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December 16, 2014 /Software update /

Adobe SpeedGrade CC (2014.2) Update

The Adobe SpeedGrade CC (2014.2) update will be available today as part of your Creative Cloud membership. This update includes a number of changes and fixes. See below for details.

Downloading SpeedGrade CC (2014.2)

The 2014.2 update is expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day. Download SpeedGrade CC (2014.2) via Creative Cloud on your desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.


Changed: Master Clip remain selected when the Playhead moves onto a new clip

Added: Warning now alerts users when a GPU with insufficient capacity (1GB of VRAM or less) is used for high resolution footage

Changed: Improve usability of Color Wheels.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: UI issue where Media Browser tree failed to display icons

Fixed: SpeedGrade will now recall which scopes were toggled after restarting application

Fixed: SpeedGrade will now correctly render a group with variable opacity (Native Mode)

Fixed: SpeedGrade no longer crashes when a GPU with insufficient capacity is used in Direct Link

Fixed: Image no longer compromised when “No LUT” layer used (Direct Link mode)

Fixed: When a Look is applied to a Master Clip, the Master Clip tab remains selected.

Fixed: Colors no longer inverted when using an insufficient GPU with with 5K or 6K footage (Direct Link mode)

Fixed: (Windows only) Direct Link to SpeedGrade no longer fails with the project name containing double byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Fixed: File names were truncated in the restore Autosaved Project dialog box (affected German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian)

Fixed: Tooltip message when hovering over In/Out point on Mac corrected

Fixed: Tooltip for color swatches now appear in localized languages for non-English versions of SpeedGrade

Fixed: Direct Link issue where white screen displayed when importing a project with many sequences (Retina Display)

Fixed: Auto-keyframes are now displayed as soon as they are applied

Fixed: A rare issue with a Drag&Drop area inside the scopes (aka Analysis Tools)

Fixed: An issue with importing single sequences in Direct Link

Fixed: Undo now works correctly when modifying a mask (Direct Link)

Fixed: Bug where Trash icon remained highlighted

Fixed: Playheads sometimes disappeared when playing multiple Timelines at the same time

Fixed: The category names for custom Look layers now appear in localized languages (German, French , Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian)

Fixed: Fullscreen background color is now consistent with UI in normal mode

Pricing and availability

Today’s updates will be available to Creative Cloud members as part of their membership at no additional cost. For new customers interested in trying them out, free trials of all of the Creative Cloud applications are available, including Adobe SpeedGrade CC (2014.2).

To join Creative Cloud, special promotional pricing is available to customers who own Adobe Creative Suite 3 or later. Membership plans are available for individuals, students, photographers, teams, educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises. For pricing details, visit:






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