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August 23, 2016 /Member Stories /

Adobe Customers Focus on Storytelling at IBC 2016

Each year, IBC attracts a wide range of video professionals who want to learn about the latest developments in the world of commercial, film, and broadcast video production and delivery. To help them get the most out of IBC 2016, we invited some of our customers to the Adobe stand to talk about the content they produce. These customers include professionals in audio, YouTube content, 360-degree and virtual reality video, 2D and 3D motion graphics, as well as film, entertainment, sports, and media production. While these customers all have different approaches and expertise, their focus on telling interesting and emotional stories unites them.

  • Music Radio Creative & New Media Europe – Founder and Creative Director Mike Russell will talk about the importance of audio in video workflows and how new features in Adobe Audition CC make it even easier to achieve top-notch audio quality.
  • The New Age Creators and SoulPancake – Ana Dias will delight attendees with her fresh perspective on content creation for YouTube and how she and her fellow New Age Creators use their own unique voices and styles to bring people from all over the world together.
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) – André Beaupoil, a Freelancer with BR, will share how he helped choose and implement Adobe Premiere Pro CC as the primary NLE for journalists, who produce 100-second news packages for TV and the BR24 news app, and longer news stories for TV and the web.
  • VICE – Attendees will hear how Andreas Schneider, Head of Post Production, built the post-production program for VICE in Germany that is responsible for delivering news and documentary-style shows as well as commercial content for big-name brands.
  • Simon Walker – Freelance Editor Simon Walker will take attendees through the post-production workflows he has helped build for some of the largest professional soccer events in the world, all based around Premiere Pro CC as the hub.
  • Simon Bryant – Attendees who love live music performances won’t want to miss Freelance Editor Simon Bryant’s presentation, which will focus on how he edits concert and studio footage for films and DVDs across a range of music genres.
  • Ident Pictures – Managing Director Roman Lehmann will discuss his work creating video, audio, and photography content for television, film, and the web. He’ll also share his first 360-degree video project, a short film he helped create on the Gotthard Base Tunnel.
  • VR City – Darren Emerson, Company Director, and Conan Roberts, Head of Post-Production, will talk about how they got started producing virtual reality documentaries and commercial content and their goal to create emotionally transformative experiences.
  • Jan Sladecko – 2D and 3D Motion Designer and VFX Artist Jan Sladecko will showcase a few of his commercial projects and discuss his process for working with Adobe After Effects CC and Cinema 4D to integrate motion graphics with live action shots.
  • Godzilla Resurgence – Mr. Atsuki Sato, the film’s Editorial Supervisor, will discuss the film’s workflow, which included collaborating among three editing locations connected by a closed wide area network and working with native iPhone video footage.
  • MPC Design – Senior Motion Design artist Will MacNeil will show us how MPC’s artists design and animate virtual worlds and characters for their award winning commercial work, and demonstrate how Adobe products fit into every stage of production.

If you’re planning to be at IBC 2016, don’t miss these great customer presentations in the Adobe stand.

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