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Adobe Capture CC Turns Ordinary into Extraordinary Patterns

Some might define patterns as “a repeating unit of shape or form.” We just call them awesome.

Introducing the newest capability in Capture CC, patterns.

Android and iOS users can create patterns from a single image and save it as a usable asset to their Creative Cloud Libraries. They can access that pattern via panels in Photoshop CC on their computer.

“We demoed patterns at MAX 2015,” said Dave Ericksen, senior product manager for Capture. “Our goal was to bring patterns to all users — Android and iOS — at the same time.”

Well, Dave, the team’s hard work paid off.

Take an image of, say, the Adobe logo and then explore its possibilities by tapping on each of the four grid options. Pinch and drag to zoom in or out of the image in the central frame to test each grid’s interpretation of your original graphic.

From something basic like a repeated image to geometric styles, users can adjust the angle and special effect each grid uses to create a unique pattern.

Patterns In Capture

Left: Figure 1 – basic grid example | Middle: Figure 2 – geometric grid example | Right: Figure 3 – zoom example

The production experience doesn’t stop there.

Once you tap on the Capture button to select a grid type, you can adjust your pattern further. Use the dial to rotate the central image left, right. Or, pinch or drag it around on the screen.

Patterns in Capture_Figures4and5

Left: Figure 4 – dial swing left example | Right: Figure 5 – dial and zoom example

Like Capture’s other capabilities like color themes and vector shapes, patterns can be saved to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then accessed in another Creative Cloud app. Specifically for a pattern asset, users access their saved patterns from within Photoshop CC.


  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Select Windows
  3. Choose Libraries
  4. Open the Libraries panel and select your Creative Cloud Library
  5. Click on the pattern asset

If you’re new to Capture CC, get the free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

If you already have Capture on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, or Android phone, make sure you’ve updated it to 2.0 and let the fun begin.


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