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My name is Todd Kopriva. Some of you may know me as the guy who’s been helping you to find information about After Effects for the past several years. Now it’s also my job to help you to find information about Premiere Pro.

I’ve been a Premiere Pro user for years, but I’ve not been as deep into the Premiere Pro resources (e.g., tutorials, forums) as I have been for After Effects. So I’m asking for your help. In this post, I’ll point to some things that I’ve built up for After Effects, and then I’ll ask you to help me to find the building blocks with which to do the same for Premiere Pro.

community resources in all languages

I provide a list of informational resources about After Effects, both on the Adobe website and on other websites: “After Effects community resources (in several languages)”

I’d like to build up a similar list for Premiere Pro.

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what websites I should include.

getting started resources

I created this page for After Effects CS4 and updated it for After Effects CS5: Getting started with After Effects (CS4 and CS5). We also created a getting-started portal page: “Learn After Effects CS5: getting started and tutorials”.

We already have an instance of the latter for Premiere Pro CS5: “Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: getting started and tutorials”. What would you like to see changed on this page? Added? Removed?

What about an equivalent to the hand-holding getting-started overview? What would you put in such a post for Premiere Pro?

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what you think.

additions, corrections, and links for Premiere Pro Help

Please, please, please leave comments on the relevant pages of Premiere Pro CS5 Help on the Web.

Is a page unclear? Leave a comment and tell me. Be specific.

Is the information incomplete? Leave a comment and tell me. If you have the information to fill in the gap, please leave it in the comment and help thousands of your fellow users.

Is there a web page that explains something better than a page of Help, provides additional information, or is otherwise useful and relevant to the topic? Leave a comment and tell us. Don’t be shy about promoting your own website. We encourage it.

Do you know about a tutorial, article, or other useful free resource about Premiere Pro? Find the relevant page of Premiere Pro Help, leave a comment, and tell us.

changes to Premiere Pro Community Help search

We’ve fine-tuned the After Effects Community Help search so that you can search across high-quality websites for After Effects material.

What about the Premiere Pro Community Help search? Try searching for your favorite resources. Are they included? Do you see results that are bad or just don’t make sense?

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what websites I should include or purge from this custom search engine.

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