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May 9, 2012 /

Adobe Audition CS6 available now!

We’ve been so busy with the launch this week that I noticed we hadn’t made a formal announcement to Inside Sound that Adobe Audition CS6 is available now!  You can download the free 30-day trial by visiting

Colin also provided a very good overview of Audition CS6’s pricing, upgrades, and details about Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions on our User to User Forum.  I wanted to share them here, lightly edited, since I know many of you don’t visit the forums that often.  Please share any questions in the comments or on the forums.


Audition CS6 Product Launch – Upgrades, Subscriptions, and Purchase Info

Creative Cloud and Subscriptions. Before you dismiss, I would encourage you to check it out namely because it, at the heart, is a different method of using Adobe’s software. For some it will make perfect sense and be the right fit for how you work, what you can afford, etc. For others, perpetual license (how we’ve always sold Audition and other products) is just fine and you can stick with that.

It’s important to be crystal clear on this “cloud” stuff: getting Audition (or any other Adobe application) via subscription/Creative Cloud does not mean it’s running OVER the Internet or is web browser-based. It means you get a subscription authorization using your Adobe ID login and download your software from our site (as if you bought it as per normal.)  The install process will then authorize your login against your subscription. It’s that simple. There has been some confusion and concern with folks thinking you’re running the application “in the cloud” (i.e. connected at all times to the web) and that’s not the case.


Availability and “Try before Buy”:

If you have doubts about Audition CS6…PLEASE *TRY BEFORE YOU BUY*, we have 30-day trial versions available as always from the product website on Please download and try it first before clicking buy. Getting a refund is a pain and we just want you to be a happy user. We have been trying to get out as much info as early as we can on this forum, our blog, twitter, etc. about what is in the release and what’s not.   There is a full 3-version feature comparison matrix available at

Creative Cloud Membership:

  • Get ALL Adobe’s desktop products including Audition CS6 and a few other interesting things like online storage, preview, sharing, etc for $49.95/mo (Yes, that’s basically Master Collection + more for $50/mo). And I believe there’s an introductory price of $30/mo (for one year) good until end of August.  For some this is huge. If you use nothing but Audition, we get it, go ahead and head to the next item, but if you want to do other things like use Premiere Pro, After Effects, and/or Photoshop Extended too, this is worth looking at…
  • Go here for more info:

Audition CS6 Perpetual:

  • Full = $349.00 USD
  • Upgrade Audition CS5.5 to Audition CS6 = $75.00 USD
  • Upgrade Audition 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 to Audition CS6 = $149.00 USD
  • Upgrade Soundbooth CS3, CS4, CS5 to Audition CS6 = $149.00 USD

Audition CS6 Only Subscription (i.e. not Creative Cloud or Suite):

  • Month to Month Audition CS6 = $29.95/mo USD
  • Yearly Audition CS6 = $19.95/mo USD


  • Some of you noticed Audition’s educational pricing went away this past year (along with that pricing on many other products), Well there will be a Creative Cloud Subscription plan for you which will give basically EVERYTHING we make. Check out the Creative Cloud link below…  It’s $29.99/month.


Adobe’s new policy (announced last year sometime, I don’t have a link handy) is to only allow perpetual upgrades from 1 WHOLE version back and one 1/2 version back instead of the “3 version back rule”. While the product teams do not set any pricing or upgrade policy, we can certainly make a case for our customers and in this case we noticed the 3 version back upgrade policy was off the table for Audition (i.e. the proposal we saw was to only allow upgrade from CS5.5 and 3.0). We know and respect that many folks did not take this upgrade in CS5.5 who are still on version 1.5 or 2.0, so we fought hard to get a special exception for Audition. There is a caveat…Next release, we have to give up the exception so be aware: if you’re on v1.5 and you want to upgrade, do it this release. If you absolutely love v1.5 or v3.0 (or Soundbooth) and will never change no matter what we do going forward, then we’re fine with that too (really, we on the team know some of you just love 1.5) but we wanted to be clear the upgrade window is closing for you this release.


Reference Links:

More info on Creative Cloud Here:
Audition Product Page:


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  • By Richard - 1:33 PM on May 10, 2012  

    Colin Stefani’s overview really was fantastic, and the 30-day trial is well worth it as well!