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November 13, 2015 /The Latest /

Adobe’s Karl Isaac Talks to AdWeek about the Keys to Creating a Brand Logo

karlisaac_picKarl Isaac, head of brand strategy and innovation at Adobe, was quoted in an AdWeek article this week on the seven keys to creating a successful brand logo.

Here’s the first way Isaac believes brands can be successful:

Be mobile-minded.

Brands have mostly grasped the importance of mobile but not to the extent they need to with logos. Isaac said too many designers forget that mobile is more than just a channel—it’s now the primary customer experience.

“Brands need to consider what the experience is like on a small screen and across a range of screens, how they’ll appear in the app store, what they can do to increase discoverability, and how the experience lends itself to social sharing at the very beginning of the product and brand definition,” he explained. “In a world where the app is the ad, your mobile brand strategy needs to be defined from the beginning.”

Read the rest of the article on AdWeek.


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