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50 free scripts from Jeff Almasol, with a strong encouragement to donate to your favorite cause


Jeff Almasol has graciously made a bundle of 50 After Effects scripts freely available on his website.

Please, read and heed Jeff’s request to consider donating to your favorite cause. He spends his spare time developing utilities like these to help others, and I think that it’s only fair that he ask the beneficiaries of this generosity to consider how they can be generous in return. He’d also like to hear about what scripts you find useful and what donations you’re making; use the hashtag #devforacause to let him know on Twitter. When I read Jeff’s request, I sent a donation to my favorite non-profit theater organization, since I know that I certainly have gotten a tremendous amount of value from Jeff’s work.

Other script authors are also participating in the #devforacause project, including Sébastien Perier, Christian Lett, and Lloyd Alvarez—each of whom are giving a portion of the proceeds from the sales of scripts on aescripts + aeplugins to their chosen charities. See Jeff’s website for an up-to-date list of who is participating in the #devforacause project.

Details of the scripts in Jeff’s script bundle are available on his website.

Here is a list of the 50 scripts included in the bundle:

rd: Approximate
rd: Average Trackers
rd: Batch Layer Converter
rd: Batch Vector to Shape
rd: Commentron
rd: Composition Renamer
rd: Composition Setter
rd: Comp Sheet
rd: Copy Markers
rd: Count Markers
rd: Divvy Up
rd: Donate
rd: Edit Text
rd: Expression Tweaker
rd: Fumes
rd: Get Smart
rd: Gimme Prop Info
rd: Gimme Prop Path
rd: Gimme Props
rd: Guess What
rd: Key Markers
rd: Kinda Sorta
rd: Map Text File to Markers
rd: Marker Navigator
rd: Masks to Shapes
rd: Movement
rd: New Parallax Null
rd: New Project From Comp
rd: Notation
rd: Partial
rd: Picker Switcher
rd: Pre-compose
rd: Preservation
rd: Que Es Span Null
rd: Rampart
rd: Remove Keys
rd: Remove Markers
rd: Render Layers
rd: Reverse Masks Order
rd: Scooter
rd: Script Launcher
rd: Shapes to Masks
rd: Shifter
rd: Simple Console
rd: Slicer
rd: Snap Decisions
rd: Solid Renamer
rd: Split Render
rd: Statesman
rd: Watermark

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