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Adobe MAX Sugar Skulls: Unleashing Creativity with Mobile to Desktop Workflows

A cross-section of creatives from around the globe sits at rapt attention, watching as Adobe Senior Solutions Consultant Patti Sokol demonstrates Adobe Shape in her “Designing Digital Content” pre-conference workshop. Shape is part of the Adobe Capture mobile app suite, which allows users to take snapshots of inspiration on the go and then integrate those assets seamlessly with desktop applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

It sounds fantastic in the abstract, but users are hungry for hands-on experience with how cloud-enabled mobile to desktop workflows can transform their creative processes. In response, Adobe MAX kicked off this year’s conference with a two-day pre-event workshop that provided in-depth experience with Creative Cloud’s streamlined mobile to desktop workflow.

MAX pre-conference workshop attendees are early adopters, eager to see the latest technology and take their work to the next level. Their assignment: personalizing sugar skull templates as a way to learn more about the latest tools and unleash their creative potential.


Sugar Skulls: Gateway to Adobe Capture and Creative Cloud

Each attendee received a blank sugar skull template as an Illustrator CC file. Sugar skulls are an image commonly associated with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and have a long tradition of being customized for self-expression. Participants each designed skulls to fit with their unique artistic vision, background and skills. The process started by using Adobe Capture to collect color themes, shapes to mold into vectors or brushes, and looks to enhance video products via mobile devices. CreativeSync then made those assets available on any Adobe desktop or mobile application through the cloud.

Students learned more about the capabilities of Adobe desktop apps and refined their sugar skull creations. We had the opportunity to connect with attendees, and get their initial reactions to both the workshop and the potential of Creative Cloud to impact their creative work and businesses.


Unleashing Your Creative Potential with a “Different Kind of Cloud”

Mike Frey is a fifth generation rancher, who owns a portfolio of businesses including Harry’s Nightclub Pismo Beach. He uses Adobe products to develop content to connect with customers on social media and attended MAX to expand his knowledge.
Frey attended the pre-conference workshop and said that it was by far the best and biggest impact of the conference for him.

“It was a deep dive into unleashing your creative potential.” But what really stood out for Frey was Creative Cloud. “You know, everyone and his brother has a cloud today, whether it’s iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive. But Adobe’s Creative Cloud is unique in that it can be linked in directly to the software that we’re using. We don’t have to make an extra trip to a different website to download something each time we want to use it.”

He saw the potential for both saving time and sharing work among team members more effectively. “With Creative Cloud, those assets are right there and you just click a drop down box and get it, like a logo. The further leverage that you can gain by having a permanent link to that asset is that when you make a change, it feeds directly into documents you’ve used it in and updates automatically.”


Increasing Productivity with Mobile to Desktop Workflows

Riddhish Shah is a Senior Software Application Developer with Christian Brothers Services, a non-profit organization that provides third party managerial services to faith-based organizations. In his role building websites and custom applications for clients, he uses Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver heavily.

“I attended Adobe MAX to learn where we are in the current technology landscape – the platform, tools, and what’s going on around us. And also to learn more about what products are forthcoming,” said Shah.

In addition to exploring new technologies, Shah valued the chance to connect with the broader creative community. “I experienced a tremendous flow of different people, from different industries, from students to 80 year olds,” he said.
But the pre-conference workshop stood out, particularly for its introduction to CreativeSync.

“I learned a lot in those two days and the exciting part is that we get hands-on experience with Adobe Creative Cloud. It gave me a sneak peek on what’s coming, and what I can do with the tools. You use one platform with the different tools from Adobe and your work is seamlessly integrated or accessible through any application using Creative Cloud. It’s super easy for us,” says Shah.

Design inspiration can strike anywhere. As workshop participants saw, users can integrate Adobe Capture mobile apps into their process to take pictures, save colors and bursts of inspiration with a click. Smartphones and tablets become useful additions to the creative’s toolkit and the world is their palette. With CreativeSync, users can move quickly from concept to digital and access their assets from anywhere. Flexible mobile to desktop workflows make it easy to be spontaneous and experimental, and to unleash a creative process that works anywhere and anytime.

Have you experimented with the power of mobile to desktop workflows in your creative process? Share your experience in the comments below.

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