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November 9, 2015 /The Latest /

Creative Cloud is Optimized for Apple’s iPad Pro

Creative Cloud and the iPad Pro: two great technologies, and two outstanding tools for creating the best multimedia content whenever, wherever you are. The Creative Cloud harnesses every bit of horsepower packed into Apple’s new iPad and puts that larger touch screen to best use. And with CreativeSync, you stay connected to your assets, so you can begin creating in one app and pick up your work in another, on another device. (CreativeSync now functions beautifully with our mobile and desktop products, so whether you’re in the office or on the road you’ll be able to create and edit with ease. Scroll below for more on CreativeSync.)

Below is a breakdown of how our Creative Cloud mobile app family has been optimized for Apple’s latest and largest iPad – with new usability capabilities and features that take full advantage of the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and iOS9. Before you read the details, check out what some of the great creative people said about the new tablet when they got their hands on it at Adobe MAX 2015.

Adobe Photoshop Fix


Photoshop Fix gives you the power to retouch, restore and improve images on your mobile device. Using Photoshop technology, you’ll be able to get the exact result you’re going for in an intuitive touch screen environment.

Now imagine doing all that on the iPad Pro’s big, beautiful touch screen. With 12.9” of real estate, the iPad is a more practical and enjoyable tool for photo editing than ever before. Photoshop Fix also provides full support for the new Apple Pencil, if you prefer to retouch photos with a stylus in hand.

iOS 9’s new Split View capability allows you to work simultaneously with two apps at once, so it’s now easier than ever to retouch photos on the fly while working in other apps.

Adobe Photoshop Mix


Photoshop Mix allows you to quickly transform your photos with ease. Cut out, combine and blend multiple images to creative impressive multilayered photos. The whole process is intuitive and easy on a mobile device.

Photoshop Mix, like Fix, is completely optimized for the iPad Pro’s new, larger screen. That means extra space for photos and editing, especially useful when working with multiple images at once. Compositing is also made easier by iOS 9’s new split view option, allowing you to multi-task between Photoshop and other apps in a more fluid way. Mix also supports the new Apple Pencil.


Adobe Photoshop Sketch


Speaking of Apple Pencil, you can put it to great use with Photoshop Sketch because Sketch mimics the same visual effects you get painting and drawing on paper, so having the pencil in hand as you draw on the iPad Pro means realistic pencil shading.

Photoshop Sketch also gives you highly realistic watercolor painting in a digital environment. Use the Apple Pencil to paint with a variety of watercolor brushes and take full advantage of technology that gives the same water and blending effects you get on paper. The end result is a soft and stunning visual effect.

The faster processing speeds and 12.9” screen give you the ideal drawing surface to create more expressive works of art in Sketch than ever before.

Adobe Comp CC


Comp CC on the iPad Pro means even more space to explore your layout ideas for print, web or mobile designs. The enlarged screen and Split View capability perfectly compliments Comp’s ability to edit across multiple apps and work with real assets like professional fonts, images and graphics.

Adobe CreativeSync is our secret sauce


The power behind seamless workflows is CreativeSync, and you’ll notice it more than ever when you work on the iPad Pro. As you create and edit images, you can easily access assets from other Adobe apps. Creative Cloud Libraries in Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Muse CC and Flash Professional CC are now all connected through CreativeSync. This means you can take your desktop content with you wherever you go and work with it on Apple’s largest touch screen yet.

It works the other way around too: begin editing a photo in Photoshop Fix on your iPad, then head back to the office and open that image in Photoshop CC on your desktop to take full advantage of its powerful editing tools. It gets even better if you work on multiple mobile devices: send an image from a Comp CC layout to Photoshop Fix or Photoshop Mix for retouching and see those edits appear in Comp, right before your eyes.

Go forth and conquer, creators. With Adobe Creative Cloud on the new iPad Pro, the sky’s the limit.

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  • By Hayden Toppeross - 7:09 PM on November 10, 2015  

    Hi Adobe, its great that illustrators and photoshop users have a reason to buy an Ipad Pro but are there any plans for pro video editing apps?

    Adobe Clip is not very useful in practice, I want a full iOS version of Premiere using proxy media (please!)

  • By bruno vigezzi - 9:50 AM on November 12, 2015  

    bonsoir Adobe
    et la possibilité d’utiliser Lightroom pour importer les fichiers raw vec l’Ipad Pro ?

  • By Mark Singnil - 8:29 PM on November 12, 2015  

    I am really glad that Adobe exist in the world. I used to take Adobe Dreamweaver class in the school and I love it. It allows me to create my website without writing any code.

  • By Cal - 2:48 PM on November 14, 2015  

    Two requests for Lightroom mobile before iPad can rightfully claim “Pro” in its title: import proprietary raw formats, and export original sizes directly from device… two things the old Lightroom can already do.

  • By Gerald - 7:56 AM on November 18, 2015  

    V can i use adobe photoshop cc with ipad pro…without using any pc or macbook?

    • By Stuart - 10:29 AM on November 19, 2015  

      Yes that’s what we all want to know expect the answer is NO

  • By Brandon - 9:24 PM on November 24, 2015  

    Will there be a version of Flash available on iPad pro for animators?

  • By Jon - 5:36 PM on November 29, 2015  

    Can Adobe Photoshop Fix handle Raw files straight from the Canon 5ds (50.6 MP files)?

  • By Logan - 11:23 AM on December 1, 2015  

    New iPad Pro owner and I use the Photographer’s subscription with Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom on the desktop. I REALLY need Lightroom Mobile to export FULL size images after I’ve imported full size images on the iPad from my SD Card via the Lightning to SD Card Adapter. Also, when choosing to EDIT IN Fix from Lightroom Mobile and then SAVE back to Lightroom it seems like there is image degradation.

  • By Richard - 5:54 PM on December 2, 2015  

    Im on CC subscription and really hope one day LR mobile and other adobe apps on the iPad pro will be nearly full functionality with raw support. Then I can finally ditch my laptop. Currently the mobile versions are just watered down versions.

  • By Thomas Piper - 5:35 AM on December 3, 2015  

    I just got the iPad pro . I wish LR mobile could see my raw files that I imported with the camera connection kit.