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September 21, 2016 /UX/UI Design /

Adobe XD Windows Update

It’s been an exhilarating six months since we released the first public beta version of Adobe XD, available for Mac OS, back in March ‘16.

While we were confident in our approach to delivering Adobe XD, there’s nothing quite like the reality of shipping the product, measuring the level of interest, working through the feedback and analysing the usage data, so as to understand whether we were on the right trajectory or whether we needed to rethink the approach.

Thankfully the response has been amazing! We’re excited to announce that we will be delivering several major new capabilities in the coming months, including layers, symbols and real-time mobile preview – culminating in a milestone release on Mac that we believe will be ready for everyday use by UX designers.

What about XD for Windows?

When we first started working on Adobe XD, we wanted to focus on a single platform to ensure that we were on the right path to creating something of true value. Focusing on one platform enabled us to iterate and adjust quickly, before committing to multi-platform development. We heard from our existing customers on Mac that they were dealing with the friction that came from trying to use non-Adobe tools alongside those from Creative Cloud, so we decided to start with that platform.

Now that we have established a solid foundation with Adobe XD on Mac, we’re working as fast as we can to “catch up” on Windows. At the same time as we’re catching up, we also want to ensure we’re building a next-generation design tool that takes advantage of the latest hardware and software, so as to really deliver something special for designers on Windows. That means we’re not just porting the product from Mac to Windows, but rather, we’re investing in a completely new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that will be available exclusively on Windows 10.


UWP represents the future of the Windows platform, opening up opportunities for us to leverage the latest touch-enabled hardware and to deliver Adobe XD to a future generation of Windows-based devices.

Adobe XD is the first UWP app from Adobe, which means there is a lot of learning along the way. Not only do we need to deliver Adobe XD, but also Windows 10 versions of the supporting libraries and components that every Adobe application relies upon. So, while we understand (and appreciate) the desire to get Adobe XD on Windows as soon as possible, we are taking the time needed to craft a unique UWP-based experience.

What’s different about Adobe XD for Windows?

While the core feature set will be the same across Mac and Windows, as will our focus on performance and stability, Adobe XD for Windows will be different than on Mac – the experience will be customized for the unique capabilities offered by Windows 10 hardware. For example, only on Windows 10 will Adobe XD offer full support for both pen and touch – meaning that you can fluidly zoom and pan your document, create vector artwork and connect wires between screens of your prototype by using touch-based input. Designing and creating prototypes using touch on Windows feels completely natural and will make Adobe XD feel even more special for Windows users.

When will Adobe XD for Windows be available?

As eager as we are to release XD for Windows as soon as possible, our approach is to make it available when it’s ready – we really want to deliver a product that you look forward to using every day.

That said, we also need feedback from designers on Windows to help us get there – if you’re the adventurous type and would like access to a pre-release version of Adobe XD on Windows you can let us know here. We’d love to get your input as we craft our Windows 10 experience.

For everyone else, we’re aiming to deliver our first Windows public beta release towards the end of 2016. That first release will not have feature parity with the Mac version, but you’ll see rapid progress with each of the subsequent monthly releases, getting to an aligned set of capabilities across Mac and Windows versions of Adobe XD before you know it.

We hope you’re as excited about Adobe XD for Windows as we are – we promise it will be worth the wait 🙂

You can reach out to our team here in the comments or @AdobeXD on Twitter – we look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime there are additional answers to common questions we’ve heard about our Windows release below.


Why only support Windows 10 and not earlier versions of Windows?

We’re building Adobe XD from the ground up and wanted to take advantage of the latest hardware and software platforms so as to provide a modern, high performance, future-proofed tool for UX designers.

Will the features on Mac and Windows be exactly the same?

The core feature set across both versions of Adobe XD will be consistent, but on each platform we’ll look to take advantage of native capabilities. We want the Mac OS version of Adobe XD to feel great on Mac and likewise, the Windows version to feel great on Windows 10 – designing and building specific versions of XD for each platform allows us to do this.

Will you support touch and pen features available on devices like the Surface Book?

Yes, absolutely – we’re excited to bring a fully pen and touch enabled Adobe XD experience to our customers using Windows 10.

Will the file format be compatible across Mac and Windows?


Why did you work on the Mac version first?

Back when we started working on Adobe XD, we wanted to focus on one platform to ensure that we were creating something of true value, with the ability to iterate and adjust quickly, before committing to multi-platform development. We heard that some of our existing customers on Mac were dealing with the friction that came from trying to use non-Adobe tools alongside those from Creative Cloud, so we decided to start there.

Why did you de-prioritize the Windows version relative to Mac?

Initially, we wanted to focus on one platform to ensure that we were creating something of true value, with the ability to iterate and adjust quickly, before committing to multi-platform development.

What is the roadmap for Adobe XD on Windows?

We’re on track to deliver a first public beta release of Adobe XD for Windows in late 2016, with subsequent monthly releases adding additional features and enhancements based on customer feedback. Once we’ve caught up to Mac features, you can expect continued parity with new capabilities coming to the Mac and Windows versions of Adobe XD at the same time.


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  • By Jeff - 8:04 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Ok so you’re going to alienate the majority of the corporate Windows market which is still on Windows 7? So much for waiting this long to have a better prototyping tool… 🙁

    • By Alojz - 8:16 AM on October 13, 2016  

      Majority of the corporate Windows are on Windows 10 now 🙂

      • By Chris Gray - 8:27 AM on October 13, 2016  

        That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

    • By Leonardo - 11:13 AM on October 13, 2016  

      I’m seeing a lot of windows devices with touchscreens, even 2 in 1. I may agree that there’s still Windows 7 users out there but we have to take advantage from the technology potential as well. I’m excited about these news!

    • By William Sommerwerck - 12:01 PM on October 13, 2016  

      This is typical Adobe advertising, no different from its Website, which (in terms of providing useful pre-sale information) is one of the worst I’ve seen.

      Nowhere are we told what XD does, or why we should want it. But it’s an Adobe product, so we’re expected to rush right out in a buying frenzy (once it’s available), regardless of whether we need its capabilities, or there might be some better choice.

      • By Andrew Shorten - 6:49 PM on October 13, 2016  

        Product information is here:

        From that page: “Design. Prototype. Share. All in one app.”

        Andrew (Adobe).

        • By Kayode - 1:18 AM on October 14, 2016  

          Please stop calling XD a prototyping tool. Being able to click through does not make it a prototype. Its more of a visualisation tool.

          • By Andrew Shorten - 6:06 AM on October 15, 2016  

            a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

          • By Carol - 4:38 AM on October 20, 2016  

            So sorry, but a UX prototype tool allows more complexity, for example manages panels and variables to simulate an interface in 360°

    • By Danny - 1:29 PM on October 13, 2016  

      However, it’s still beta on Mac and it will be for a long time. To be honest, it’s interesting to play around with it but at this time, it’s still baublery. I wish it would be more..

    • By Matt - 1:06 PM on October 17, 2016  

      There is no point in supporting an operating system that will itself lose Microsoft support in the next few years, simply because businesses are unwilling to shift and stay up to date. Supporting only Windows 10 is a smart move because being tuned to a specific OS rather than trying to cross support means they can put less time into making it stable across defunct and ancient systems, and spend more time on features. Just because a majority of businesses are ill informed or scared of 10, doesn’t mean it’s not the way forward.

  • By ranae - 8:28 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Exactly what Jeff says! No more waiting for me, I’m going to request my company commit to another tool.

    • By Scott - 10:05 AM on October 13, 2016  

      Or you could ask them to invest in a more current operating system and get a double win.

    • By Neal - 10:53 AM on October 13, 2016  

      Good news for me today. My Windows 7 -based corporation’s Experience Design/ UX Team management has gotten tired of waiting for XD for Windows only to find out it is for UWP. I was just told that our team is being granted an exception and we/I am getting a MacBook Pro(s) and that I will be using Sketch and InVision – not XD. Sweetness. Karma.

      • By Andrew Shorten - 6:51 PM on October 13, 2016  

        You should pick the tools that work for you and your organization.

        Hope you get the opportunity to try out the performance and capabilities of Adobe XD for Windows 10 at some point.

        Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Ry Lickliter - 8:29 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Super excited to see XD coming together. Has potential to be THE tool for advanced wireframing to hifi prototyping.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:54 PM on October 13, 2016  

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re excited to bring it to Windows 10, alongside Mac, very soon!

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Chris Gray - 8:32 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Second the huge disappointment in not supporting big enterprise who, by good numbers, still are on the Windows 7 platform and will be for years. I get it, Windows sucks, I hate using it myself, but thats what we are forced to used and were hoping for this for our massive amount of projects we work with. So I defiantly understand just wish this was communicated previously so we could have invested in alternatives.

  • By Alex Medeiros - 8:48 AM on October 13, 2016  

    That is amazing. Adobe make me happy. Windows 10 and UWP is the future, windows 7 is the past, the power of windows need be explored, and it is the great adobe decision. Good job

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:56 PM on October 13, 2016  

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Joe - 8:49 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Not an Enterprise User:

    I am Adobe’s biggest fan. It’s been that way for a LONG Time. I was actually introduced to Windows by Adobe when you sent a run time version of Windows out with PageMaker way back before there was a Windows and we were using PC’s with MSDOS. That’s what made me a fan of Windows.

    Still, it’s hard to tell you how disappointing it was to be put in a position where just Mac users feedback would shape what this App would look and feels like. I had a Mac. I prefer Windows.

    You still have the best tools in town, so you can get away with stuff like this.

    But, is that a reason to do it?

    You should have solicited feedback from Windows Users too. Asking now is just pouring salt in a wound.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:59 PM on October 13, 2016  

      We are soliciting and incorporating feedback from Windows users as we build the Windows version.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Melissa - 8:58 AM on October 13, 2016  

    Sitting here with that exact same Surface Pro ready and waiting!

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:56 PM on October 13, 2016  

      It’ll be with you real soon… looking forward to your feedback once you get an opportunity to try it out.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Mo - 9:31 AM on October 13, 2016  

    I agree with Joe.

    I too was an early adopter of of Photoshop for Windows before there were layers (yes. at one time PS didn’t have a layers feature, nor could you change fonts after you committed).

    Your reasons for going to Mac first is like saying “…we’ll build it for South America first, just because the weather is nicer”, when most of your users and clients are in North America.

    My guess is Adobe probably saw what Sketch was doing on the Mac side and wanted piece of the action. Sketch probably has 90% of your Mac market, and by your current rate/speed, they may even change their minds and decide to do a Windows version before you. 🙂

    As a grown and experienced company, your reason for targeting Windows 10 also seems illogical. You of all companies should know that the people/users that use your tools use it to facilitate clients in the Enterprise space, at least Windows 7.1. You know. The ones with the big budgets who help to feed product creators/designers and agencies.

    Also weird that your link for the XD Preview above offers links to Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (in a post/article on Windows). There is no actual product demo download. So people looking for the Windows version can’t preview what they can’t create. Well, unless you got a Mac.

  • By andoy - 11:58 AM on October 13, 2016  

    man been waiting for windows since they announced it. i am currently using vmware to prototype using xd. im patiently until the end of 2016. if they don’t release before end of 2016, then release it on 2017 ;P XD XD XD

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:57 PM on October 13, 2016  

      Thanks for your patience and glad to hear you have a workaround for using XD in the meantime!

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Disappointed - 9:56 PM on October 13, 2016  

    So much for ever using this tool on the Windows version everyone is using! Large tech companies are NOT on Windows 10, so I guess you’re not going for quantity of customers.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:08 AM on October 15, 2016  

      We’ve looked at the usage stats and growth trajectory for Windows 10 with our Enterprise customers and are confident in adoption.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Kayode - 1:21 AM on October 14, 2016  

    Maybe Adobe can consider knocking off $5 off the subscription of CC on Windows seeing they get a poorer deal. Explaining something does not make it right!

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:10 AM on October 15, 2016  

      The current preview/beta release for Mac is available for free and is not part of paid subscription offerings.

      When it is included in our subscriptions we’ll have it available for Mac and Windows.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Jarkko - 1:36 AM on October 14, 2016  

    Yes, Windows 7 support, PLEASE as with all your other software too which we’ve subscribed via Adobe Cloud – what could be the worthy reasons why Windows 7 would not be supported?

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:12 AM on October 15, 2016  

      As mentioned above, we’re building a brand new tool with the future in mind. That’s why we’ll be supporting Windows 10 and later only.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Anant - 6:26 AM on October 14, 2016  

    I think Adobe should start supporting Linux platform. Can any adobe representative tell me whats the real reason to not support Linux platform and i can assure you there are a big base of Linux users who want Adobe programs on Linux but does not express it to the adobe if that’s the reason you guys are not supporting it on Linux. BTW i use all 3 major PC OS’s latest version Mac, Windows and Linux all the time and i’ll switch to the Linux as one and only OS the day Adobe starts supporting it.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:14 AM on October 15, 2016  

      It’s not currently commercially viable for us to build tools like Adobe XD for Linux, given the relative size of the audience of designers who are or want to use that platform (compared with Mac and Windows).

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By David - 10:35 AM on October 19, 2016  

    Hallelujah! It’s been a pain in the butt using a Mac for this and Windows for the rest.