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February 12, 2014 /Mobile /The Latest /

Adobe Kuler Captures The Hearts of The 2014 IxDA Jury

This past weekend, the 2014 IxDA jury awarded us a Best in the Expressing category for our Adobe Kuler iPhone App.

We were on pins and needles during Interaction14 in Amsterdam, where we were presented with the award:


Which, by the way, looks like this:


Thank you IxDA jury. We’re honored. And thrilled.

That was the short story; here’s the long(er) version:

Because inspiration doesn’t always hit when we’re in front of our computers, and the colors of the world are not always right outside our windows, Gabriel Campbell (lead designer), David Ericksen (product manager), and the rest of the Adobe XD team created a way for people to take some of the functionality of the desktop version of Adobe Kuler into the world:

It’s called the Adobe Kuler iPhone App.

With it, users can sample colors and create color themes. On the go. With an iPhone. It’s functional, it’s fun and, when the Kuler app is combined with an Adobe ID and synced with Creative Cloud, the color themes are available in Illustrator CC, Flash Pro CC and Edge Code CC in the Kuler Panel (with no need to save them as Adobe Swatch Exchange files).

So, not only does the Kuler app capture colors, it organizes them in a way that makes them useful and usable. It’s why, after launching the app in May 2013, the proud Adobe XD team submitted it to the 2014 IxD Awards. And, well, the rest of that story is… We won!

As if that weren’t enough, jurors Aaron Siegel (Fabrica) and Anab Jain (Superflux) discussed the category and why the Adobe Kuler app stood out among the nominees. Our favorite bits from their three-minute video: Aaron’s comment, “We selected this primarily because the range of creative outlets for this particular application is unforeseeably unlimited,” and Anab’s acknowledgement that she finds the app as useful as we do, “In a sense it becomes an enabler for people to start doing things they would not do otherwise.”

Expressing Category – 2014 IxD Awards from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

But, really, don’t just take our word for it (or, for that matter, the word of the jury), the Adobe Kuler iPhone App is free in the iTunes store. Download it. See for yourself why we, and the 2014 IxDA jury, love it so much.

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