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December 13, 2016 /UX/UI Design /

Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) now available on Windows 10

We’re excited to announce that the first public beta release of XD for Windows 10 is now available for download. At the same time, we’re also releasing our 9th beta release for Mac, as well as significant updates to our mobile apps for iOS and Android – more information on those releases here.

We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for XD on Windows 10. Today represents the first step in bringing you an end-to-end solution for UX design that is tailor-made for Windows 10, delivered as Adobe’s first Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

Just like we did for macOS earlier in the year, we’re starting with a high quality, high performance release that introduces a subset of the intended feature set. Each month we’ll be delivering updated versions of XD for Windows 10 and adding in new capabilities.

What’s included in this first release?

After downloading Adobe XD for Windows 10, you’ll find a core set of features for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps, including XD’s innovative repeat grid tool for speeding up layout of design elements, as well as the visual connectors for wiring up interactive prototypes. To get started using Adobe XD, be sure to check out the built-in tutorial file located in the Help menu. You can also watch these tutorials for an overview.


While you can export assets from your XD document as PNGs and experience your prototype on either your desktop or through the XD mobile app, sharing the prototype via Creative Cloud is not supported yet. Sharing prototypes is a high priority for our team, and we are working hard to add that capability in a future update.


Leveraging Windows 10 hardware and software

One of the benefits of building a completely new UWP app for Windows 10 is that we can take advantage of the latest hardware and software. To install Adobe XD on Windows 10, you’ll need to make sure that you have the “Anniversary Update” installed. To check what version you’re running, follow the instructions in this guide. If you’re not sure how to upgrade to the Anniversary Update, please read this article from Microsoft.

We have ambitious plans to offer full support for touch devices and pen input in XD. While we have made progress in this area, we are not ready yet to make those capabilities available in our public beta releases. Once we’ve delivered the core XD feature set for designing, prototyping and sharing user experiences, then we’ll enable touch and pen features for the Microsoft Surface family of products and other touch-enabled devices.

What’s next for XD on Windows 10?

We’re committed to delivering updates to XD on Windows 10 every month, so you’ll see rapid progress over the coming months so that we get feature parity across the macOS and Windows 10 versions as quickly as possible. You can check out this help article for more information on what’s included and what’s still to come.

With over half a million designers around the world who have already downloaded Adobe XD on Mac, we’re excited to deliver XD to the community of UX designers using Windows. We hope that you enjoy the quality, performance and core design and prototyping capabilities that have excited our existing customers, and encourage you to engage with our team via Twitter and UserVoice to provide feedback on this release.

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  • By 0 0 - 8:14 AM on December 13, 2016  

    Doesn’t run on Windows 7, which 45% of computers use. Very disappointing. I don’t really consider this “Windows” support. It’s just “Windows 10” support. 7 is still supported by Microsoft until at least 2020, probably longer if it gets extensions like XP did (spoiler: it will).

    And with so many people adamantly against 8 and 10, and Microsoft claiming they won’t be doing another major OS release again, I can see a lot of people just sticking with 7 for a longgggg time.

    Adobe could have supported 95% of computers in the world, but they chose to do 25%. Not a great *User Experience*.

    • By 1 1 - 8:49 AM on December 13, 2016  

      Look, the thing is. Windows 7 is an old platform, built on a now outdated system to build applications that simply isn’t futureproof. Adobe made the right call to go ahead with building XD for Win10, the UWP is so much more advanced and pleasant to work with. Does it suck for you now? Yes, definitely. Is it the only sustainable way forward for Adobe? Unfortunately so.

      Windows 8 was a transition point, Windows 10 is by comparison miles ahead. Not updating is your choice, Adobe not supporting Windows 7 is theirs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:35 AM on December 13, 2016  


      Thanks for your comment.

      We have consistently stated that we’ll be supporting Windows 10 since our initial launch on Mac:

      We understand that some customers continue to use previous versions of Windows, but we made the decision to focus our efforts on creating the next-generation of design software, and as such did that using the latest hardware and OS available.

      Andrew (Adobe).

    • By Kelley - 9:58 AM on December 13, 2016  

      I TOTALLY agree with this poster! Why are you limiting this to Windows 10 Anniversary only? VERY VERY disappointed Adobe! I’ve been waiting over a year for this!

      • By Asbjørn - 1:34 PM on December 13, 2016  

        Adobe, don’t listen to these whiners. If you stick with ancient platforms, you don’t get the latest applications. Quite simple, really. Windows 10 was a free update (still is, in some cases) – if you didn’t update, well, that was your own decision. There is ZERO excuse to not have updated by now.

    • By Paul - 9:00 AM on December 21, 2016  

      I’m in complete agreement here. Many company computers run on Windows 7, which is often a decision made by IT rather than by the designer. Further, Windows 10 has a number of privacy issues that are difficult for some to stomach. There are many legitimate reasons that people have not upgraded.

      Given that there are nearly double the number of Windows 7 users compared to Windows 10, it would be a slap in the face to not at least eventually be supported.

    • By Jason - 3:11 PM on January 4, 2017  

      The thing is you’re not looking at the right stats. It’s all about userbase, 45% of computers use windows 7, but look at the number of UX designers and what OS they use. You’re looking at more like 5% use windows 7.

  • By Ian - 8:31 AM on December 13, 2016  

    I for one am excited to see this app on Windows 10, UWP is the future and it’s a fluid and beautiful app.

  • By Tomas - 9:19 AM on December 13, 2016  

    Why is it not going through windows store? As it supports win32 apps now?

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:36 AM on December 13, 2016  

      Adobe uses the Creative Cloud app (on desktop) or the Creative Cloud packager (for enterprise deployment) so as to make it easy to get all of our software in one place.

      Andrew (Adobe).

  • By Austin - 9:20 AM on December 13, 2016  

    Might be nice to detail to note that the preferences option is disabled in this release (was a little confused at first). Will play with it some more shortly, but seems stable after drawing around a little.

    For the above comments, from a technical standpoint it is a very good thing this is using the latest Windows 10 APIs. Assuming this is using the composition API performance with larger files and any animations will be really smooth.

    First thing I did was touch the screen on my Surface Pro 4. Definitely best to focus on mouse/keyboard, but can’t wait to see what all can be added in the future. Good luck with the releases!

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:38 AM on December 13, 2016  

      We haven’t yet found a need to implement preferences… we’re keeping it there in case we do, but our general approach is to avoid over complicating the tool with too many options.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Sam Clark - 10:24 AM on December 13, 2016  

    Wonderful move, Adobe. Thanks for making this UWP. This should be a great experience now and in the future.

  • By E. Roddier - 11:58 AM on December 13, 2016  

    Exited by this release, i did’nt wait too download it…. But impossible…. The download does not start from Chrome or Firefox browsers ? Anny idea ?

    • By Fortarrigo - 9:18 AM on December 19, 2016  

      Have you tried to download it via Creative Cloud Desktop app?
      Greetings from a frosty Italy 🙂

  • By Nussi - 12:00 PM on December 13, 2016  

    Thanks adobe for releasing this amazing app! I forced my company to update me to windows 10 (from windows 7 pro) in order to use this long awaited software.

    I also bought a Surface Book for this reason – to utilize all the touch and pen features. For some reason, Photoshop is too complicated for web/app design.

  • By Nazreen_Exe - 12:18 PM on December 13, 2016  

    wooow fantastic!!
    after long waiting we welcome @adobexd to windows. im really excited to see how you’re gonna sit in my task bar permanently…. 🙂

  • By Mark Grasmayer - 12:33 PM on December 13, 2016  

    Absolutely love it! Will use it coming weeks and hope to be able to provide feedback 🙂
    Kind regards,
    Mark Grasmayer

  • By Asbjørn - 1:38 PM on December 13, 2016  

    Looks very promising so far. Great to see UWP being put to use. It is obviously early, but a quick play around reveals great promise.
    As for the people complaining about Windows 7 support – well, that’s what you get for running an outdated OS.

  • By Roger Breton - 5:01 PM on December 13, 2016  

    Look forward to start learning XD. I have been teaching and using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for years now, on both Mac and PCs.

  • By yehq - 7:05 PM on December 13, 2016  

    I’m excited for this news
    When i export a android project, I only want to export the xhdpi version(design at mhdpi).How can i do that?

  • By phusebox - 3:11 AM on December 14, 2016  

    Too bad it contains a virus, or at least that’s what my AVG Professional tells me. I can’t take the risks of running it anyway.

    • By Lance Thompson - 10:46 AM on December 15, 2016  

      I tried running it and AVG business edition blocked running it as well claiming it was a virus?

      • By Lance Thompson - 8:36 AM on January 5, 2017  

        Any updates on this issue? Still can’t run XD.

        • By Carlos - 1:25 PM on January 5, 2017  

          There is absolutely no virus in the release… an AVG issue for sure.

  • By Katrine - 7:34 AM on December 14, 2016  

    I’ve been trying to download this, but nothing seems to be happening. It doesn’t show up in my Creative Cloud desktop application. What do I need to do to update the list of available apps?

  • By Joachim Barrum - 9:21 AM on December 14, 2016  

    Where do I find the UI Kits on thw Windows version ?

  • By Josh - 12:22 PM on December 14, 2016  

    Adobe XD does not show in my list of applications. Running the latest and greatest version of Windows 10 and Creative Cloud. The website sends a signal to my Creative Cloud to update my list of apps. It processes, then shows my list of apps unchanged. It looks like there is a blank space at the very bottom of my list (under applications that are not installed). No “Experience Design” or “XD” anywhere.

    Could the server be slow due to the volume of happy PC users that are trying to finally install XD? If so, perhaps waiting might help? Just a bit frustrated and impatient, but I will wait and see what happens.

    • By David - 6:23 AM on December 19, 2016  

      Same problem here.

  • By Prabhdeep Singh - 12:29 AM on December 15, 2016  

    Thank you Adobe! At last a design application for Windows 10. I have a dual boot setup on my Acer Machine- Ubuntu 16.04 for development and Windows 10 for designing. I was initially thinking to buy a Macbook but now I don’t have to.

  • By Adam - 2:15 AM on December 15, 2016  

    This new product is looking great Adobe! Can’t wait for the rest of the features. Panning and zooming is a little rough at the moment and I am eagerly awaiting layers and symbols.

  • By Sebi - 2:30 AM on December 15, 2016  

    Does it have symbols or layers? Can’t find them. Am I blind? xD

  • By chanhny - 3:59 AM on December 15, 2016  

    I think this app on windows 10 like shi….t. Very bad when compare with on mac version. When open file, it auto close and run lag, many function can not run. Can not export to pdf. Font show failed. Bad app i ever used.

  • By chanhny - 4:01 AM on December 15, 2016  

    I think this app require windows 10 Aniversary. And build on universal app. Very bad, very bad.

  • By andoy - 9:21 AM on December 15, 2016  

    for what i remember, adobe told us that windows beta will have more features than mac first beta version and even better.

    • By andoy - 9:22 AM on December 15, 2016  

      btw sometimes installed font isn’t showing from the drop down list. yes i added it to uservoice site. just sharing

  • By Willouw - 9:58 AM on December 15, 2016  


  • By Jacob - 6:08 PM on December 15, 2016  

    Awesome job Adobe, as a Windows/Surface pro 3 user I really appreciate that someone pays attention to windows users who like to design. Waiting for the rest of the features and excited to see pen and touch support that might take the experience to the new level. Somehow the preview mode on mobile phone with the app doesn’t work for me. I open the Xd project on my computer connect my phone with Xd app open but nothing happens – doesnt allow me to open Xd document via USB.

  • By Marc H. - 1:45 AM on December 16, 2016  

    I have a general question to Adobe XD: Adobe XD is just a design and prototype tool for collaborating with developers for websites and mobile apps, right?

    So it is not plannend to design and publish websites with it, so it would be competitive to Adobe Muse?

    Or wat are the longterm goals of Adobe XD?

  • By Cris - 2:55 AM on December 16, 2016  

    I spent the past couple of hours trying this app and really like the way it’s going. It’s really early days and cannot just replace the other apps I use on a daily basis, but really looking forward to what it’s coming.
    I had a look at what’s happening in the Mac version and have not seeing anything on element animation. Simple animation like opacity or shape change is becoming really important and be able to do that in this tool would be amazing. Or at least be able to import an animated gif, for example.
    Anyway, thanks and keep up with the great work!

  • By Jamie Klenetsky Fay - 6:23 AM on December 16, 2016  

    Does this work on Windows 10 Enterprise edition? (I’m at a large organization that has a MS enterprise license)

  • By Charles - 3:18 PM on December 16, 2016  

    tried it on xps13 laptop with all windows updates, app didn’t start… any ideas?

    • By - 6:45 AM on December 17, 2016  

      Same laptop, works as supposed.

  • By Xavier - 5:08 AM on December 17, 2016  

    I’m very disapointed, this app is so so so poor… One year ! I thought I could draw with my pen, import datas, share my work with my customers… Even the basics are not there : no rulers, no grid, nothing.

    This app look nice on the paper but may be you release this product too soon.

  • By Terry G - 2:16 PM on December 17, 2016  

    I don’t get this. Windows 10 only?! I work in a large organization with thousands of employees, it’ll take several years before we emigrate to Windows 10, the IT management won’t install it until at least 2020. Many companies will run Windows 7 for a long time to come. This put the nail in the coffin for XD if you ask me. I was exited to explore XD as an alternative to Axure but bye bye Adobe! Your loss.

    • By Alexander Fudin - 8:12 PM on December 18, 2016  

      XD in any case not a replacement Axure.
      XD product of a completely different quality and level of prototyping.
      Currently Axure allows prototypes more interactive. bringing them closer to the final product. XD also offers a nice wrapper. At the moment, using the following scheme: Axure -> XD -> Photoshop

      • By Terry G - 9:04 AM on December 19, 2016  

        Your right. XD is no competition for Axure, but I was curious to see if they could reach for bigger things in the forthcoming versions. In any case that won’t happen as Adobe have eliminated themselves with not being Windows 7 compatible. Self destructible stuff. Their loss.

    • By peter - 2:42 AM on December 25, 2016  

      they choosed to make it in UWP so the application is futue proof.

  • By Ashish Shinde - 11:35 AM on December 19, 2016  

    Is Adobe XD is free for Windows and students with professional use…??

  • By Terry G - 12:13 PM on December 19, 2016  

    Axure runs on Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 – and its a MUCH more complex program than Adobe XD. What a failure XD is. Can’t even run on Windows 7.

  • By Jirrod G - 7:26 AM on December 20, 2016  

    I’m extremely excited to use this product! I’ve been waiting for years to get something like this!! Even though this is the bare bones of the product, I was able to build a wireframe and design in half the time it would take me in other programs… and it’s only going to get better.

    Thanks Adobe! 😀

    • By Terry G - 8:02 AM on December 20, 2016  

      Jirrod G = Adobe employed spin doctor.

  • By javed - 4:25 AM on December 22, 2016  

    will ( Adobe XD ) RUN on Windows 32bit

  • By javed - 5:34 AM on December 22, 2016  

    will ( Adobe XD ) RUN on Windows 32bit

  • By Firsttimeuser - 6:12 AM on January 2, 2017  

    I had been waiting for this program for months now. At this point it doesn’t have enough tools to actually work with this program. Plus I cant save my projects. When I try to do it, the program says “Could not save the document”. But nevertheless makes an icon to selected folder, but the file does not open. Another bug – if I select a canvas tool it gets stuck, even if I choose another tool. So I guess it needs a lot of updates before I can actually use this program.

  • By Kamil - 1:36 AM on January 3, 2017  

    How is it possible that undo/redo functions doesn’t work? I know this is very early access, but Adobe, please…

  • By Craig Corbin - 9:52 AM on January 3, 2017  

    Downloaded and got it to run on a Windows 10 laptop I borrowed specifically for this test. Very limited, got frustrated twice to the point of stopping. Cannot find tutorials for Windows, seems to be very different from the Apple based tutorials feature-wise. Even the controls are different. And how the hell does the Pan work? I used a combination of Spacebar, Ctrl, and Left-Click and then it only sometimes works.

  • By Tim Gomersall - 9:23 AM on January 4, 2017  

    Does anyone know where this software installs itself on windows? I want to make a quick launch shortcut but cant find the installation folder anywhere. Its not in any of the obvious places on the C drive and seaarching for “experience design” comes up with nothing. Neither does googling this subject. Im guessing its hidden away somewhere but i cant for the life of me find it anywhere?…..

  • By Jason - 6:11 PM on January 4, 2017  

    Is there a way to deploy this silently? We’d like to install this on our student computer labs, and we need a way to silently and programmatically install it. We’d like to deploy it to about 4500 computers.

  • By popligue - 9:25 AM on January 8, 2017  

    I can’t find Adobe XD in my adobe CC’s app list. I’m on Windows 10 France. Has someone the same problem ?