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June 15, 2015 /Product Update /

Adobe Premiere Clip update (1.2) available today

We’re excited to announce that Adobe Premiere Clip 1.2 is now available for download in the App Store. Check out what’s new!

New & improved features in Premiere Clip 1.2


Improved integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Taking your Premiere Clip projects further in Premiere Pro just got a whole lot easier. Now you can open your Clip projects directly from the Welcome screen in Premiere Pro. All of your edits, music cues, and Looks will appear seamlessly in your timeline, making it easy to continue working.


For a step-by-step tutorial visit our CC Learn page here. Don’t have Premiere Pro CC? Download a free 30-day trial today!


Apply Custom Looks from Adobe Hue CC

Enhance the appearance of your video projects with custom Looks created with the all-new Adobe Hue CC.

Looks saved in Adobe Hue are automatically available in Premiere Clip via Creative Cloud Libraries. Watch this quick tutorial to see how it works:

Ready to try it? Download Adobe Hue for free here!


Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries integration allows you to access your saved Looks from a central Library that’s tied to your Adobe ID. Fun fact: You can even share libraries with friends or colleagues, making it easy to collaborate and share your favorite assets.




Creative Cloud 2015 announcements

Today’s update is part of a series of releases across all of the Creative Cloud desktop and mobile applications. Learn more about the new CC Video product releases in this post on the Creative Cloud blog.

Try Premiere Clip 1.2 and let us know what you think!

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Removal of Guides in Clip 1.2

As we continue to focus on improving the user experience for Premiere Clip customers, we have decided to remove the Guides feature in order to focus resources on better integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and complementary Adobe mobile apps. We are currently exploring potential alternatives, and will continue to work on ways to help users get started with Premiere Clip projects in the future.

Users will continue to be able to access Guides online through a series of blog posts that can be accessed here. 

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