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May 28, 2013 /Apps & Services /

Ideacodes Team Joins Adobe

We’re thrilled to announce the newest members of the Creative Cloud team at Adobe, Ideacodes. Ideacodes is a leading creative consultancy based in San Francisco, that specializes in the design and user experience of smart applications, digital products and networked communities.

The founders, Emily Chang and Max Kiesler, will be joining the Creative Cloud product team. Their charter, as our design nexus, is to help shape the creative vision and build a core group of creative talent to help the product team deliver on our goals of making Creative Cloud an indispensable part of the creative workflow. We’ll work with them to explore new models for interacting with your content, seek visual consistency across the web, desktop and mobile devices, and evolve and perfect the user experience of the Creative Cloud. And that’s just the beginning!

To learn more – check out today’s press release.

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