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April 8, 2015 /

Adobe Audition CC Sneak Peek

I’m compelled to call this a “sneak peak” but fear the subtle, unfunny pun would either be overlooked as autocorrect’s heavy hand, my own ignorance, or missed entirely.  So let’s pretend I never mentioned it, ok?  Ok!

Hey!  We’ve got a great set of features and solutions coming up for the next release of Adobe Audition, and if you can’t make it to NAB to visit our demo stations and stage presentations, I hope this virtual trip to Vegas will suffice.

Dynamic Link video streaming

No more video rendering when sending sequences from Premiere Pro to Audition!  Premiere timelines can now be streamed via Dynamic Link directly into the Video panel in Audition, with full native resolution and frame rate.  Edit sound to your picture faster and better than ever before and see changes to your video update immediately in Audition.

Video streams directly from Premiere Pro into Audition - no rendering!

Video streams directly from Premiere Pro into Audition – no rendering!

Full-Screen mirror video display

Spotting sound effects, recording ADR or voiceovers, and previewing your video while you work just got the cinema experience!  Audition  can now mirror your video panel full-screen on a second monitor.  Use HDMI, DVI, even VGA outputs to display your full video playback on a secondary monitor.

Mirror your Video panel to any external display using HDMI or DVI outputs.



Relink Media

Easy link your multitrack clips to new media assets, changing the content while keeping all edits, automation, and effects.  Great for swapping scratch soundtracks or voiceovers with final content, or quickly relinking any content offline when a session file was opened.

Automatic Session file backup

Audition now offers the ability to periodically and intelligently store backup copies of your multitrack session .SESX files, ensuring you’ll always have a recent history of your edit state in case of power failure, hardware hiccups, or drive corruption.  Have backups stored in your Creative Cloud Files location to sync online, use your own file sync service directory, or store on a secondary or network drive.  Backups are timestamped and can easily be opened and restored if your main session file meets an accident or you simply wish you could jump back in time a bit.

Copy imported assets to session folder

We’ve received this request from many users over the past year, and I’m happy to say this feature is now available in Audition.  When saving a session containing imported media from an external location, such as sound effects and music libraries or clips from other projects, Audition will now ask users if they wish to copy the asset to the current session folder.  This prevents the dreaded “media not found” problems when taking your laptop on-the-go, or when sending someone a copy of your session.

Schedule recording

Another request from many of our long-time users was to bring back Timed Recording!  Your wish is granted!  Audition now offers the ability to schedule a recording far in advance, or to record for a specific duration.  Great for editors who might need to capture a source or stream at a time when they can’t be at their desk, or need to ensure a session doesn’t record all night.

Schedule recordings for while you're away, or set a fixed duration for immediate recordings.

Schedule recordings for while you’re away, or set a fixed duration for immediate recordings.

Custom Level Meters crossover values

Broadcasters can vary greatly in their editing and delivery requirements.  While loudness correction tools can ensure final content is delivered to spec, many editors prefer addressing loudness and headroom during the editing process.  Audition now supports arbitrary values to trigger the Caution (Yellow) and Warning (Red) meter crossover colors, allowing editors to easily ensure their projects stay within the ranges set by broadcasters, or their personal preferences.

Import / Export Markers

Audition now supports importing markers from ANY media file containing XMP metadata, or an XMP sidecar file, and applying these to any other audio file or multitrack session.  Grab cues or comment markers from Prelude or Premiere Pro users and attach them to recordings in Audition for timing adjustments or corrections.  Export markers from any audio file to tab-delimited CSV for use in third-party applications.

Brazilian Portuguese language support

Audition now supports Brazilian Portuguese as a new language option.

Audio driver performance and stability updates

Significant engineering work has been done to Audition and Premiere Pro to improve the performance and ease of use of audio devices.  Fewer pointless warnings when audio devices change, better support for mixing-and-matching USB microphones with built-in output, and no more sample rate mismatch errors should help non-audio pro’s feel more at ease and have a better experience when recording in both applications.

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