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Adding Fireworks with Photoshop Mix

In this tutorial I’m using a couple of images from Adobe Stock. For details on how to search and license images, see this post.

The base image is: Los Angeles At Night

The fireworks are: Beautiful Fireworks Over Sky

Open the Base Image in Photoshop Mix

Open Photoshop Mix and click the ‘+’ on the left hand side


Then tap the Creative Cloud logo:


And find the Library with the images; in my case it’s called Stock.


Then tap the image you want as a base image:


Tap Open Image:


Open The Second (Firework) Image in Photoshop Mix

On the right side tap the box with a ‘+’ in it. The checkerboard signifies this is currently an empty layer:


Selecting the second image is done in the same way as selecting the base image; again I went to my Creative Cloud Stock library to get some fireworks. Resize and rotate using a two-finger pinch – we can refine this later though.


Blend The Images

To blend the firework into the base image we just need to change the blending mode. To do this tap Blend:


And change the blend mode to Screen:


Too Many Fireworks

This works well but there’s too many fireworks and they’re too uniform. So the next step is to isolate just one set of fireworks. We could leave it here and skip down to when we import to Photoshop, but let’s use Photoshop Mix to do the grunt work before we have to get to the desk.

Because the blending is dropping all the black we don’t need a mask, so we don’t need an accurate selection. To select an area to keep we need the Cut-Out tool and then change the Smart Brush to a Basic Brush, we don’t want Photoshop Mix to try and find edges:


Click the tick and it’s done!

Add more fireworks by adding more layers. In this example, when I change the Blend mode I reduced its Opacity to:


End Here or Refine In Photoshop

We could end here but to refine further tap the Square with an arrow in the top right corner and choose Send to Photoshop.


The desktop opens, loads the image with the masks, Blend Modes and layers all ready for any further work we wish to do.


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