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Adobe Kuler® – A(nother) Set of Beta Features

Just over two weeks ago the Kuler team launched a new beta version of with the top three user-requested features. That wasn’t enough for them so, since then, they’ve added two more:

Rearrange Colors in a Theme

  • Easily reorder colors in a theme by dragging color chips to the desired slot.

Color Sliders

  • Change color values with sliders that show the associated values of each color in a theme. Previously one slider controlled the brightness level of each color; now four sliders for each color take the guesswork out of changes… entire themes can be altered by moving sliders to any point along the color spectrum.


Try Them

To start using the latest beta features go to

See the Changes We Made Last Time

To see the changes we made for the July 22 beta release read “Adobe Kuler Is Kooler: A Beta Release.”


Once you’ve spent some time with the beta, let us know what you think:

About Kuler

Learn more about on the Kuler product page and download the free Kuler iPhone app from iTunes.

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