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April 8, 2009 /Region of Interest /

Adobe After Effects user-to-user forum: tips and links

links and some navigation tricks

I like using the RSS feeds. Once a day or so, I can open my feed reader (I use Google Reader) and browse through all of the posts that have come in since the last time I checked. The web interface for the forum also sorts threads with recent activity to the top, and the titles are shown as bolder and darker for threads that have unread posts in them. You can navigate to the most recent post in a thread from the list of threads by clicking the “[some time] ago” text in the Last Post column.

What I don’t like is the email notification interface, which brings us to…

disabling automatic flooding of your email inbox

I answered a question about these nuisance email messages with a screenshot here.

Sure, some people might want to receive an email message for each time that a post is made on a thread that they’ve participated in. But I don’t.

forcing the forums to use the full width of the browser window

By default, the forum messages only take up a fixed, somewhat narrow part of the browser window. If you want to force the messages to take full advantage of the horizontal space available in a wide browser window, follow these instructions from forum host Andrew Yoole.

script to show and hide the pods in the right sidebar

You can get even more usable horizontal space by temporarily hiding the pods in the right sidebar. Here’s a link to a forum post in which Eric@MCA explains how.

new FAQ list (currently in its infancy)

The After Effects FAQ list is intended to be a real FAQ list. You know—a list of questions that people really do frequently ask. Unlike the other forums, this one is pretty heavily moderated. The forum hosts (including me) will prune away and consolidate some answers so that the list serves its purpose as a somewhat definitive set of questions and answers. That said, I do encourage people to contribute both questions and answers to this effort. Over the next few days, I’ll be migrating the relevant parts of our old FAQ list to this new place.

using the History navigation tools

If you spend a lot of time on several different forums, you might benefit from bookmarking this page: History page showing recently visited forums

(If you haven’t visited any forums yet, or if you’re not signed in, that’s not going to be very useful.)

This page gives you direct links to your favorite forums. Or, if you’re just on the After Effects forums, then you could bookmark the main After Effects page and use the subforum pod on the side.

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