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September 22, 2011 /Product Focus /

Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 (5.5.1) update: bug fixes

Today, the Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 (5.5.1) update was released.

If Adobe Application Manager hasn’t already told you about this, go ahead and check for new updates by choosing Help > Updates.

Ideally, you should install the updates automatically by choosing Help > Updates, but you can also directly download the update packages from the download page for Mac OS or Windows by choosing the “Adobe Media Encoder CS 5.5.1” update.

If you have difficulty with this update, please bring questions and issues to the Adobe Media Encoder forum. Don’t ask questions in the comments on this blog post, which fewer people will see.

This is also a good time to install updates for other applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. See this page for details. (Important: Some of these updates must be manually downloaded; they are not installed automatically by choosing choosing Help > Updates.)

bugs fixed in this update
  • Adobe Media Encoder wasn’t noticing files dropped into watch folders by other computers, making use of AME across a network fail in some cases.
  • The current-time indicator wasn’t updating when encoding audio files.
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 wouldn’t start if Adobe Media Encoder CS5 was running.
  • Media from QuickTime reference files from Avid Unity systems wasn’t imported.
  • Encoding would fail if an item was added to a watch folder when encoding of another watch folder was paused.
  • Incorrect timecode and codec metadata was written for AVC-Intra exports.
  • Import of ProRes files with four tracks of audio from ATOMOS devices failed.
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