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A Fun Guide for Mobile Journalism

Mobile devices have become important tools for news reporting over the past few years, used by journalists and by-standers alike as a way to document breaking news.

News reports follow certain conventions for developing a story, by providing background information on the subject and introducing multiple points of view. Whether you are reporting live on breaking news and sharing to social media, or crafting a spoof news report as a way to share personal updates, boost your mobile journalism skills by checking out our guide below!

See these concepts in action by watching Dave Werner’s (@okaysamurai) reporting on whether drums or guitars are cooler:

For more info on how journalism has changed over the past 5 years with the advent of smartphones, check out this interview with Neal Augenstein, who was the first major-market radio reporter to solely do iPhone reporting: The Age of iPhone Reporting on the American Journalism Review.

Have you made a news report, real or fictional, with Premiere Clip? Share a link to your #MadeWithClip journalism in the comments below!

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