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June 27, 2013 /Milestones /

A Look at the Modernized Dreamweaver CC

When the first version of Dreamweaver launched, the web had only begun to emerge as a viable platform, and its capabilities were a fraction of what they are today. Since then, the web platform has changed dramatically, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Designing for an evolving platform means that the tools one uses must also evolve. To best serve our customers, we are modernizing Dreamweaver to provide an all-in-one visual tooling environment for creating websites and mobile content. To do so we are streamlining the user interface, introducing new ways to tackle key areas of the web design process, and removing support for technologies that are not widely used by our customers.

Our first task has been to streamline the User Interface, which we have begun by consolidating several workflows (such as font management) and simplifying parts of the application (such as the Document Tool Bar and the Insert Panel). In addition, we have begun to identify and remove parts of the application that are redundant. We have already removed 10 panels, 14 dialog boxes, and 62 menu items. A simpler UI means fewer steps to accomplish your tasks, and fewer interruptions to your workflow.

The modernization efforts also include the introduction of the new CSS Designer panel in Dreamweaver CC. In future updates to Dreamweaver we intend to improve the HTML & CSS preview/inspect/edit workflow, streamline file and site management, enhance our support for responsive web design, as well as continue to focus on improving performance and responding to customer feedback. Dreamweaver will also continue to receive regular updates that expose the evolving capabilities of the web and further integrate tools and services that improve productivity.

As we remove older features from Dreamweaver, we recognize that some customers may still depend on existing workflows/technologies. Therefore, in addition to making Dreamweaver CS6 available through Creative Cloud, we are also providing some alternatives. The table below covers some of the features we have removed, and the list of the extensions or workarounds that will enable affected customers to continue using Dreamweaver CC as part of their existing workflows.

Removed feature / functionality


Additional information

Server Behavior, Bindings and Components Panels and Database feature There is a single extension to restore these features. To install, please follow these steps: 1. Launch Dreamweaver CC
2. Update both Dreamweaver CC and Extension Manager (if the update is available) to the latest versions
3. Go to Windows > Extensions > Adobe Exchange
4. Search for Server Behavior extension
5. Install by clicking Free button
6. Follow the onscreen instruction


ASP, ASPNET, JSP Support There is a single extension to restore these features. Extension is available at:* Vista/Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Configuration\DisabledFeatures* Mac OS X: /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC/Configuration/DisabledFeatures These extensions are in MXP format. To convert them to the correct format, please follow the instructions in this video: install, follow instructions in the video



Spry There is an extension to replace Spry datasets with jQuery datasets. It is available for free on Adobe Exchange. More info here:HTML5 Data BindingsBootstrap Extension  Replacement provided via deep integration with JQuery UI & JQuery effects. You can still download Spry from Adobe GitHub.
ColdFusion Support ColdFusion has a dedicated IDE (ColdFusion Builder) that serves the development needs of the ColdFusion developers & community. Download ColdFusion Builder 2. Note: You can also open ColdFusion documents from within the files panel in Dreamweaver. Please click here for step-by-step instructions.


While Adobe has tested the extensions listed above with Dreamweaver CC, we do not provide support for functionality provided through extensions.

In addition to the extensions we’ve provided, we are particularly excited about two new extensions for Dreamweaver developed by DMXzone. They provide modernized replacements for two Spry workflows featured in previous versions of Dreamweaver. More information is available at:

HTML5 Data Bindings
Bootstrap Extension

We have just begun the modernization process and invite you to voice your opinion. We are committed to taking action on customer feedback and remaining as transparent as possible about our future plans.

Best Regards,

Tareq Aljaber

Product Marketing Manager


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  • By Brandi - 4:42 PM on June 28, 2013  

    The server behaviors are out of date and are depreciated with the next version of php. I, like others, don’t always use a pre-made CMS. Being able to quickly connect is setup these behaviors is one reason I use Dreamweaver. Please put this back in with the newer updates mysqli and PDO classes. Do it for your developers. Please.

    • By Alejandro Gutierrez - 9:23 PM on August 29, 2013  

      We are absolutely looking at MySQLi / PDO – but it will take a little time. In the meantime stay tuned as some of our extension developers are exploring new features in this area. I realize that extensions are not free, but hopefully they can help fill some of the gaps while we expand Dreamweaver to encompass a broader set of features in a modern, web-forward way.

      • By Valter - 1:47 PM on December 29, 2015  

        Very smart thing to do. Develop a product missing some functionality. Let me draw a broader picture here, it would be like purchasing a functional car without gearbox. It can drive, but only one gear. 2 years after your post, still no updated functionality!

    • By Peter - 10:02 PM on September 30, 2014  

      I have to agree with those that want to see the database tools updated and returned to the kit. I’ve seen software evolve like this in other areas over the past 20 years as one company buys a program and then support is pulled from further development to the point where no one can use it productively. Either keep the tool complete and up to date with current technology, or just say you are going to abondon us so we can find a better tool. I am so disappointed in Dreamweaver CC and the inability (so far) to connect to SQL Server (because that is what my employer wants) that I’m going to be forced out of a project because my strenght was Dreamweaver… that is now a weakness in this environment because I can’t do today, what I’ve done in the past so well.

    • By Marga - 3:53 PM on February 18, 2016  

      It’s 2016 now. The depreciated codes still do their job but please hurry in putting this function (Server Behavior, Bindings and Components Panels and Database feature) back-on

  • By Jim - 1:20 AM on June 30, 2013  

    I was planning on ditching DW since it had no SASS support and I had assumed that Adobe had abandoned it. After using it today I feel that it is once again leading the pack. Nice job DW team!

  • By Robin Wood - 4:04 AM on June 30, 2013  

    Ummm.. when I try to see what has happened to the widget browser, it’s fairly frustrating to have virtually no information on this page, and the link to a page that might have information redirecting back to this one.

    Do you have any intention of restoring the Widget Browser? Or replacing it with something similar? I miss the huge number of widgets that were once available, not to mention the customization that was once possible.

    While we’re talking about extending Dreamweaver, any chance of letting us increase the font size for the Adobe Exchange dialog? It’s far too small for me to read. Yes, I’m sure that all of you are under 40. But not all of us are!


  • By Cody Henderson - 2:39 AM on July 2, 2013  

    WAIT WHAT?! You got rid of Server behaviors!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Those saved me so much time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I even paying for this if your just going to start throwing stuff away.

  • By Jim Gharib - 3:56 PM on July 2, 2013  

    I totally understand why you cannot include all technologies in one program such as DW forever, however, those of us who have used DW through out the past years and have developed websites using the tools that was available still depend on them for future developments. Web design is not limited to static pages nor do we all use freely available CMS platforms to develop dynamic pages. That being said, as long as DW offers alternatives for the ole tools, I personally am fine with it, but deprecating tools and leaving us in the cold should be a no no. The work arounds you have listed here will certainly help, please continue to do so.

  • By Janis - 10:10 PM on July 2, 2013  

    The DW widget browser link above just circles back to this page!

  • By Xavier Pitel - 2:12 PM on July 6, 2013  

    I am sorry to say so, but your disappointing blog post just tells us two things:

    1. You claim that you are listening to your users, but you have just proved you don’t. Despite the high volume of disappointment expressed through the comments to previous posts of this blog, through comments in Dreamweaver Help or through the Community Forum, you show no change of direction, nor any will to cater for the disrupted workflow that Dreamweaver CC is introducing. Instead, you are just producing blog posts that desperately try to prove us that you are “streamlining” and “modernizing” Dreamweaver. An extension that brings back half of the features is not a strong-enough signal that you have taken into account our needs. Extensions written by third parties which you claim are alternatives but are not resemble more leg-pulling than anything else. Will you reduce Dreamweaver’s price for the removal of killer features that were sold with the software before?
    2. You do not seem to know how Dreamweaver users use the software or at least, to be fair, how a large number of users do. I thought the aim of software makers was to sell a tool that aids its clients in, and brings value to, their work.

    As an extension writer, I can tell that the vast majority of my users are either DIY guys or professionals working on their own. Not big companies with teams of developers. The majority of those never have been Dreamweaver users and will never be, having different needs and ways of working.
    As responses to your “streamlining” and “modernization” of Dreamweaver have shown, for a large number of users, the strength of Dreamweaver lies in its extensibility, of which server behaviors are the most advanced feature. I am not talking about the code they write, which we all agree has to be updated (and we have been waiting this for a number of releases, now…), I am talking about their very mechanism, which allow us to write our code and use Dreamweaver to speed up our job by helping us to write it again, faster, without errors, visually.

    No other tool offers this possibility. Without server behaviors and database support, Dreamweaver is simply not worth its price…

    Obviously, you are the ones with the real figures and only you can tell if it is a strategic decision or a big mistake. I was a bit surprised though by the number of voices that rose after the Dreamweaver CC release, so I tend to think that Mr. Adobe would not be that pleased by the loss of a good number of faithful clients. But then at least, be honest enough to tell us if you intend to drop a part of long-term users, and stop serving us your commercial soup…

    Now, what will happen?
    1. You still refuse to listen to the numerous voices who have called against your decision to remove useful features to us, and in this case, we will act accordingly: we are big enough, we do not need your blatant propaganda even by the product manager himself to decide whether Dreamweaver CC will still be worth its high price into our workflow, if the new features will outweigh the loss of server behaviors and database support. If not, of course, we will not upgrade just because you are marketing the supposedly wonderful new features, and we will turn to other tools, with features that will help us improve our workflow in other ways. And goodbye Adobe, we do not trust you anymore… It is as simple as that.
    2. You show us you really are listening to your customers and you bring back updated server behaviors and database support. In this case, we will know that we can trust Adobe again, that you do listen to us, and will applaud with both hands.

    And, more important to you, we will have a valid reason to upgrade and we will. Come on guys, our productivity is at stake, but your jobs may be in the line too…

  • By Riddley Walker - 3:03 AM on July 8, 2013  

    I concur with Xavier’s comments.

    You have removed or downgraded the two biggest reasons I continue to use Dreamweaver: Dynamic database support and “Print Code”. Without these features there is little reason for me to stick with the program I’ve used since the Macromedia days. For hard-core coders there are far better editors on the market. Why you decided to remove functionality is simply beyond my comprehension.

  • By Stephen - 5:40 AM on July 8, 2013  

    What I find most annoying is that this “team” blog mentions that they are “removing support for technologies that are not widely used by our customers”, and one of those not widely used technologies must be MySQL, through the use of databases, bindings, and server behaviors. I don’t really know what they were thinking, but I know of many Adobe customers (Dreamweaver users) who have been using this, and will not be updating because of the loss of this functionality (poorly implemented through an extension). Who have you all been talking to? HOw did you determine that this was not widely used? This is annoying and frustrating that features that some depend on will just be vanishing.

    • By Ed Vinson - 2:14 PM on August 27, 2013  

      I agree and it gets even more difficult on the MAC. Once you install the extension, Dreamweaver doesn’t put two little files into the local site hidden folder that it should. Creates the folder _mmServerScripts but nothing inside and you get errors that say your local testing server isn’t setup, even when you do everything right. Adobe is trying to take Dreamweaver down the path of FrontPage.

  • By Gene Lambert - 6:01 PM on July 9, 2013  

    What’s the deal with the Widget Browser. I diligently followed links to this page looking for updated information on the widget browser. NOW, ON THIS VERY PAGE it says, “Widget Browser was the only way to manage Spry extensions across Adobe applications. For more information please visit the following link: .”

    The link leads back to this page!! Nice going. Do you people know what you’re doing?

  • By Stefan - 7:16 PM on July 9, 2013  

    I want download the widget browser. I search and found this page and now where is the widget browser?

    • By alejandro - 10:37 PM on July 10, 2013  

      Apologies folks – this was our mistake. We have removed the link to avoid further confusion.

      • By Ralph - 4:13 PM on July 18, 2013  

        No – it still leads back to this page. And there’s still no answer about how to get the widget browser for DWCC

  • By Dan - 1:56 PM on July 12, 2013  

    No more Server Behaviours? I need to use a third party plugin to get that feature “back”?
    *Another Adobe decision face palm*
    I guess DW6 is to be my last Dreamweaver. And the same for the 14 desktops we have in our office that use it too.

  • By Dynsight - 2:05 AM on July 15, 2013  

    Windows paint has a cleaner interface than Photoshop. I guess that is a better product. Sure it has less features, but that makes it better.

    Also, it seems that by using this logic, that we should just eschew using Dreamweaver and use Notepat or other text editors since we want simple interfaces with less features. This is ridiculous, and one of the main reasons I am incredibly hesitant about spending money on an upgrade.

  • By Lexkoph - 1:16 AM on July 18, 2013  

    Web sites are no longer static. If you think DW is only used to design, then why create Muse?
    If you’re going to take PHP/MySQL out of DW, then I may as well just go back to Expressions Web or Visual Web Developer, the latter of which is FREE.
    Get a clue, guys. You’re about to let Microsoft eat Dreamweavers lunch.

  • By Paul van den Akker - 11:52 AM on July 18, 2013  

    ASP, ASPNET, JSP Support: the extensions are in MXP format. To convert them to the correct format, please follow the instructions in this video:
    does NOT work! In my Extension Manager (CC) there is no menu item “Convert MXP to ZXP”
    Now what ?

  • By Paul van den Akker - 12:10 PM on July 18, 2013  

    A solution in reply #3 at this page:

  • By Reciprocity31 - 6:14 AM on July 19, 2013  

    Where do you even start with this many things wrong in this post. You can’t make a tool like DW for professionals all these years and get us into workflows and give us tools to build our work on and then in one update remove it all. DW has always been a versatile tool for doing just about any web development. Designers and developers alike could use the tool and work together on code. You guys then rip out all the server stuff and more and reduce DW to little more than a PHP developers IDE.

    And one thing I just can’t get over is that you say that you are “removing support for technologies that are not widely used by our customers” – ah – guys… does the DW team know that Adobe MAKES COLDFUSION? Seriously I mean how can Adobe remove that support for a language they own and keep telling us they support? If you support ColdFusion you should be building it into every tool you offer and making the job of UX designers and developers – who are building applications on your OWN LANGUAGE – easier. I am a UX designer that works with CF developers each day and we all touch some aspect of each others code. We all use DW so it’s pretty easy to do. But now, if I want to use CC we all have to have CF builder and Dreamweaver installed just to do our regular work. So that means another tool to learn and maintain as well as a fragmented workflow with different FTP clients and commands and abilities etc. You have blown up my workflow and you say you are listening but if you are it’s going in one ear and out the other cause you aren’t doing anything to fix the issues we are all raising.

    Why can’t you simply add back the server support that we have all been using for years and then in your “modern” DW, allow for one of the workspaces to be called “Modern” and have that remove all those server panels and features. I’ll bet you won’t see hardly anyone use that workspace as most of us who use DW deal with server code at least once a day in our day to day work.

    Lastly, I just can’t point this out enough as it seems just so stupid. ADOBE YOU MAKE COLDFUSION. I can understand removing .Net as it’s a competing tech and now with MS’s free tools most .Net developers use those. But come on, why in the world would you remove CF support? To remove CF and only have ONE tool in all your products that codes the language YOU OWN is just crazy to me. It totally seems like the DW team either doesn’t like the CF team or is just ignorant of the fact that DW is an Adobe product the same as CF is. The two groups need to get together and add CF back to DW and then Adobe needs to get it’s head on straight and start adding CF support to Reflow, Animate, Code and everywhere else they can. It would be wildly powerful to be able to take your code that was CF based and ship it around to different UX designers and other developers as they all use Adobe tools to work on the same project. At this point you really can’t as the tools don’t cross enough now and really you have to have CF builder to work with CF code but yet CF builder doesn’t do all the UX stuff we need. Anyways, I certainly hope Adobe really really listens and make a tool we as customers want rather than building a “modern” IDE that none of us want.

  • By Randy Riesterer - 8:07 PM on July 19, 2013  

    Just because PHP is moving on to newer PDO/MySQLi server features is NOT a good enough reason to simply deprecate these server behaviors and leave your loyal user base in the dust!! Why the ‘easy-way-out’ drop versus an effort to keep abreast or even provide leadership in server tech development?? This type of behavior only frustrates long time users who have come to rely and count on Adobe as a solution provider and poses a BIG concern if Adobe even cares what the needs of their customers are. You are only ASSUMING we will all follow you into the Cloud, obviously where one can easily loose sight of things (and at a greater cost).

    Now this loyal long-time user is faced with investigating other products as replacements or, gasp, looking into SharePoint as an alternate solution since the long endearing trust with Adobe and its products is seemingly over.

  • By Darcy - 2:04 AM on July 21, 2013  

    Add me to the list of disappointed users. You offer 3 different products for websites but none of them deal with databases. Really! I thought for sure that Dreamweaver CC would have improved database capabilities rather than dropping it entirely. Fluid designs are nice but database tools are critical for any half decent website tool. I’m already searching for new tools from other vendors.

  • By Julien Goy - 9:46 AM on July 21, 2013  

    Well. If think that my opinion about these panels/wizards being “deprecated” is largely shared.
    If I may voice a little bit louder, then I can report that as an DW ACI, Adobe is clearly disappointing me. Deeply. If we can’t retrieve all we had in previous versions easily, then we will be a lot of people tending to advice other people NOT to get DW CC and next versions. Sounds like a threat ? You nearly cut my throat this morning.

  • By Julien Goy - 9:56 AM on July 21, 2013  

    Addition: Deprecated_ServerBehaviorsPanel_Support.zxp is NOT a complete solution. Yes we have 4 more panels. But still NO icons in the Insert panel. No wizards. Is that so hard to understand that these are needed as well?
    Adobe should really address this issue. Quickly.
    I’ve never been that mad about an Adobe product.

  • By Julien Goy - 11:17 AM on July 21, 2013  

    Final comment:
    the panels do NOT work.
    I can my my old recordsets, ok.
    But I’m suddenly unable to edit existing ones or to create a new one.
    Message is: no evaluation server running. Switch to CS6, everything runs fine.
    Definitely, there’s a big issue here. VERY BIG. And it has to be corrected.

  • By Bill P - 1:41 PM on July 22, 2013  

    Okay – after reading the above, I don’t know whether to download the Widget Browser or not. I had planned on changing the menu from a PHP script, to a Spry widgets menu. Now I am not sure. Anyone?

    • By Candyce Mairs - 4:56 PM on July 25, 2013  

      The widget browser is no longer available for download, so please do not plan to use it. Spry is also not being updated at this point, so I would suggest you look at the various menu options which are available in the Adobe Exchange for Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver CS6 & CC have a new Adobe Exchange Panel for extensions, and the Adobe website also contains the Dreamweaver Exchange Classic that has numerous menus if you need an interface in order to create the menu.

      jQuery is always a great option for adding interactive features onto your website. There are many plugins available so you do not need to completely write the code yourself. This option does require you to know coding however.

  • By Jackie Kurklis - 3:36 PM on July 25, 2013  

    I have been using Dreamweaver going back to the MacroMedia days. Many of the sites I work on have features which preclude me from using CSS styles, and instead require me to specify fonts. Also the Macromedia versions of Dreamweaver had easy access to codes for Special Characters, which seem to no longer be provided in the Adobe versions of Dreamweaver. I know programmers would like for everyone to instantly convert their sites to using the latest evolution in code, etc., but in the real world, this just isn’t feasible. I strongly urge that the properties window be given the option to revert back to its previous setup which doesn’t require use of CSS styles, and that the Special Characters feature be restored. Otherwise I will not be able to continue using current versions of Dreamweaver to do my work.

  • By Doesitmatter - 3:47 AM on July 26, 2013  

    Arghhhhh!!!! What, what, what? Why have you removed all the useful features of this software? Office is now having to ditch Dreamweaver, cos…well…it’s useless. Can’t even safely edit sites written in PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF DREAMWEAVER!!!! Goodbye Adobe, that’s probably $20,000+ you just lost.

  • By Kerim - 12:37 PM on July 28, 2013  

    It seems like Adobe is get rid of the Widget Browser in Dreamweaver CC.

    Use the new built-in panel under: Windows – Extension – Adobe Exchange.

  • By Task #1 | Visually Vivacious - 8:27 AM on July 30, 2013  

    […] A Look at the Modernized Dreamweaver CC ( […]

  • By marcus cunha - 9:12 AM on August 1, 2013  

    In a word: Disappointing!

  • By marcus cunha - 9:34 AM on August 1, 2013  

    Well, it seems that Steve Jobs was right. Lazyness. Please, bring the panels back and working properly. I don’t want to have to copy and paste MMHTTPDB.php and mysql.php from a folder to another. Give us a decent solution, and respect your customers!

  • By Laura - 9:11 AM on August 2, 2013  

    Removed “Print Code” and hadful of thigs maybe your team decided was no logner used ? You just removed a client from you pool. Idiots !!!

  • By david - 12:12 PM on August 4, 2013  

    I’ve been using Dreamweaver since version 2.0. Virtually every page of every site I’ve built for the past 10 years has been dependent upon interacting with a database. Without having the data functions built-in, Dreamweaver CC is a major step backward.

    Please listen to your users and restore this critical functionality.

    • By KassieGeorge - 6:50 AM on March 11, 2015  

      I have to agree. I also used the view head tags button quite a bit and yes it has been removed and the other website authors on this page have clearly stated that it was and still is a mistake that was made. The extra effort required to scroll up sometimes lengthy pages not to the top of the page but just to the right spot and then edit the tags in costs me about 3 minutes per page more than the previous version. Improvements are supposed to be that. The newer version of the software which costs me more should make us all more productive and not less. I really can’t believe that you are killing features such as easy database integration when each version created by Macromedia only made it better. I have had to remove pages i made with CC and purchase a replacement installation disk for my old CS version. I can get better database implementation with free tools i get from my hosting company than CC uses. Please don’t go backwards. If I have to port my websites to a different language i will not port them back even if Adobe restores functions later.

  • […] dinâmicas, como o Php. A decisão, revoltou os usuários que lotaram o fórum da Adobe e o Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog com reclamações. Segundo a empresa, eles estão modernizando o programa e no momento estão […]

  • By Holy Mackeral - 6:18 PM on August 6, 2013  

    Hmmm… All Adobe has accomplished with the CC version is to turn Dreamweaver into a VERY expensive CSS editor. I wonder if DWXzone is considering building a CSS editor?

  • By michelle - 2:13 PM on August 7, 2013  

    I have had the same experience as david. I have been using Dreamweaver for over 10 years, and all of the websites that I currently work on need to interact with a database. The data functions are the main reason that I use Dreamweaver, and I was hoping for better functionality. Instead, I find that Adobe is getting rid of server behaviors. I am extremely unhappy about this.

  • By Leo - 1:51 AM on August 12, 2013  

    Dear Adobe,
    Yes I’m shouting.
    All I know about “modernizing” right now is that Dreamweaver looks more boring and ugly than before.
    I hope it’s not too complicated to add an appropriate extension to restore the color icons in the User Interface.
    That would be really appreciated!

  • By Leo - 2:05 AM on August 12, 2013  

    In addition to my previous post:

    The color icons in Dreamweaver are especially important because Dreamweaver UI heavily relies on the use of icons – and there’s a lot of them. Which is normal for a web development app.

    I’d believe that Adobe people are the ones who should now better than anyone else how color is important to distinguish between elements. Especially when there’s a lot of small elements to deal with.

    Now there’s a lot of small elements in the UI – and they all looks like the same gray spots. Users now have to spend much more time and effort to locate and pick the desired icon. (In addition to the UI becoming dull and boring).

    Just in case: if you’re trying to mimic Apple which recently got into habit of de-colorizing some UI elements: please don’t. It was a wrong decision on their part and the web is full of user complaints about it.

  • By Ramón Emilio Quírico - 7:39 AM on August 12, 2013  

    Representando a los clientes de habla hispana, yo también me uno a la decepción de este nuestro DWCC, pues al probarlo y ver como eliminaron los paneles de Base de Datos, y herramientas de desarrollo Web, es lógico que esta nueva versión parezca mas un Downgrade del producto que uno nuevo. Yo no compraría esta nueva versión, porque solo sirve para diseñar sitios web, pero no sirve para programar con Base de Datos. Una verdadera decepción.

  • By Miroslav Lekic - 1:17 PM on August 12, 2013  

    I am a ColdFusion programmer last 15 years and I have been using Dreamweaver for my programming and unfortunately CC version don’t have CFM as default file, but have PHP and I don’t understand ColdFusion is made by Adobe??? I tried using ColdFusion Builder 2 and it’s horrible program please I beg you to put CFM extensions back to Dreamweaver

    • By Vilnis - 1:42 AM on February 18, 2015  

      Miroslav! How many times does Adobe have to tell you: they’ve “simplified” the interface. We have an expression in US: “Throw out the baby with the bathwater” (this is generally considered undesirable) … I think you could get 100 loyal, long-time Dreamweaver users in a room and they’d have 101 features they really miss that Adobe killed in order to “simplify the interface.” Adobe, how much user surveying did you do ahead of “simplifying the interface?” or did you survey the accounting and HR depts instead and use their metrics to decide what to support/not support?

  • By Laura Babbitt - 11:40 PM on August 19, 2013  

    “in addition to making Dreamweaver CS6 available through Creative Cloud.”

    What does this mean? It sounds like I should be able to download Dreamweaver CS6 if I’ve subscribed to Creative Cloud, which I have. I don’t see Dreamweaver CS6 available for download, only Dreamweaver CC.


    • By dlwilson88 - 5:26 AM on July 20, 2014  

      I too read this thinking it was also available through the Creative Cloud subscription, obviously it is either a major typo or there is some hidden link that Adobe isn’t advertising in-order to download Dreamweaver CS6? It seems as though Adobe is under going some major changes, and based on the many negative comments, they don’t seem to be in the best interest of the many subscribers.

  • By Sherry Bell Dukes - 2:36 PM on August 22, 2013  

    What about server behaviors for Dreamweaver Mac? How do I get them installed? I have noticed a lot of the features I liked and used are missing…WHY?

  • By gbswales - 3:55 AM on August 3, 2014  

    It seems to me that Adobe are losing any interest in people who are not coders. Widgets were an extremely useful way of adding interactivity without understanding anything about java. In widgets there were lots of easily customizable FREE tools (Google maps had several options) but adobe exchange contains very little in the way of good free content – what happened to all those excellent widgets I wonder?

  • By Brad - 12:34 AM on August 10, 2014  

    Was working on learning DW and this thread has been enlightening and frightening! I have been looking for the widgets page (that’s how I got here) and now I am very, very worried about my choice to go DW.

    Wondering why there is no response from Adobe for many of the complaints and questions?

    I am not working via creative cloud and the more I hear about it, it feels like a subscription trap to suck money from users. If fair value is exchanged that might be fine but from the support shown for those who have left comments on this page I worry that users best interests are not what is top of mind at adobe.

  • By Rameaze - 6:27 PM on September 5, 2014  

    I am extremely disappointed with the choice of the Dreamweaver team. I will not be upgrading…there is no reason for me to…. Server behaviors was all that I used this program for

  • By TEKİN YAVUZ - 4:53 PM on September 10, 2014  

    I have learned php-mysql through dreamweaver. İt is very usefull tools. İf not support php-mysql it means you cat hands. Without hands you can nat do anything. Dreamweaver should support php-mysql server behaviours. You should continue develop spry tecnology too. It is great framework. You should give your ear to what costumers say.

  • By Miguel - 10:55 PM on September 16, 2014  

    I totally lost the trust i had in Adobe, forgive my words but the guys that decided to deprecate the server behaviors should get FIRED, wtf was he thinking about they should of updated the features with more security and updates for any new versions of PHP coming, today at my company i was ask what software should we place on 20 workstations for web development, my suggestion was Eclipse i will not recommend Dreamweaver ever again until Adobe brings back the only features that made Dreamweaver useful, removing those server behaviors and forcing us to use Third party extensions is a low kick to us the customers that have been long term since Macromedia, not to mention without those features Dreamweaver is basically useless unless your goal is only making a static website design, in my case I’ am paying the monthly rip off for the CC waiting to make enough to buy in best buy Dreamweaver CS6 and cancel my subscription, no need to pay so much monthly for something that on every update gets worse and worse, all i read on the top of this blog is pure propaganda, it has been over a year and now the new CC2014 seems like a nice CSS editor, instead of bringing back what we really need which is dynamic database support, i had faith that when this new cc2014 version was released they would of brought back the only thing useful in Dreamweaver this has me disappointed on the Adobe Team, and if you go on the community forums all you see is lies from the team saying they listen to us come on!!!! bring back the reason we should really upgrade or keep paying the rip off fee.

  • By Sheri - 7:59 PM on September 23, 2014  

    Another disappointed user, DW CS5 sent me here to get widgets. But instead I found other users voicing the same frustration I have.

  • By CS6 Users - 7:51 AM on September 28, 2014  

    It was so sad that the only reason I switch to dreamweaver back when macromedia still owns it is gone. Server behaviors is the best dreamweaver has to offer, designing static websites can be done using free webpage creator but a server behaviors of dreamweaver is nowhere to found except dreamweaver. Well, that is until dreamweaver cc comes which blows it away. Anyway its a good way not to upgrade anymore, I will be stuck using dreamweaver cs6 until other company develops server behaviors better than dreamweaver cs6. Goodbye dreamweaver.

  • By Carl - 4:43 AM on October 5, 2014  

    I can only echo the comments made above. I started using Dreamweaver in the early days when it was from Macromedia and it was, without a doubt, the best on the market. Since Adobe bought it, it’s been going downhill, but that seems to be the ‘Adobe way’, buy something great and then muck around with it until it’s wrecked or they just let it die.
    I’m looking around for a better product and when I find it, I’ll kiss Dreamweaver good bye. A pity because up until recently I really liked it, but taking server behaviours and widgets away has diminished the quality of the product.

  • By 张世杰 - 7:08 AM on October 27, 2014  

    I dont no

  • By Robert - 5:18 PM on October 30, 2014  

    Just to add to the voice that Adobe is obviously not listening to…..I have used Dreamweaver since the Macromedia days and have built many websites with it. Since Adobe took over the needs of the user seems to be totally overridden by the Adobe R&D team just trying to turn the thing into a high school science project to see how much they can change. No regard for actual user needs or wants, its the Adobe team’s opinion regardless of what the end user needs. Total train wreck. When we find the viable replacement we are going to dump the entire Adobe Cloud across our entire web set. What an absurd way to run a previously good business straight into the ground. Adobe has a short shelf life right now and they don’t even seen to listen….or care.

  • By Josh - 7:12 AM on November 10, 2014  

    Im taking a web design course in college and use DW CS6 and im on the chapter that needs Widget Browser and LightBox Gallery Widget. Now I just wasted a lot of money on a textbook and the software. What a rip off. Way to go Adobe.

  • By John Meyer - 1:57 AM on December 5, 2014  

    When I follow this recommendation from Mr. Aljaber’s post…

    3. Go to Windows > Extensions > Adobe Exchange

    I get the following from my complete-up-to-date version of Dreamweaver:

    (No extensions available)

    Dreamweaver has been around along time I have to say that there is not single point of reference that helps people understand where the product is, or what to do, if a particular feature is not available. I am attempting to us it as a tool to format XML documents, and despite a wide body of articles in the web on how to do this, none of these features appear to be available in CC. Rather than providing forward references in help, it as if everything has been stripped as if the the features never existed. It would be great if the product documentation went to a level of detail to cite deprecated elements and direct users to the appropriate best alternative practices or methods.

    After reading the long list of purely negative comments above, dating back to 2013, it appears that there is widespread customer disappointment afoot. It seems that the “Creative Cloud”, by occluding demand for individual Adobe products, has allowed customer-adverse decisions to go unmitigated. I would hope that Adobe can at least provide more comprehensive guidance to those of us that are turning to the product for a previously-supported use-case. This task should not be put at the feet of a poor overworked product manager writing a blog post — resources should be allocated to a documentation team to assist Dreamweaver users in transition their practice to whatever “modern vision” Mr. Albajer envisioned when he made the decision to cripple this product.

  • By Jan Underhill - 4:02 AM on December 8, 2014  

    What happened to NAMED ANCHORS? One lousy simple little function, which is hardly obsolete, and it has simply disappeared…and “Help” (bad name) sent me to this article, which is not only completely useless in answering my need, but consists mostly of numerous users as angry as I find myself. Starting to reconsider subscription. I expect “new” versions to be improvements, not nearly worthless. And WTF do I do if I want to link to a part of a document? Stupid simple function I can’t use anymore? What is wrong with this company? Please consider connecting with the “real” world!

    • By Jim - 4:32 PM on March 4, 2015  

      Ummmm … how do you insert a named anchor? (I have already spent 25 minutes trying to locate this in CC … now beginning to search the web)

      • By Lindsay Munro - 9:00 PM on March 4, 2015  

        Hey Jim,

        This help page should be useful to you.

        Let us know if you need anything else!

        • By Alli VB - 3:40 PM on March 13, 2015  

          I can’t seem to find named anchors under insert menu in CC Dreamweaver. Does this function still exist in CC?

        • By Yvonne McChesney - 6:24 PM on August 26, 2015  

          No, that page does not help, the function is not in DreamWeaver CC. None of these work:
          Select Insert > Named Anchor.
          Press Control+Alt+A (Windows) or Command+Option+A (Macintosh).
          In the Common category of the Insert panel, click the Named Anchor button.

      • By Preran Kumar - 7:45 PM on March 16, 2015  

        This functionality has been deprecated in DW as it does not conform to the latest HTML and CSS standards. See this discussion for insights

  • By April Branscome - 8:35 PM on January 5, 2015  

    I am really disappointed that the Add-Ons Web site has eliminated Fireworks from the list of extensions. I use Fireworks all the time, and now I cannot get the add-ons! This is beyond frustrating!

  • By Steve Kirchuk - 9:15 PM on January 16, 2015  

    DMX bindings doesn’t have the html to dataset like Spry did …

  • By Christopher - 3:08 AM on January 30, 2015  

    make it better!

  • By Todd Yeadon - 5:46 PM on January 30, 2015  

    Building a landing page for Drupal led me to have to use an image map for the design. But wait. There IS no image map support. Sometimes you have to go old school with certain solutions – esp when dealing with Drupal’s tendancy to over ride page styles with images. No image maps? Simplify the interface? Looks to be at the cost of a lot of functionality.

    • By Martijn - 1:02 PM on July 2, 2015  

      The image map tools will not be shown if you are in Live view. Please try switching your display to Design view then in the Properties panel using the drop list on the bottom right and see if you get them back.

      • By Stephen - 4:16 PM on December 4, 2015  

        THANK YOU!

  • By Karl - 11:30 PM on February 3, 2015  

    After many years as a graphic designer I decided to look into web design. (bit behind the times I am!) Spent a long time researching Dreamweaver but I’m glad at this stage I’ve found the above out. Adobes lost my money. Why mend it if it’s not broken? To the guys at Adobe………..your screwing it up!

  • By ade - 2:49 PM on February 27, 2015  

    this is an appalling update – i don’t know where to start other than simply saying i’ve rolled back to earlier version

  • By Mohmmad Fayyazz - 7:58 AM on March 1, 2015  

    Be positive and think positive.

  • By Mohmmad Fayyazz - 8:07 AM on March 1, 2015  

    I am Fayyazz i am web designer and work in different instituations and completed many projects in web designing. i think dreamweawever is nice software to complete
    their work. thaks

  • By Dave - 7:46 AM on March 26, 2015  

    I’m sad to say it but it seems for two years people have been asking and you’re not listening. I wish I could use the server behaviors to create dynamic links and interact with the databases I have created. I hate to leave, but does anyone want to share where they are going when they leave adobe? I’d love some guidance, If I can’t get it from adobe I’ll get it from those that have left.

  • By sittichai55 - 7:44 AM on March 28, 2015  

    i do not understand

    • By Lindsay Munro - 6:00 PM on March 30, 2015  

      Is there something specific we can help you with?

  • By Juan Velas - 3:35 AM on April 6, 2015  

    Me agrada las mejoras en web del sistema es excelente

  • By syf - 2:12 AM on April 14, 2015  

    Dreamweaver widget

  • By sam li - 4:51 AM on June 5, 2015  

    want down load widget browser…

  • By rascojet - 5:46 PM on August 8, 2015  

    Adobe developers should have made Server Behaviors compliant with the latest HTML/CSS standards instead of deprecating it. RIP to a Good Old Tool…

    • By Pasuh - 12:13 PM on September 10, 2015  

      I totally agree with you. A see a sad ending to once a very powerful tool. They way the have it I better choose other open-source alternative and do all the hard-coding instead.

  • By Yvonne McChesney - 3:58 PM on August 28, 2015  

    You did not do us any favors by ‘simplifying’ the interface. You removed some useful time saving features. Put the title text box back on the bottom tool bar. Honestly, the space is not used by anything else. Also, add the ability to have color icons, that also helps us be more efficient.

  • By Mike Senkale - 6:09 AM on October 22, 2015  

    Why the heck is always difficult to download widgets from CSS5? have you guys taken it outta CSS5? i wanted to download some widgets to my Dw via Widgets browser, the link was resolved to this horrible page!

    Pls i need a response to this ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards

  • By Mike Senkale - 6:14 AM on October 22, 2015  

    I want to download a widget for the google map. but the widget browser resolved the link to this goddamn place!. can somebody tell me what to do coz i really want that map on the site i am creating. Google on the other hand has removed the options of copying the html code of a map from their google map. Adobe gotta find a way for me. coz i am running outta deadline time. Thanks & Regards

  • By Preran Kumar - 8:14 PM on October 23, 2015  

    Mike Senkale, see for a discussion on the widget browser.

  • By Preran Kumar - 8:17 PM on October 23, 2015  

    Michael, Paula: Please post your question with a screenshot on the Dreamweaver forum for us to investigate.

  • By UnhappyCamper - 8:59 PM on December 29, 2015  

    So I landed on this page from DW CS5.5. WTF? Can you even buy Creative Suite anymore without a freaking subscription? I just want to buy the damn thing outright.

  • By Pramod Acharya - 6:00 AM on January 16, 2016  

    I have downloaded the spry framework from the github.
    but i don’t know where to put it.

    Please help me.

    • By preran - 1:03 AM on January 19, 2016  

      Hi Pramod, I suggest checking with our experts on

  • By Marga - 4:08 PM on February 18, 2016  

    Please put Server Behavior, Bindings and Components Panels and Database feature back! it’s 2016 now and I am still waiting.

  • By Yet Another Disappointed Former User - 2:25 PM on February 27, 2016  

    I needed to get a dynamic site up and running quickly so I decided to check out my old friend, Dreamweaver.
    I’m so glad I downloaded the trial before I spent my money.
    Without server behaviors, this product isn’t going to work for me.
    Thank you, my fellow posters, for sharing your comments and Adobe for allowing me to see them. You saved me from making a costly mistake.
    Now back to my search for the right tool…

  • By Rhett - 11:22 PM on July 12, 2016  

    I’ve been using Dreamweaver since 1998. It took me half a day to do what would normally be minutes in previous versions. Absolutely HATE this new version. Uninstall.

  • By Juan Rozas - 4:52 AM on July 21, 2016  

    Do not waste your time writing here.
    Download an old good version (there are several options to do this) and keep both versions installed if you have paid for CC.

  • By Ananta Androscoggin - 12:04 AM on August 4, 2016  

    I clicked on a “go to widget browser” button in Dw 5.5 and got this page. This page does NOT look like any kind of widget browser to me. So far, so useless. I guess I’ll be doing without widgets.

  • By techiephd - 2:28 AM on September 26, 2016  

    I last bought a version of ANY Adobe product with web premium CS3. You can’t even find an affordable version of any non-cloud version of Adobe products. Thank GOD I am a hand coder and have learned how to hand code before I turned to trying to use an editor which supposedly makes life easier. Forget about adobe cc in any form–you don’t need it to use bootstrap–the coding for bootstrap is not all that difficult. A GREAT tutorial e-book for it exists at Nor are creating media queries. Come on guys–html is not hard. As far as server behaviors, Adobe has really screwed up on this one. Best thing I can tell people to do is use an old version if they have it, or learn how to connect to a database using MySQL/PHP by hand. Sorry! ;-( !!!!!