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A couple of timecode issues

Hi, I’m David McGavran, the Premiere Pro engineering manager.

Thanks to a recent report from Jeff Harrell, we have found a couple of issues with timecode, one of which appears to be in Premiere Pro, and one of which appears to be in QTChange:

1. QTChange uses a value for calculating frame rate and timecode of 23.98 (2398/100) instead of the expected 23.976 (23976/1000 or 24000/1001). We have put a patch in place in a future version of Premiere Pro to deal with other software using this value, and we have contacted the author of QTChange to see if they are interested in improving how they write timecode.

2.  Premiere Pro also has an issue with round-tripping start timecode with AAF files. This is our bug. We have fixed this bug in an internal build, and we are now testing it and determining how we will be able to address this issue in a future release of Premiere Pro.

We really appreciate the fact that one of our users was able to help us to find and isolate these issues. If you encounter such a problem, please let us know. The best way to let us know about a bug is by submitting a bug report. You can (and should) also write in to our forums and ask for help there, and maybe one of us will jump in and help you out on the forum.

I will be at NAB this year running around so come find me and say “hi”. Ask at the Adobe booth; they’ll know where I am.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for letting us know how we can better help you and make the NLE that you want!

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