pull together concepts, layout ideas, and experiment with styles, all while simultaneously allowing you to see your designs through the lens of a different medium. And if you use smart technology like the Creative Cloud connected notebook you can save time by importing your sketches directly into the program using an app.

2. Look for inspiration beyond design.

The world around you is full of inspiration. Next time you’re out and about, take a good hard look at your surroundings. Pay attention to architecture, urban design and patterns in nature and imagine mimicking that on the screen. If you’re stuck, there’s always sites like Behance and that may also help you to see things in new ways.

“Lines” a Behance project by Sebastian Weiss

3. Pay attention to your competitors.

Knowing what’s trending in your industry will help you understand what your competitors are doing well and what they could be doing better. Look at how their components work together and pay attention to what users are saying about the designs—what do they like? What would they like to see differently? You can often get this information by scrolling through social media feeds. By incorporating this feedback into your own designs you can vastly improve your approach without making the same mistakes as your competitors.

4. Never stop educating yourself.

Reading articles, books and tutorials, looking at other people’s designs, and watching demos helps ensure you’re continuously developing and honing your skills. It keeps you ahead of the pack. When a new version of your favorite product comes out, take the time to learn and master the new features. Your designs will thank you for it.

DW Tut

5. Ask a lot of questions.

Every client has a vision, but it takes asking the right questions to fully understand what that vision is. Ask them what they mean when they want something to be “fun” or when they tell you to “go wild.” Ask them about similar projects ahead of time to discover what they like and don’t like about a design. By making things as clear as possible you can ensure you’re meeting their expectations and reflecting their vision in your design.

Becoming a better designer takes work, but every minute you invest into your professional development will translate into more beautiful and practical designs.

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  • By Binson Joseph - 5:29 PM on February 11, 2015  

    Good article, thanks.
    Btw, the link doesn’t work.

    • By Lindsay Munro - 6:27 PM on February 11, 2015  

      Thanks for the heads up! All sorted 🙂

  • By ryan crawford - 6:03 PM on February 11, 2015  

    I love reading these articles about design and development, I have recently become a junior web designer and I’m constantly thinking what’s the latest and how to develop my skills further and reading things like this helps and makes me motivated to push further, is there any web designers that would recommend doing a course in graphic design? Or any other courses that could help with web design?

  • By Yorvin A. Luna Wisky - 2:14 PM on February 24, 2015  

    Very Interesting!!!

  • By onmao - 5:34 PM on March 3, 2015  

    I am just venturing into web development, i don’t know much about it, but when I see a good tool for a task, I know it. Dreamweaver CS4 is one of my best tools.

  • By pat matsueda - 7:10 PM on March 3, 2015  

    Very wise and useful advice. I’m all for using pencil and paper to get ideas into first draft. I’m also a writer, and this is how I write as well.

  • By Jessen Daniel Sanchez Toriz - 5:47 AM on March 13, 2015  

    Ver y interesting article now i have some important tips